why won t my Bluetooth stay connected to iPhone 4

Hello, 1) I dropped and cracked bottom of backshell of iphone4.2) Phone wont switch on now. 3) Apple logo appears then disappears when plug in to power socket4) The logo continues to appear the d

Bluetooth stay connected iPhone 4

Hi guys. i had my iphone5 32gb plugged into a car socket. it wasnt an apple car charger but the usb wire was. next thing i no is there is smoke coming off the charge. my phone was fine and in working

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing. not sure what opperating system im using as

My iphone 4s only stays on when it's charged into a wall or car charger. Even then it turns off and turns on. I was unable to send texts,emails or surf the net. It will not stay charged when I plu

i have two different apple id's, one on my computer and one on my phone. i connected my phone to sync music and i lost most of my music. i realised that the music i lost is from the apple id on my

Can anybody help me with this problem? I have been trying to figure it out for 3 months and cant. I have an iphone 4S and my iphone won't connect to any wifi network for more than 2 minutes then i

Please help me install my iphone OS update. Because it always say that i am no longer connected to the internet but my internet connection is good and i can easily download on apps store?

Hi, My iphone 4 is intermittently charging when connected to MacBook Air Mid 2013. It seems it loses connection and reconect every 1 second make it impossible to sync with itunes. The same does n

when i start up bluetooth the loading wheel starts to spin but it won't stop en bluetooth just won't open. Can somebody help me please any help or tip is usefull. ;-)

I heard a news review over the earbuds will eventually only use bluetooth technology and apple will get rid of the plug-in for wired earbuds 50% of the reason I stay with Apple is because I have

phone was connected to Surface windows 8.1. Downloaded and removed some pictures. Surface was updating apple software and downloading icloud control. Was plugged in but not charging. Phone shutdown an

My iphone 4s is not switching on, I connected it to itunes thru my Windows 7 laptop and it says phone needs to be restored. I clicked okay and it started the process however the progress bar with the

I am concerned that my internet allowance will be used up as it sends iMessages not texts to other iPhones, how do you change it and still get iMessages, and does it use up my 500mb internet??

My iphone5 started turning itself off and on again and now its flashing the apple logo when connected to the charger but not powering on, i have restored it works for 10 mins then back to the flashing

Dear Apple Management Team                             

So i was on instagram and i was texting one of my friendsand then i went downstairs it was perfectly fine when i left it in my room. Then i came back up to check instagram again and it wouldnt turn on

Hi, Since the time I purchased my iphone 5s, I have been facing this problem with Wi-fi. The first two times I went to the customer service, I was told it could be a problem with my modem. Even I

Black Screen, only a little bit of sound when connected tocharger or computer

Hi,  I have recently encountered problem of the cable. The thing is that if i use it just for charging with the plug, it works fine. But when i wanna use it with computer (i.e., accessing itunes,

bluetooth should be used to share files among Apple products , such as iPhone3 to iphone4 or vice versa .because it is very beneficial to consumers, especially in Asia , which is like exchanging files

My iphone 5S bluetooth signal will not stay connected to the Microsoft Synch in my new car. I have to manually reconnect it every time I start the car. Am I missing a step in the process?

was updating iphone 5c while it was plug to laptop and now it has a black screen with an itunes logo and a picture of a plug with an arrow. what can i do to fix that?

After I end a call on my iphone 5c, I can hear myself still talking and/or any background noise.  After about two minutes, the echoing stops and I can make another call.  If I try to immedia


Battery charging via bluetooth iphone to iphone, like from a friend who has 100% to a friend who has 3%..

I have 8g iphone 4s but the memory isn't full to where it would be slow, it can't e my wifi since 3 other people use it and their connection is just fine

I have an iphone 5c.My computer doesn't find my phone when I connect it.I wonder if anyone can help me.Itunes however still show that my iphone is connected.

my iphone4s is locked after i contenected with itune i try too updated it and after it my phone is locked

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