iphone 4 low ringtone volume


iphone 4 ringtone volume

if I shake my phone, you can tell the buttons are fairly loose

How do I enable my speakers and volume control for my iphone 4. They no longer work for music

Yes.Also try using speaker till you visit the Apple Store to tell you what's the problem.

Hi. Thanks for your advice in advance!  For the past 4 weeks, the volume of my 4s keeps going up on its own and then the volume screen doesn't disappear.  It's really hard to manage

I purchased two songs and would like to make then into a ringtone for my phone.  Any suggestions?

Why does the sound on my iphone 5s sound low and how can I solve this problem?

My iphone s has started to fail to make the selected sounds for phone calls and texts.  As a result I am missing about half my calls.   I have rebooted the phone but still experiencing

as of three days ago, my volume on my iphone isnt working right. this is a 4S, and over 2yrs old. i've never had problems with buttons before now when i am trying to watch a YouTube video for

sound of my phone doesn't work .. and when i pressed button volume up or don it doesn't work just ringer come up !

Earlier today i put my iphone 4 in my bag, a few minuites later i bought milkshake and drank from it then placed it in my bag. When i got home my bag was wet as well as everything else in my bag. I di

Long story short, the volume will increase automatically during phone conversations, on its own while sitting on the home screen, and while playing music. The UP/DOWN buttons themselves are also very

There are hearing aids made especially for iphone, which should help. See: https://www.apple.com/accessibility/ios/hearing-aids/

My daughters I-phone is having issues with the speakers not playing sound.  It's brand new (Apple replaced her other one last month due to other issues)  and began acting up last week. I

my iphone 5c sound/speaker only works with the headphones in and when I'm trying to change a ringtone in settings.. why is this?! its not on airplane mode, its not on silent, ive tried turning it

my iphone 5 headphone port isnt working properly. when i plug my headphone in it says volume when i change the volume when i turn my iphone off and plug my headphones in and turn my phone back on it s

My iphone 4s has a broken volume button and the colouring is washed out on my phone (LCD issue). I live in Canada and my phone is still under the one year warranty, so will it be free to replace/get a

ringer volume won't close, can't dial the phone?

So, I can't quite remember when this started. My iphone 4S volume is crazy, whenever I put my finger anywhere remotely near the volume increase or decrease button, the volume would increase to the

How do I download a free ringtone app to my iphone 5s. It said to send it to my email address. I don't know how to do that. I just want a ringtone of "the good, the bad, and the ugly. How come app

is possible increase the volume ???, after I put at the maximum level through the push buttom "+"

Morning all, I have a iphone 5s 64GB Space Gray which I picked up on launch day. This is my second handset as the first unfortunately had some scuffs on the back metal. This one is perfect..

Okay community: I'm having a very odd problem, and yes, I've tried restarting, rebooting, resetting, the everything. I am also positive there is nothing hard that is pressing the buttons. My p

The volume on my  iOS7.1.1  iphone 4s isn't working. Nothing happens when I press the volume buttons. I've tried cleaning out the charger socket and powering it down but it doesn'

Hey all  So, I've been having this problem with both my iphone 5S and 4. When I listen to a song and I'm NOT using the headset from Apple, the music volume changes itself constantly

Hello everyone my iphone 5s sounds stop working.i did not do anything it just stop working when I tried to turn on my music player all the sounds is not working I already check the volume and it is no

After the update in iOS7, my iphone 5s automatically increases volume on wake-up and the 'ringer' dialogue box remains on the screen.  This is intermittent and I have tried restoring the

I'm using iphone 4S. I set a low ringer volume for the headphone by the side buttons with headphone being plugged in. Then I pulled out the headphone and set a high ringer volume for the speaker a

volume to loe after iOS 7 update?