iphone 4 how to disable passcode

I think Apple should enable users to put passwords on the apps.

iphone 4 disable passcode

i forgot my passcode, how do i reset it?have iphone 4.

Why can't there be an easier way to reset the restrictions passcode if we have forgotten it without resetting out phones?

all i get when i turn my iphone 4 on is a apple logo and then it reloads again after a beep when i have phone on charge etc is there a way to do this on itunes store at all to fix my phone to factory

How do i restore my phone t operate i changed ;my passcode and forgot the new one

i forgot my passcode for my iphone 5s but when i tried reseting it, it woudnt let me because it says that the phone needs to be unock in order to reset or restor the phone so now im just stuck unable

i for got my passcode

Help, I have locked my self out of my iphone 4s. I tried so many times it forced the find my phone reset. I went through all those prompts and was able to get in however, when the phone locked I again

I back uped my iphone 4s as my ipod when i try to enter to the passsword for the iphone it doesnt work, i recently backe up my ipod yesterday and tried to restore my ipod

how do i disable the passcode lock if it is not highlighted on the phone?

So every time i open clash of clans i get this update notification it reads   Update is avalible!Good news! An new version of the game is availible.I know obyostly the answer is to update bu

-> iOS: Forgotten passcode or device disabled after entering wrong passcode I tried putting my iphone into recovery mode, however it tells me that I need to put in my passcodeWhich means you d

i got locked out of my iphone5s and forgot my passcode lock

My iphone has been disabled and I tried to restore by forcing it into recovery as it kept on saying enter your passcode on your device. But an error keeps popping up and it says cannot restore iphone

I have forgotten my iphone 4s passcode..how do i access it now...?? please help..!

hey people i have restored my iphone 5s and it asks me for my app store passcode witch i ve forgot and it wont let me use the iphone

Can you help me disable my iphone 5?

i forgot my iphone4 passcode and itunes keep giving my some bs mess like error or it cant restore and help?

my iphone3g has been disabled because of applying too many passcode and iwant it to unlock,so how to unlock it please hael me in this matter

Forgot my passcode

My son put a passcode on his iphone and now he does not remember it. I have gone through the restore process and it is still not unlocking. Is there any other way to unlock the phone without going to

my iphone is disable i need help for enable.

I got the iphone 5s a few months ago and so I just put my iphone 4 in storage. Then I decided I wanted it back because I wanted to use it, but once I get it, it's locked with a passcode. People ha

Hi I have iphone5 _ Version  (  7.0.4  )    I forget the passcode and i don't want to lose any dataplease help me

Basically, I live up on a hill and my 3G signal is pathetic, so whenever I try and make phonecalls they always fail and I can't send texts, and I recieve them about 2 hours after the recipient has

About one hour I put a passcode to my iphone 5s,but I do something wrong-I put it,but I don't rmember it!How coud enybody help me?

my icloud id was disable due to too many attempt. I want to reactivate it. but cant remember password or dont have access to recovery emails. How can I do this ?

My iphone has been locked due to wrong passcode and it doesn't get restore due to turn on find my iphone. Now what should i do.

My friend changed my iphone 4s passcode, and forgot it, i have tried everything such as using itunes and what not and it says i need to unlock it to use the options on itunes, to change passocode on i