why won t my Bluetooth stay connected to iPhone 4

I got the new iphone 5s and decided to use my old iphone 4s as an ipod to save room on my new one, then one day i changed my password from a long one to a simple one at school and forgot it the same d

Bluetooth stay connected iPhone 4

I am using I phone 5c after connected with my HP elite book 6930p laptop, (Installed  Window 7  32 bit).  automatic software driver is not deducting,  and display Windows found dri

my ipad doesn't have any trouble connecting, but the phone skips, and sometimes silence for 20 seconds, or just stops altogether.  I just bought a new car with bluetooth technology. The ipad

Hi every one. I have problem with wifi after update my iphone 4s to 7.1 ios , i cant activate the wifi it´s stay always like shadow , i restor it with itunes but same issue.  ??? Solution fo

I used to send and received hotmail from my iphone. From yesterday aim not receiving any mail. Every time I have been asked to enter the outlook hotmail password. After entering the password a massage

Hi everyone, my iphone 4s wifi and bluetooth do not work, and they never have since i got the phone 2yrs ago. Both wifi and bluetooth just search continuously, never finding any connections. I visited

My iphone 5 will not connect to my Polar H7 heart rate monitor or anything else...is this a general problem at the moment

my iphone 4s want stay on its coming on an  off what is wrong with my iphone 4s

i can't view my iphone in itunes when connected, it directs as a ipod and i can ssee that as an ipod when connected

Why most of apple say "FORGET THIS DEVICE" if it doesnt wanna connect

Hello, is it possible to connect an external camera to my iphone to take pictures that transfers the pictures via bluetooth to my iphone's photo library ? So my iphone can send the picutres direct

I connected an xlr to 1/8inch cable to my iphone 4's output without realizing that phantom power was coming from the mixer on the xlr end.  The display glitched in a strange way, and the phon

My iphone 4s will not stay turned off if I manually turn it off. It immediatly starts to turn itself back on. It also takes a long time to turn off, over a minute. The phone is also hissing through th

i connected my iphone to mac  and it said it will synced and now its jus black screen with the white apple turning on and off

Please help me getting this issue resolve

when i connected my iphone 5 to charger,the upper half screen's color changed and a smell came out then the phone went off and not starting again,what is the problem?

Why can i not connect my iphone to my macbook threw bluetooth?

Hello everyone, recently, I upgraded to an iphone 5s and approximately 2 weeks ago, I updated my iphone's software to iOS 7.1, everything was okay until the next day I was on Safari(over wifi) and

My iphone 4s has been paired to our 2006 Acura TL hands free link (bluetooth) and working flawlessly for more than a year.  After the iOS 7.1 update installed on my iphone the connection has been

Since the iOS 7.1 update, my iphone 4s won't pair with my JBL Flip. It shows up as a nearby device in bluetooth settings, but I am unable to pair with it or connect at all. Please help!

Why can I not access My iphone on my Air - they have the same cloud account - same iTunes - logged onto the same wifi network... and connected via USB - difficult much?!its killing me ahhh my screen s

Hi everyone,How can I do with my bluetooth earphone which made by sony for my iphone 4? my phone can't discovery bluetooth earphoneThanks

What free alternatives are available for bluetooth on a iPhone5s used for family use only please. I would not use Keynote enough for it to be economic. Thanks

dude : : my touchid is always giving me shock attack will connected to charge :/ i need a god **** sol :/ <Edited by Host>

The iphone 5 stopped working today.  When we do a hard boot, the apple appears then disappears.  When we connect to a computer with iTunes, the phone is not recognized.  The phone was a

I have changed my password 3 or 4 times in the last hour.  I still cannot get into the apple store to download a new free app.  What is my problem?

I will go to the USA and stay for 5 days . You can make a reservation for an iphone 5S in any store in town where you 'll be ? thank you,paseba

iphone 5 is not recognizing new bluetooth connections

I picked up a new 5C 15 days ago. I connected it via bluetooth to my X1 and everything went well......until I updated the operating systerm on the iphone at the suggestion of Apple. Now, playing

Hi - I'm having challenges with the Notes and Reminders apps.  Data in both disappear - i.e. in Reminders I have the titles of the Reminder list but all the items in the list are no longer th

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