blue tooth fix for iphone 5

i used the new update now my screen has a blue music symbol an arrow pointing up under it and a charger symbol it wont go away whats wrong

blue tooth fix iphone 5

i have a iphone 5s running on 7.1.1 and i have the blue screen of death. How do i fix that?

Yesterday evening I accidentally dropped my iphone 5s in the sink while it was running.  I immediately removed it and it started acting funny (sreen would turn on and off on it's own). 

after trying to charge my iphone 5s suddenly it got crashed turnned in to white screen then blue screen and it keeps on repeating and so on untill the battery died and when i try to charge the chargin

my phone is repetitively going from apple screen to blue screen what do I do?

My iphone 4s does not find any bluetooth devices after upgrading from ios6 to ios7.  I've tried reseting all configurations for network connections and all configurations in the phone without

please help me to fix my iphone 5s?after i update ios7 screen showing blue color and not opening. help me please

i cannot open the screen,a blue selection box is appearing when i touch the screen,say me how to open the lock screen

i dropped my phone today from not that high and the screen turned black with blue lines all over it and it won't work. i have no clue what to do or how to fix it? after 4 hours of this, siri start

My new iphone 5S has my work email on it and when I send a message and then get a response I cannot open the response which many (most) times has a blue dot in front of it..........other emails with b

My phone just went to a blue screen, changed to yellow, then white, black.  Have tried to turn off, but nothing is happening.  What do I do?  This is a new phone.

My iphone is running and then it suddenly had a solid blue screen. By holding the power button and home button which shut off the iphone. I hold the two buttons till i saw the apple and a solid green

I did not copy the text in the book. Folded blue screen of my phone line has resumed. I still did not improve and display pieces though. On standing, screen hump and it's happening again.

Hi All.My iphone 5s 32gb worked perfectly fine until  upgraded to ios 7.1.Now it keeps crashing, rebooting multiple times a day. Sometimes it enters in a rebooting loop.I´ve tried reseting,

My iphone 4s fell down and the LCD turned black and blue stripes and the warranty is still active. My question is, is it still covered by the Apple? How to fix it without changing the LCD?

i chagre my phone and in sudden my phone stop work and i can see just apple logo then loding is going on and after then blue screen appear for 2 second and again this process continue pelase help me

This is really annoying now, my phone randomly goes blue screen and restarts. Today it went red screen and this phone has never been damaged it looks exactly the way i bought it. Is it possible to get

After upgrade to ios 7.1, my iphone 5 always blue srcreen of death and rebooting.I had hard reset and factory setting reset, but that problem still not fixed.

I dropped my iPhone4 last night. It struck my shoe first, then hit the tiled floor. The screen went a faded blue, but I could still make out the writing/keys, but now it's just blue and black vert

Hi, who can help? Similar story about the blue screen, just that it occured during the update. The phone went into recovery mode, I start the recovery process and it goes through half of the process a

Hi guys How do I remove the personal hotspot blue bar? It is very annoying and interferes with app navigation e.g. tap top of screen to jump to top of feed. Thanks,Paul

Fix for blue screen of death on iphone 5s

My iphone is black,blue and red and ive looked online and tried what seems like everything and i was wondering if sombody could tell me what to do?

hi every one.I bought an iphone 5s, 2 months ago.I did not have any problem until 2 days ago.2 days ago , my iphone resets and It was blue screen and This was repeated several times during a hour.I re

I have already replaced my iphone 5s once because it was resetting itself and the touch id wasnt working. With my replacement it was doing the same thing so I restored it as a new phone, and it is sti

so i woke up this morning and i noticed my iphone 5s was off, so i turned it on and it booted to the apple logo but when it finished, it just gave me a blue screen, it then stayed on the blue screen f

My iphnoe 5s can`t starting up after upgrade to ios 7.0.6, it was death with blue screen, now this iphnoe 5s was not starting up and also can`t restore system by itunes, a unknown error(ID:40) was sho

can anyone help with problem updating iphone5s cant get anything only apple on screen sometimes screen flashes blue

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