iphone 4 saying headphones are plugged in and they are not

I am having trouble trying to restore my ihpone. I cannot get it to restore in itunes, error 21. When my phone is on it always searches for a signal but never finds one. It only turns on when plugged

iphone 4 headphones plugged

My charger is plugged but icon on screen says its not. My phone will not charge

My iphone 5S is stuck in headphone mode. it did not get wet and I had not used the headphones for 3 weeks. Help!

I have tried to update my phone and it is stuck on "connect to iTunes" I have plugged it up to the wall charger because i have read that the new update can cause a battery drain and i have tried to re

iphone 4s can not increase the volume button only by headphones help me

For a while when I went to charge my iphone 4s by plugging it into the desktop computer, my phone did the usual. Ya know, vibrate twice, box popped up on my phone screen asking Trust this computer or

Speakers in my iphone 4S are not working without headphones connected. Without headphones connected, I can't increase/decrease phone volume using volume buttons, cannot hear music etc. My phone is

The sound comes out of the phone but not out of the headphones.  What to do?

My iphone 5 won't turn on, but boots on apple logo on and off while plugged! I don't know what to do.

My iphone 5 only turns on to Itunes restore logo when i plug it into my laptop. But it does not turn on when i plug it into a simple power point. WHY!!!!!! Ive tried everything. Updated everything. Re

Hello.I've purchased iP5 , with a problem - there was no sound via earpiece during the call. I've thod that if i use headphones problem will be gone - but suprisingly its not. I cant hear anyo

Also, if I'm in the middle of a call as soon as it is plugged in to the charger, the microphone and speaker stops working but when it's unplugged the call can continue as normal. Any ideas why

I have tried many times to figure out why siri only works with headphones, till I was driving the other day, I answered the phone laying on the dash, and selected hands-free.The caller couldn't he

sombody stole my headphones after only 2 days of having my new phone.  is there any chance that apple will replace them?

My iphone 4s thinks the headphones are plugged in when they are not, how can I fix this?

my apple headphones (The "Perfect in-ear Shaped) are playing out of the wrong speaker. you know how there is the speaker that you stick in your ear? well theres a speaker adjacent to the L and the R w

I plug my phone in and it says it is charging but the battery is actually dieing and not charging. Ive tried charging it through multiple outlet, how can I fix this problem?

i have an iphone 4s and my dumb *** friend took the battery completly out and i's broken. my itunes won recignize the device or restore it. what can i do to fix it besides getting  anew batte

I have been having a problem with my iphone for a couple weeks now where it will randomly stop charging (or stop recognizing the charger) even though it is not fully charged. If i dont notice that it

I am having brand new iphone 5s. It's headphone jack is not getting inserted fully. I am unable to use volume and music controls over the headphones. What to do??

Turned off sound at the theatre last night using switch left side. No sound this morning with switch reset. Volume adjust changes headphone level with no headphone connected. No "volume" adjustment av

IPhone5c not charging. Brand new. Shows that it should be connected to iTunes but laptop won't recognize it's plugged in. Any ideas what I can do to fix it??

Today i was face timing my girlfriend, and out of no where the sound started to cut in and out. iv only had this iphone for a couple of days. Iv restarted it two times and no fix.

As listed above I've already tried many of the solutions that can be found on the internet and nothing worked. Also one thing I have noticed is that whenever I try to switch my phone off while it

My iphone 5 can't be charged. When I plugged my cable in, it just does show any charging sign. I have confirmed that it is not a cable problem

i dropped my iphone 5s down the toilet, and immediately put it in rice for 36 hours, i then plugged it in to itunes and it says it needs a full restore, so i went to do it and it does it for a few min