why cant i move mail from my inbox to my trash folder on my iphone 4

move mail inbox trash folder iphone 4

The application adds IDN-domain: - Format PUNNY-code will terminate the application - Cyrillic format (Cyrillic domain) application reports an incorrect domain PUNNY-code is xn--80agbi0bh.xn--j1a

The switch that turns the ringer off on my 4s is very loose and is not as hard to change as  identical phones that friends have. Is this a problem that requires it to go in for repairs.

My iphone 4 wont connect to the mail server

Hello I randomly got this message when I was in the default mail app and checking my mail. I kept trying to log in and kept getting incorrect password. When I go to safari and navigate to my emai

Does anyone have a cure as my mail application shuts down everytime I try to forward e-mail.

my i phone 5s keep on crashing apps like (videos, music, mail..etc) after downgrading from IOS 8 Beta to IOS 7.1.1

Hi, My iphone 5c screen moves quite a lot as if it may fall out? It did this from bnib.

my lock button dose not work& my settings are no where to be found i have searched my whole phone what is going on with my phone & how do i fix it ?

I recently changed my service to Straight Talk. Now i cannot get visual voice mail. Does anyone have a fix? Thanks Phil

Can anybody please help me with this as when i go to the service centre they ask for proof because they do not see the flickering. So what should i do for the proof i cant even record.

I added photos from my laptop onto my iphone 4s,now I can't delete them. There is no trash can for these photos,but there is for others. What have I done?

I have read other's comments and still have no luck. I recorded a 45 minute presentation and I am trying to move it from my iphone 5 to my PC. When I connect directly to my pc that specific video

Hi When i connect my iphone to the computer the itunes will sync it but my auto play doesn't come up so i can't save my photo's.

Hi! Why is it when I delete my messages from the mail app on my iphone or ipad they disappear from the inbox but still appear in the inbox when I log on via a browser on my Packard bell laptop?

iphone 5 settings icon is gone and i did search any files, folders and swped to all pages! i know that i am able to use the settings icon when i type it in to spotlight search, but i would still like

I recently updated to iOS7 and am having an issue with syncing my bookmarks between Safari on my Macbook Air and on my iphone.  I was under the impression that the "Bookmarks Menu" folder in the

I have installed work mail on my phone. it created profiles that can not be removed and now the mail can not be remved too. what do i do?

In Apple mail on my desktop (OSX) machines, I can set up rules to redirect mail to different mailboxes, of which Junk is probably the most important, and this tidied up mail is what I see on my iOS de

Hi,  I have an iphone 4S and run the latest iOS. I want the calendar app to mark days with appointments so that I can see them in the Month view. Also, I don't want to have to selec

Is there a way to have iOS 7 mail search literally?  If I type a search string into the search box in mail, it finds messages that contain any individual component rather than only the entire str

My iphone 4 keeps going straight to Voice mail and then I get a notified of missed calls?  How can I correct this?

How do I reset my itunes e-mail?

Hey everyone!With lots of problems with my new iphone 4s, studying Apple's devices and services such as Apple ID and iCloud, it's time for me to create new Apple ID. I have made a lot of mista

Not sure if this is the right section to post this, but I am using 2 apps that have an option to send to email using native mail and neither one is functioning correctly despite the fact that I have a

I can't get my e mail to work it keeps saying can't connect to server. Have I turned something off?    help!!!!!! :))))

I forget my apple ID and my password and the 2 security questions and the e-mail that i used to create the account, is there any way to solve the problem? i bought my iphone from orange germany in fra

I updated my iphone 4 with ios 7.1.1 and now there is no sound with any text, any mail, application updates, no vibre call sound....its just vibrate i checked all settings plz help

Today I went to check my email on my iphone using the mail app and my 2 main accounts were missing.  Just missing, as if they never exisited. When I went into settings, I could see the accounts w

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