updating iphone 4s to OS7

This is not fair ... in my last update I had replaced the wifi chip thinking it was my phone, but right after this update, same issue ?? whats going on ???

updating iphone 4s OS7

Hoped that 7.1.1 would resolve the battery problem on my iphone 4S, but that didn't happen. Clearly, Apple don't care much about the voice of their customers. My device goes on sale today, sim

A friend, who's quite the businessman, wants to sell me his 2-year old iphone 4S. He's dropped it a few times and had the screen replaced twice. Most recently the speaker was fuzzy. He took it

My iphone 4s won't receive or make phone calls or msg I've tried everything it's coming up meteor 3G but has no signal strength can't someone help

Ok so I'm trying to delete an unwanted app off of my phone. Every time I try it freezes my phone... Any tips?

My iphone recently has been really slow. I just realized that the control bar is not working now. I tried to update to the latest version but it said "error code: (3014). It gives me the same message

The title pretty much says it all. My friends have their read reciepts on too and none of them have seen them. What do I do to fix this problem?

Please help me. My iphone 4s will not allow me to hit the home key. I can't call out but can receive message and notification. Everytime I hit the home key it turns it's self off and back on a

I have a 2011 BMW 528i and an iphone 4s running the most recent Apple sowftware upgrade.  I've notcied some of the songs on the iphone do not appear on the car's system.  I connect t

Hi, I have broken the screen on my iphone 4s to the point where it is just a black screen but the iphone is still working. Fortuately i have purchased another iphone 4s and wish to transfer my data fr

I didn't know what category this would fall in to but my iphone 4 is stuck on an enlarged screen and will not go back to normal. I've tried clicking it with 3 fingers and it will not work. Als

I think my battery life is not healthy. I need to charge my phone twice a day. I do not know what can I do

My iphone 4s got water in the headphone poert. I put my phone in rice for 24 hours and the LED is on. It stays on even when the phone is off. How can i fix it without taking it to apple and spendding

I am trying to connect my Wii to my Hotspot using Netflix.  It sees me but when i put in my PW i get an error code about my PW.  It is correct but i still cant connet.  Is this possible

I forgot my password and am locked out of my phone, can I reset my password with out factory reset!

I recently upgraded phones, but the new one had a smaller hard drive than the older one. So I did not restore my thousands of photos I had on it. I did back up the old phone however. So my question is

Enjoying far greater than average customer loyalty, as does Apple, I'm curious as to their treatment of their customers when an obvious flaw in phone design causes a well taken care of iphone - in

I have an iphone 4S device and every time I plug it into my computer, I have to manually open my iTunes up. Once my iTunes has loaded and is up and running though, I still cannot view my iphone in dev

ieri ho aperto un intervento apple care (iphone ancora in garanzia) l'iphone non si accendeva neanche se messo in carica... credo abbia qualche problema alla batteria... ho subito chiesto l'in

unable to connect to carrier

I have found an iphone 16gb. Apple buddies please help me ou the person who owns this iphone 4s 16gb whose IMEI number is ***** <Edited By Host>

Hi I've had my iphone 4S for over 1 year now and recently I bought a cable off of amazon (not official cable) I don't know if this could have affected the phone in anyway. It worked for a

So yesterday I dropped my phone and my headphones were plugged in, when I picked it up the silver thing on the headphones was crooked to the left. I took the headphones out and the silver thing fell o

My screen is black and I can't swipe to back it up before taking it in to get a new phone. Help?

I have had an email to say that my imei has been sent to the unlocking server but that was 12 days ago?

My iphone 4 is stuck on the logo of a charger to 'itunes'. I have connected it to my computer (same one as I always have) and it says that i need to restore my phone. So I did that. It reboots

My iphone 4s speakers just broke and I didn't get it from the apple store and don't have a apple warranty so what can I do??

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