iphone 4 slow after ios 6

as the title says I have a iphone 5s on 3 uk network and i use it for tethering, when the phone is not plugged into a usb or charging I am able to pull down 20meg speeds but when the phone is on charg

iphone 4 slow ios 6

Hi there. My home wifi on iphone 5 with iOS 7.1.1 is very slow (1Mbps). Wifi works fine on another iphone 5 and on my laptop both via ethernet and wifi. I changed the setting of my router to 5Ghz and

my iphone3 is working slow..whenever i open other aaplication after using current application.the other application is open after a few minutes.what can i do

I've had my iphone for 2 months now! And recently I've had several problems with it! When someone calls me, I press answer but the phone keeps ringing! My iphone always freezes when I'm ty

I have 8g iphone 4s but the memory isn't full to where it would be slow, it can't e my wifi since 3 other people use it and their connection is just fine

iphone is very slow. I had an iphone 4s, I dropped it and claimed on my insurance to get a new one.I got the same model phone but this one is very slow, any ideas or tips on how to speed it up? It is

My battery charges all day and stops at 32%. Why is this happening?

hi.my iphone 5 is starting to run very slow, too often. sometimes while im typing a text, the screen freezes and it takes time until i can continue my text again. same thing happens while typing on ot

I ussually use my iphone 5 to tether. I have Three All you can eat data  pay as you go. Ussualy it would give me about 3Mb sometimes up to 8 Mb.. But something happend in a matter of hours a

any reson facetime started to be very slow

I have an iphone 5 that does not seem to be functioning properly when connected to wifi. Often times, the phone will show full connection to wifi but will not load safari pages or certain media (vine

i have an iphone 4 ios 7.1 , but it is a little bit slow how to make it faster ?

I have been using the garmin fit app for running. Last 2 months though the phone picks up my position on GPS on starting my run, it is erroneous subsequently. It either shows a very fast speed (20kms

hello guys i jailbreaked my iphone before 7.1 .. and after 7.1 arrived, i made a back up and restore my iphone to have the latest version of iOS 7 but after i finished restoring and putting

when i am listening to music or navigational system the sound stops and i need to start it over again. I changed earphones with new ones but the problem continues.

have reset and deleted all setting and content. still didnt help internet speed. had carrier reset and helped about an hour then back to super slow internet . anyone else had this issuse?

The time on my iphone 4 is 2 minutes slow. Why is that?

All my family members have the iphone 4S and then I only have the iphone 4 and all of their phones run way faster than mine does and it really frustrates my how slow my phone is.  Is there any wa

since update ios 7 my iphone 4 has been giving me trouble. sometimes will not respond to touch, is very slow when texting, and battery runs down very quickly when not in use and all apps are closed, h

Hello, Just bought an iphone 5s (my first iphone) and tried to install Chrome browser from Apple store however unlike on Android it just takes ages to download it via Wifi. There is definitely no

My phone has beome very slow after the os update

I'm not sure which phones have the slow motion video feature but does the 5c or is it just the 5s?

Since the update to ios 7, the GPS has become slow, hesitating at times or just not refreshing at the rate with wich it used to operate.  It has made using the maps feature in busy areas impossib

Most of the crap ios 7 very slow I want to go back to ios 6.

What should I do. I ran dslteports speed test. My ping was 519 download spped was .28 Mbps and upload speed was .34 Mbps.  I've done a hard reset and reset my network settings. No help from e

How to downgrade to ios 6 ? Ios 7 so slow I don't like it

my phone became very slow after update to ios 7.0.3 how to speed up my phone.................

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