why cant i move mail from my inbox to my trash folder on my iphone 4

does anybody know why a iphone 5c would quit ringing i turned it off and back on even reset it now it just goes to voicemail

move mail inbox trash folder iphone 4

1. I don't remember the answers to my security questions 2. I can't reset the questions beacause I don't know my rescue mail 3. Also my acc has been kind of locked.

En mi Iphon la Aplicación de correo 6.3GB OCUPA y Todos los Días CRECE POR Mas que Mantegna Las de Bandejas Vacias y Las papeleras limpias, Qué Hago?

my iphone is locked to icloud and wont let me usemy e-mail

I used to send and received hotmail from my iphone. from yesterday aim not receiving any mail. Every time I have been asked to enter the outlook hotmail password. After entering the password a massage

I don't seem to have the iTunes Store on my home screen anymore. I did when I first got my phone a few weeks ago and it isn't in any folder. I have searched for it on my home screen, with the

I have a 4s.  My mail usage was 3.1G.  I need that space. I deleted all 3 mail accounts and turned off iCloud.  mail usage dropped to 3G.   How do I recover those 3 gigs? 

Hello everyone, I cannot figure this one out.  I have rules set up in outlook to sort mail into folders, but ios mail will not follow them.  The folder shows up in ios mail, but all the

I seem to be having trouble sending emails on IOS 7 when I don't have wifi.I have just got a new iphone 5c on orange and my email is with talktalk.I have downloaded MyMail app and it works fine bu

iOS7, iPhone4. Marked a reminder as completed, looks and works fine on my iDevices. However... Arrived at work to find that a load of users in a subscribed calendar had recieved a spuri

My apps won't stop moving I know they are supposed to move when you move your phone but even when it's just sitting on the table my apps are swaying back and forth

My Apple ID was disabled. I reseted it successfully. Afterwards, when I am trying to update the pending apps in App Store on my phone, in order to sign in to iTunes Store I am requested to enter a pas

I add a wrong email to my I cloud

How do I set up a icloud accout with an apple ID when prompted to set up an icloud ID with example: janedoe@icloud.com?

How do I setup my msn email account on the iphone 5s with iOS 7?

So recently my iphone 4 crashed and died so I borrowed my moms old phone and we went to AT&T and got a new SIM card so I could use it which wasn't an iphone.  My friend have me their

If I check the usage under settings, general, usage - my mail shows over 400mb but I have only a few messages in the mailboxes. How do I reduce this usage anyone?Thanks

My iphone goes directly to voice mail if called from another cell. If called from a land line it works

you forgot to answer to the secret questions on APP Store  also you lost your E-mail account to regain the answers

How do I move my apps from my iphone 4S to my new iphone 5C?

Everytime I update the iOS on the iphone 5S the Nano SIM card gets damaged and I cant make any outgoing calls. But I can receive call, send and receive SMS, send and receive mail. Whatsapp chat, apps

my phone wil not get mail. it says that the connection to the server failed

I have 3 email accounts - one only keeps 2 to 3 of the latest emails at a time. How do I reset to show all or more?

Why is there a lock symbol on my phone and I can't receive messages or email since updating yesterday march  14, 2014

Hello, For some reason on my iphone 5s, neither the dock nor the folder backgrounds in iOS 7.1 are using a translucent color that match my wallpaper, instead both simply being a dark, flat grey.

Help: Auto synch 'pooched my visaul voice mail. how do i re-instate? tried online directions and it did not work.

in need my answers again but i forget them.How do i get them back ?  thanks already

For the last day or so, a high percentage of apps that I'd tried launching crashed instantly on my iphone 5S with iOS 7.0.6. Reboot didn't help that problem. Facebook app, for example, still o

What do I use to set up the incoming mail on iphone

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