iphone 4 no signal bars 5.1.1

In the past week or so, my iphone 4s hasn't been able to find signal in various areas of my house, when previously it would work fine. Nothing has changed regarding my router, or anything on that

iphone 4 signal bars 5.1.1

I have iphone 5s, reception of the carier signal is not good most of the time i am facing "No Service" or very low service. What should I do now?

I've just got a new iphone 5s (I upgraded from the 3GS) however, I have no service. My phone will not connect to the 3 network and I was wondering if this was a network issue or something that cou

Also, if I'm in the middle of a call as soon as it is plugged in to the charger, the microphone and speaker stops working but when it's unplugged the call can continue as normal. Any ideas why

My iphone 5 has a problem with signal, it always search for network. I had removed and plug sim card again but it doesn't work. Then I restore the iphone, and an exception was throw "... An unknow

Hi,  I've a 4s which I'm holding out for a replacement for another year but the battery life has suddenly gone from bad to worse!  Want to replcae the battery but can't really do

I wanted to throw out this question to see if anyone has come across a fix:  I updated my iphone 4S to iOS 7.1 this morning. After the update I've lost all network 3G connection to my phone.

Since a while I have significant WLAN connection problem with my iphone 4S at home. iphone has been restarted, network connections reset, last iOS 7.10 on.Router (Fritz Box 7270) has been restart

help me pleasemy phone can't get signal cellular data network , always no service or searchingi don't know what's wrong with my phonehave solution for this problem?

Dear Apple Support team; I have a serious problem after upgrading my iphone 5S to IOS 7.0.6 is that the mobile network signal drains until giving " searching " Message on the top left side. 

For 2 weeks know I have been having signal loss issues on my iphone 5. The signal strength will jump from 1-4 bars and then no service sometimes. Most of the time it says cannot connect to data networ

i live in cyprus, today i unlocked iphone 5 locked to 3 austria to use it in cyprus, it keep search and no service on 2g, and it show signal on 3g but doesnt allow me to call? its out of warrant and h

iphone 5 wifi signal drops out randomly to 1 and also disconnects and bad reception when there is a tower 700m away!Anyone having the same problem help!So far I have phone Turing off randomly and rest

Hi, my I recently dropped my iphone 4s. It fell screen first and now there are faint horizontal lines running along text and the volume and brightness bars. Any help will be much appreciated.

Is this a problem for anyone else? I live in the middle of no where and usually will have 3 bars while at home. If i am charging my phone when someone calls they claim i'm in and out but i can hea

Hi Apple I've a iphone 4S problem I am haven is it's got no network but is showing carrier name 02-uk 3G internet works 100% were the signal is it should be 5 black dots there just clear I'

Hi,My iphone 4S can randomly lose signal after awhile even though on the screen it may display it having reception. Also whenever I turn the phone on to airplane mode then turn airplane mode off if I

I got a new iphone 5c and started a new gophone service with the nano sim, but I get a sim not valid , states that it's from a carrier not supported, but there is a signal on the top bar, I got 5

the wifi antena doesn't catch the wifi signal, the green button of the wifi works good, but doesn't catch the signal.if some one want to give me signal with his own cell phone, my iphone conne

I am now getting a busy signal on all incoming calls

Please help me I have a iphone 4S for about a week and I have tried to set up face time but it keeps on saying that activation error even know I have signal or a internet connection so someone please

My 4s lost all the signal bars therefore can not make or receive phone calls or texts but 3G data is unaffected And works fine! I have changed the SIM card and that didn't fix the problem, neither

my iphone keeps losing signal (texts fail to send and recieve and cannot make or recieve calls) but the phone is showing 4 bars of signal and the carrier. i have to force it to lose signal and re sear

Hey guys,  I got an iphone 5s almost 4 weeks ago, and I noticed that my signal strength vanished out of a sudden, and I couldn't make or receive calls, even though my internet data provided v

I bought a second hand iphone 4S that is unlocked it was a genuine sale and I seen it working however when I have erased it and started again it won't activate I am getting full 3G signal however

I forgot to take out the sim card when i took put my battery and now there is no signal

Hi, i bought an iphone 5s in the applestore in San Francisco, near the Union Square, and when i came back to Brazil i bought a chip from VIVO, a brazilian telecom company. My iphone receives a really

When I try to send out a wifi signal from my MacbookAir (connected to internet via ethernet, VPN) to my iphone I have some difficulties.The wifi network I created appears under the wifi networks on my

hello, my wife works from home using her iphone 5 as her primary phone.  when the phone is in her office it doesn't ring when called, but will suddenly show with a voicemail.  she ordere

I keep losing signal on my iphone4 when I move away from router,I can't seem to get any wifi in another room in house.any ideas

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