how to make the iphone 4 volume louder

i wanna to Activation the warranty how to do this sent to me the link please

iphone 4 volume louder

if I shake my phone, you can tell the buttons are fairly loose

I bought my phone off ebay .. Factory unlocked and it fell and cracked on the bottom by the menu button.. It keeps saying no service .. And searching I have tried everything but plugging it into iTune

How do I enable my speakers and volume control for my iphone 4. They no longer work for music

Yes.Also try using speaker till you visit the Apple Store to tell you what's the problem.

After updating I'm not able to connect to iTunes .  Not allowed to make purchases

No matter how much is deleted the phone only has 400 Megabites marked as available. I have deleted over two gb of photos and roughly 1gb of apps and no more space has become available

Hi. Thanks for your advice in advance!  For the past 4 weeks, the volume of my 4s keeps going up on its own and then the volume screen doesn't disappear.  It's really hard to manage

my  suddenly no longer works and dosn't show any sign and when i try to make restore for it, iTunes shows me error 4005 and my iphone does not respond to iTunes

how do i make room on my iphine for the update

I have just bought a new iphone 4s from the shop.When I make a call and I wish to turn the call on loud speaker the person I call can't hear me anymore and I can't hear her.I have tried to tur

how do i free up space in my icloud and make sure ALL of my photos and contacts are saved to the cloud? because my app is running slow and i know I have things saved to my cloud and cant see them

My camera roll is a mess. so many photos over each other. I need categories to organize them. I created albums, but its still mess! And it takes so much time to find that one picture. Am asking if the

I purchased two songs and would like to make then into a ringtone for my phone.  Any suggestions?

Why does the sound on my iphone 5s sound low and how can I solve this problem?

recently had dropped my iphone 5 s and everything works apart from making and receiving call via sim. wifi calls are ok with viber etc. i had the back case changed but the problem persists. Help!

Please, can you help me about icloud service i can't make the backup for every things where when make the back up appears this Last back up :never

how do I get my music louder on my iphone 5c

My iphone s has started to fail to make the selected sounds for phone calls and texts.  As a result I am missing about half my calls.   I have rebooted the phone but still experiencing

as of three days ago, my volume on my iphone isnt working right. this is a 4S, and over 2yrs old. i've never had problems with buttons before now when i am trying to watch a YouTube video for

iphone 5 64gb on AT&T is out of warranty (barely) and it has lost the ability to connect a voice call. ALL other features/funtions of the phone work as designed, with the exception of voice callin

Peter DiSalvo wrote:  If you have Google Maps on your iphone and are browsing with Safari and click a link to an address you will be prompted by Google to "make Google Maps the default". ONL

sound of my phone doesn't work .. and when i pressed button volume up or don it doesn't work just ringer come up !

Earlier today i put my iphone 4 in my bag, a few minuites later i bought milkshake and drank from it then placed it in my bag. When i got home my bag was wet as well as everything else in my bag. I di

If I play music etc it is making a crackling sound. Is it something I can correct? I've only had the handset a couple of months so it will be under warranty

When I make a phone call on my iphone 4s the other person says I sound muffled and when they talk they can hear them selfs talking dose anyone know what is wrong with my phone????

Why can't I make an in-apps purchase. It always error to connection

Long story short, the volume will increase automatically during phone conversations, on its own while sitting on the home screen, and while playing music. The UP/DOWN buttons themselves are also very

There are hearing aids made especially for iphone, which should help. See:

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