keep losing notes on iphone 4s

I restored my phone on iTunes, but when I did, all my info deleted and now it's my sister's old data. I tried to go back on iTunes and restore, but my original data isn't even an option. H

losing notes iphone 4s

The hard reset wipes off the data though, right? Is there anything else I could possibly do before I resort to that?

I've had an iphone 4s (verizon) for about 2 years.  The battery has suddenly gotten really really poor.  In the last month I've had to carry around an external battery pack around wi

I recently bought an iphone 4S off a friend, the phone is locked to a network (in this case Orange or EE) but I'm on the network O2. Do I have to pay Orange to unlock the phone or can I just sync

How can I fix this.  She has a brand new phone and I updated my phone yesterday.  FaceTime is the only way we can communicate.

after a 'regular' app store update, - the facebook app to be precise, the update completed, the circle showiung update progress turned to 'open', then phone screen went blank, then app

how do i fix my disabled i phone?

How do i fixs disabled on iphone no computer

My wifi icon is black and in settings it won't turn on. Any one have any advise. 4G works.

I have an iphone 4S that my son gave me after upgrading approx 5 months ago. I am in Kenya for 2 years (in forces) and keen to use my iphone again without costing me an arm nd a leg, however I need to

I lost all my contacts suddenly can't get them back?

I need to get hold of old meesges   about 17 months from a previous iphone.  How should I go about that ?

what can i do to contact apple for getting my iphone repaired?

iphone 4s crashed and wont restore, getting error code 29 apperaring after so long,

Re:  iCloud storage:  My iphone 4s is telling me that I can't back-up my phone because I don't have enough storage space.  I (believe) I have deleted a relatively large amount o

My iphone ios diagnostics are saying that my iphone have power issues I want to know what it is but if i want to press a bottom on the apple site there just nothing is happening And i dont know on wit

Hai, since IOS7 i can not use my bluetooth.Not in my car. not with my headset on me motor. Just give me the solution to go back to the previous version IOS.Its not my car stereo, its not my

My daughter's iphone 4S wi-fi function simply stopped working after 18 months of ownership. Apple Store employees acknowledged it was a product failure. "The antennas just quit working," they said

Yes on my iMessage it not letting me send or  receive my message can u help me figure out what's wrong

Hello, I'm having some problems with my new iphone (4s) and I need some assissstance. I recently received a new iphone via insurance (My old iphone broke) and it wont turn back on. I first noticed

Hello. I have had this one strange problem with my iphone stop working, I have looked for solutions, but none have proven to be of any use. What the problem is is that the sound on my phone stopped wo

FaceTime is suddenly not working today. It was connecting fine yesterday. I have restarted iphone. I have restarted router. I have toggled the ft button in settings. Help??????

My iphone is lock factory,can I unlock it?

And what happens when you attempt the update?Error messages?What is the existing version of iOS?What is your iTunes version?What is the computer operating system?

My little girl keeps going on my iphone so I have changed the passcode, and know I am blocked out...I am clueless as to what to do, I keep putting in what I believe it to be but I am just being disabl

About a month ago, my iphone 4s which I purchased only 17 months ago started constantly going to 4G and leaving home wifi. Problem got worse. I took phone to Apple Store and they said my antenna was f

how do i go back to my old software on my iphone 4s

What does the insurance really cover?

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