os 7 slow text iphone 4

My daughter has an iphone 4s as dose her grandmother my question is, is it possible for her grandmother to know when shes texing although not to be able to read the texts because she seems to know whe

os 7 slow text iphone 4

Is there an app that will automaticly send a text at a scheduled time and date

as the title says I have a iphone 5s on 3 uk network and i use it for tethering, when the phone is not plugged into a usb or charging I am able to pull down 20meg speeds but when the phone is on charg

I receive his texts just fine, but he is not getting mine at all... On his phone I am the only contact he is having issues with as well, he gets texts from other iphone users without any problems.We

My phone's internet is either slow or doesn't respond. I know our wi-fi works fine 'cos my laptop's internet is working just fine. I've tried fixing it by the suggestions mentioned

My iphone 5s will connect to 3G and wifi but will not find the standand 2g signal for calls and text. SIM card works fine in iphone 4? Help please

All I did was text and play music for a little while.  At exactly 3:58 pm I sent a text I checked my  phone later at exactly 4:02 pm and it was black when I call it it wont ring. My ipod did

My iphone 4 suddenly died last night even though it said it had about 40% power. When I plug it in, it turns back on but will not connect to anything (no internet, and I can't call or text). As so

Hi there. My home wifi on iphone 5 with iOS 7.1.1 is very slow (1Mbps). Wifi works fine on another iphone 5 and on my laptop both via ethernet and wifi. I changed the setting of my router to 5Ghz and

my iphone3 is working slow..whenever i open other aaplication after using current application.the other application is open after a few minutes.what can i do

Invalid sim card message 2 days after updating to ios 7.1.1.went through all troubleshooting except restore.any suggestions.

I am looking for a speech to text app that doesn't require internet or data plan like the stock speech to text does on the iphone. Looking for something that is free. Easy to use. Etc. etc.

I've had my iphone for 2 months now! And recently I've had several problems with it! When someone calls me, I press answer but the phone keeps ringing! My iphone always freezes when I'm ty

I cannot open the messages app. I have reset the iphone, I have tried texting myself from different numbers and have done a complete reset. The app starts to load and then just shuts down. Is there an

could i facetime & text someone from a different country On only wifi without charges from my Network ? I don't have  international talk and text on my plan but i thought it would be

I have 8g iphone 4s but the memory isn't full to where it would be slow, it can't e my wifi since 3 other people use it and their connection is just fine

My new 5s enlarges/zooms for no reason. It happens now and then, and I have to force it off - thats even hard sometimes as to get to swipe it to turn it off - but when I do get it off - then reboot, i

My iphone (4s) keeps sending people the same text message multiple times (2-4) a few seconds inbetween.  Sometimes it will tell me that there the message failed, but they still recieve it multipl

My screen just freezes and I have to turn of my phone. Just random letters on my keyboard don't work either. I've had my phone for less than a year

Help my i phone has stopped ringing and my texts do not alert me, even though the alert sounds are on and everything is on!!!!!

Hi all, just checking if the problem regarding " IOS has a limited Font Set this does effect what PDF's can Display" has been solved as we are having issues displaying some PDF's some pages di

I can't multitask while on my iphone 5c (access text messages while on the phone or enter numbers while on the phone).

How do I increase the text size in my email messages?  Apple traded me a new 5C iphone for a 5S that had died. The new text is tiny.

iphone is very slow. I had an iphone 4s, I dropped it and claimed on my insurance to get a new one.I got the same model phone but this one is very slow, any ideas or tips on how to speed it up? It is

My battery charges all day and stops at 32%. Why is this happening?

I sent text messages to a broken iphone 5C, will the text msgs still go through when the user fixes the phone or gets a replacement?

hi.my iphone 5 is starting to run very slow, too often. sometimes while im typing a text, the screen freezes and it takes time until i can continue my text again. same thing happens while typing on ot

As the title says, I see (1) notification bubble on my Messages app but when I go in there I see no new message. It all started this morning when I receibed a text message from a friend but when

Can find for me and send back to me????

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