iphone 4 no signal bars 5.1.1

My iphone5 only shows the battery( plug in when battery is dead) and then a green line goes vertical on the screen and then the line changes color to grey

iphone 4 signal bars 5.1.1

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing. not sure what opperating system im using as

My iphone lost service, kept "Searching" with no signal for two days then the signal turned to "No service" when i tried to reset setting , i wasn't able to activate the mobile as it gave me error

I have two iphone in front of me - one iphone 4 (7.0.2) and one iphone 4s (7.0.3).  Both have Tesco Sims working on the O2 network.  However, I am only getting a constant strong cellular sig

Earlier today I noticed I wasn't getting signal anywhere, and then later I tried to charge my phone as it was on 15% battery and running out quickly my phone started overheating and unless it'

My iphone 5s keeps loosing signal , I have contacted 02 , and they say it's to do with the latest ios 7 update , my messages and voice mail doesn't come through for a day or two after they are

My iphone 5s will connect to 3G and wifi but will not find the standand 2g signal for calls and text. SIM card works fine in iphone 4? Help please

My iphone 5 was working fine until I put it on the charger then the display turned from my background to grey/black/white bars running vertially across my screen.  I have held down the home and p

updated phone all i get is 02 not conected changed sim 02 this morning still searching not help

Please help me guys, my phone cant receive LTE data

pls advise weak wifi signal on my iPhone5 64GB

Hey all, Recently today I dropped my iphone 5s and white vertical bars started to appear in the right hand side of my phone... Do I just need to get my screen replaced or is there more to the pro

My iphone 5s says searching for signal, it doesn't register the carrier in settings and I've had to restore my phone twice in the past 3 days! The first time the phone refused to turn off find

Maybe they have added LTE to the towers, but havent updated the coverage map to reflect the changes.

Some times i dont have signal and i turn on and off the plane mode but its doesnt work. So i have to turn off the iphone and swich on again. Oh. At my mom happens the same. Some can help me??

Since I upgraded to the iphone 5s it's seems that I any seem to get good wifi signal in all the places that I used, plus my girlfriend had my old iphone 4s and she gets wifi when I'm sat right

after replacing my iphone 4s screen, the phone can hard get signal from a distance of 15meters from a wifi spot. what do I do to rectify this problem

My iphone5S sometimes will show a signal but then will show the numbers 311.40 next to the bars.  What does that mean?

Why I update iphone 4 recently and it cannot receive the any wifi signal any more?

My iphone 4s won't let me ring anyone was on the 02 network and got my phone unlocked to meteor. It's showing meteor all right but no reception at all as in signal can't ring or text anyon

My iphone 5 keeps coming up with white bars on top of the screen and i sometimes can't even control my phone. It goes al crazy when the white bars show. These bars fade in then out all the time. H

My iphone is old and fell many times so the wifi antena does not work unless it's very close to the wifi box. Any sugestions on what should I do with it?

My iphone has NO gsm signal, but still recieves 3g. I cannot call or text but I'm able to surf. How is that even possible and how to get my signal? Yea, I tried turning it off and on, changing sys

my iphone 5s model a1533 problem with this signal, is just looking and not think the signal operator already changed the chip and the problem continues, as I'm from Brazil and bought the machine i

Hi,I'm having problems with my iphone 5 it keep losing the calling signal, but not the 3G signal. so I have to keep reseting it to regain the phone's signal what else can I do to stop with thi

I have an iphone 4s been using it for 18 months;  Last week it started dropping it's carrier service !!!   So upgraded to 7.1 ..the phone still drops the service !!I have reset netw

I am having trouble trying to restore my ihpone. I cannot get it to restore in itunes, error 21. When my phone is on it always searches for a signal but never finds one. It only turns on when plugged

My iphone 4s won't receive or make phone calls or msg I've tried everything it's coming up meteor 3G but has no signal strength can't someone help

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