iphone 4 saying headphones are plugged in and they are not

I got a life case for my phone and after I put it on the phone it stopped playing any sounds or music or anything out of the headphones and is playing it through the speaker instead. Yes I used the sc

iphone 4 headphones plugged

I dropped my iphone while I was walking and it fell on the corner where the headphone jack is.I checked the iphone to see if it was fine and I was listening to music out loud and put it back in my poc

Hi - I can only hear my music via headphones.  Speakers appear not to work at all as all alerts are now a very quiet buzz.  Speakers do not appear blocked nor microphone jack hole.  I c

I want to download my pictures onto my pc, but when I plugged in my home, my pc did not recognize the phone, although I-tunes download did appear, so the pc is recongzing something. I tried through pi

I plugged my iphone in my laptop to update it as it wasnt updating it just like that, but when i plugged it in i lost all my contacts and important information is their anyway i can get it back?? help

i just got my iphone 5s bacc from a couple months ago  it wont turn on an i had it on the charger for a lil while now ... how will i be able too get it fixed ?? LMK ASAP please

as the title says I have a iphone 5s on 3 uk network and i use it for tethering, when the phone is not plugged into a usb or charging I am able to pull down 20meg speeds but when the phone is on charg

Is my iphone's battery dead when this happens?

hi , I just bought a used mophie case and when It charges while being plugged to wall but doesn't work when I take it off and click charge . It works on my sisters phone soo something is wrong wit

My iphone 4 suddenly died last night even though it said it had about 40% power. When I plug it in, it turns back on but will not connect to anything (no internet, and I can't call or text). As so

iphone is stuck on headphones mode but never had headphones plugged in

My iphone 5 keeps turning on and off only when plugged into charger. It doesn't turn on fully, though. The power button doesn't seem to have any effect when I press it so restarting it is not

So a couple days ago i dropped my iphone it was really cracked and shattered but i could still see the screen , then i dropped it again and the screen went black just a dim light i could still hear th

Im trying to update my iphone 5s to ios 7.1 but it just keeps sending me an error message even when i am plugged into itunes

my iphone 5c sound/speaker only works with the headphones in and when I'm trying to change a ringtone in settings.. why is this?! its not on airplane mode, its not on silent, ive tried turning it

I have no idea what or how it happened. I plugged my phone in and placed it on the floor (on carpet) next to my bed and when I came back in from brushing my teeth, the screen is shattered. There was n

hello there, so I have owned my iphone 5 for a while now, and yesterday all of a sudden the speakers stopped working when my daughter was watching youtube. I don't know if she spilled anything on

my iphone 5 headphone port isnt working properly. when i plug my headphone in it says volume when i change the volume when i turn my iphone off and plug my headphones in and turn my phone back on it s

I have a new iphone 5c and just went to put my headphones in and it's seems like the headphone jack isn't deep enough? The headphone plug doesn't even go halfway in and when looking in the

hi'    My iphone5s was bought  on March 5, at ordinary times almost don't use headphones.Today found loose headphone jack, earphone intact but couldn't hear the sound.D

iphone 5 always worked just fine for the music--with headphones and with auxillary cord for the car. Now it just stopped--can still play music from the phone's speakers but the headphone cord and

My iphone 5s will not turn on, and when plugged into a power source it just flashes the apple logo. Please someone assist, thank you. Need my phone for work.

my iphone 4 got stuck in recover mode so i plugged it up and started to recover and update it then my lil cousin unplugged it and now its stuck with the apple logo with a line under it and it does not

i replaced the screen on my iphone 5 as my orginal one was broken, i didn't put it on correctly (but worked perfectly) so took it back off and then when i put it back on nothing comes up not even

when i make calls, all i can hear is static, and when i plug in headphones or turn the speaker on, it still doesnt work. but facetime, music, an apps sound still work. help? iphone 5

I have a 4s and when i listen to music the audio blips or pulses. The volume randomly changes from soft to loud without any reason. It will go from medium volume (blip) to high (blip) to low. I t