having trouble hearing from iphone 4

hi. am having trouble with my iphone 4..its keeps on powering off while um using, ethier on call or chatting.the very strange thing it becomes hard to power it on immediately.i keep on trying on numer

trouble hearing iphone 4

Everything I've read this morning says everything was up and running but since yesterday's outage I have been unable to complete an in app game purchase in a game I play called Puzzles and Dra

Hi. I keep my phone (5c) on my nightstand at night. I also keep a bottle of lotion with a squirt lid on there. Last night I squirted some lotion into my hand. Not much made it onto my hand, so I turne

What do i have to to ig my iphone 4s get crazy When i try to make a phone call?

i have forgotten the password for my iphone 5s and i put the phone into recovery mode and restore and update. everything goes well until the end of the update. It will say "The software for the iphone

Please help me guys, my phone cant receive LTE data

Since the latest updates to iOS, I'm hearding more issues reported to my company where iphone users are not able to be routed correctly in our IVR. from the PBX, I'm seeing such as the followi

This has been happening all over the place, including with networks I use regularly. This is affecting my data allowances in big ways and making many operations in my iphone 4s very tricky, including

i brought my iphone 5s two weeks before,when i connect to my windows laptop iphone appears under devices but it says driver is not installe

There are hearing aids made especially for iphone, which should help. See: https://www.apple.com/accessibility/ios/hearing-aids/

Hi, I've got a very strange trouble with my device. My iphone doesn't find any phone line/connection (sorry I don't know if it's the right translation) and goes to "no service", or he

It sounds like they are really far away. Volume is turned up and all other sounds work. Even tried hard reset. Amy suggestions or did the ear speaker quit?

Hello, I bought a new iphone 5s black about 2 months ago. The problem probably appeared earlier, but I didn't care about it that much as I should have done. When I'm on call, the oth

I have an unlocked iphone 5s. I travel and have to change the SIM card. Get a different carrier. But I can't make iTunes purchases. Any help on this?

I have a new Starkey Halo hearing aid and I would like to be able to stream TV into my hearing aid from my iphone 5C but they say it cannot be done. Anyone have any ideas?

I've been having trouble charging my phone for a few months now, started off with my phone getting extremely hot (has always happened but more frequently lately). The last few weeks i've had t

i recently bought a iphone and im trying to sync it to my computer, but its saying i need a driver. i have the iphone 4 with the newest update. how do i get this driver to sync to my computer?

my phone says to connect to itunes i did so and it said to restore it. i did so also and it doesnt allow me to

So i bought and iphone 4 and it's locked out by icloud and i can not contact the seller being that she is not alive how am i able to get my phone to work?

I am unable to hear incoming caller except on speaker.

I having trouble connecting my iPhone4S (iOS 7.1) to my PC (Win XP). I tried downloading drivers from Apple's website but ended going in circles, i.e. (bounced around from one link to another w/o

hay there, i am having trouble getting my phone to charge, the phone seems to recognise that there is a cable inserted as it flashes when you insert/remove it. iv tried another cable and also plugged

Hi, my iphone 5s ear phone hole has stoped working, it will not play sound through ear phones nor auxiliary cords only through phone speaker, what can i do? has anyone else encountered this problem?

I'm currently trying to add music to my phone, but it isn't working. I have an iphone 4S and I've updated it to iOS 7. I never had this problem until I had to wipe my phone and back it up

My iphone 4s will not connect to the Wifi. I can't even turn it on. Can someone provide me with help?

My stepson is having the problem so I will try to explain.  He plays the game Clash of Clans; however, his little brother does also. They are on the same Gamecenter account. I guess they have dif

My phone keeps asking me to put in the iCloud password for an account I no longer use. I have changed my Apple ID to the new email address I use but it still prompts me to put in the password for an e

every time I try to download an app a message that says "adding to tweetlist to customize twitter clients list" and it won't go away so I have to reboot my phone and I don't know how to make i

I tried to deactivate my find my iphone app as im having to send my phone off to be fixed, when I tried to do it I turned the settings to lost phone and now I cant activate my phone to change it?

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