iphone 4 slow app updates

as the title says I have a iphone 5s on 3 uk network and i use it for tethering, when the phone is not plugged into a usb or charging I am able to pull down 20meg speeds but when the phone is on charg

My phone's internet is either slow or doesn't respond. I know our wi-fi works fine 'cos my laptop's internet is working just fine. I've tried fixing it by the suggestions mentioned

Hi there. My home wifi on iphone 5 with iOS 7.1.1 is very slow (1Mbps). Wifi works fine on another iphone 5 and on my laptop both via ethernet and wifi. I changed the setting of my router to 5Ghz and

my iphone3 is working slow..whenever i open other aaplication after using current application.the other application is open after a few minutes.what can i do

I've had my iphone for 2 months now! And recently I've had several problems with it! When someone calls me, I press answer but the phone keeps ringing! My iphone always freezes when I'm ty

I have 8g iphone 4s but the memory isn't full to where it would be slow, it can't e my wifi since 3 other people use it and their connection is just fine

iphone is very slow. I had an iphone 4s, I dropped it and claimed on my insurance to get a new one.I got the same model phone but this one is very slow, any ideas or tips on how to speed it up? It is

My battery charges all day and stops at 32%. Why is this happening?

hi.my iphone 5 is starting to run very slow, too often. sometimes while im typing a text, the screen freezes and it takes time until i can continue my text again. same thing happens while typing on ot

I ussually use my iphone 5 to tether. I have Three All you can eat data  pay as you go. Ussualy it would give me about 3Mb sometimes up to 8 Mb.. But something happend in a matter of hours a

any reson facetime started to be very slow

It is only 3 months I purchased this iphone and now it is stuck in Recovery Mode when I tried to Update. I have tried all the suggestions I have read from Apple Support and the Apple Community. Nothin

Hi I am trying to install the new update to my phone but it tells me the password is incorrect but I have just purchased music from itunesand the password is fine, what is the problem?

I updated my iphone 4 with ios 7.1.1 and now there is no sound with any text, any mail, application updates, no vibre call sound....its just vibrate i checked all settings plz help

Is it true that doing updates on iPhones is not good ?? I was told that by an Att rep

Ever since the release of iOS 7 to mobile devices, all that have downloaded this upgrade are experiencing harsh battery issues that seem to not be addressed by any updates since the OS' release. T

I see the message "Your Apple ID has been disabled" but without "for security reasons". How can I enable my Apple ID to allow App updates?

Just I change my iTunes Store id but I can't updates my apps because when I update they showing old id when I put password showing wrong passaword I am putting new password they showing same , ple

How do i undo ios updates to revert back to original

I have an iphone 5 that does not seem to be functioning properly when connected to wifi. Often times, the phone will show full connection to wifi but will not load safari pages or certain media (vine

I dont have visa or any card to download games updates

I'm wondering how to change the email to my apple account on my phone to help make it to where I can download updates on my phone. Everything is fine for my mac but I need to know how to change th

i have a 5S and a 2011 macBook air. all updates are installed.  after the most recent updates i can no longer sync/backup my phone.  i get a message that says "iTunes cannot read the content

This has been working in the past but today it is not. I have updated to iOS software 7.1 (11D167) but I don't know if that caused this problem. I only know that I have successfully installed soft

I can't get my iphone to install the latest update. When I click on software update it just continuously says "checking for update" and nothing happens. I am also unable to download or update apps