car charger work iphone 5 ios7

The slide on / off does not work. I can not switch on or off. Any suggestions on what is up or how to fix?

My iMessage is only working with some iPhones. Others are text messages on my phone and appear as message on my friends phone. I've tried resetting the network but that didn't work. suggestion

during update to ios7 iphone frozen with itunes logo shown with cable?

I bought an iphone 5 and i unlocked it for any carrier but they said my iphone has a report and it will work only with one company isaid its fine but when i put in the sim and make a call after it tak

A year ago I bought a iphone 5 from Georgia (not the state of Georgia but the country just by Turkey) and power button does not work now. What is the possibility of repairing or having a new model wit

My charger is plugged but icon on screen says its not. My phone will not charge

Refurbished 5c won't charge with factory charger. Only charges for a few minutes with car charger, then the charger overheats and stops charging.

My iphone won't swipe. I restarted it like 7 times, and it will work for about 15 seconds, then stop again. What should I do?

iphone 4: downloaded ios7.01 update, will not turn on now, only shows pic of itunes "app" and USB plug in arrow towards it.  I don't have a computer with itunes downloaded, can I simply log i

I have tried to update my phone and it is stuck on "connect to iTunes" I have plugged it up to the wall charger because i have read that the new update can cause a battery drain and i have tried to re

after having my phone for over 2 years, last night it stopped working. I had used it all day yesterday until I went to turn it on in the evening and nothing happened. I can't turn it on, make a ca

I have been having trouble with my 3G to work on my iphone 5 and people have been telling me to contact my carrier. But why should I contact my carrier?

please help me to fix my iphone 5s?after i update ios7 screen showing blue color and not opening. help me please

after upgrading to ios7.1, the sleep button is non responsive most of the time. I have restored a backup to the phone and reset all settings and it is still non responsive. Have not had any issue unti

I haven't even had the phone for a year .. will Apple replace this for free, I've heard this has been a major issue and Apple is aware and will replace them?

Hi everyone, my iphone 4s wifi and bluetooth do not work, and they never have since i got the phone 2yrs ago. Both wifi and bluetooth just search continuously, never finding any connections. I visited

How does the find my phone app work?

OK, So I have seen many answers to this, but none of the solutions has worked for me. after upgrading to ios7, my WIFI stopped working only with networks that were paired before the update. Networks n

trying to my iphone to work...

My iphone got wet a little bit and its not wanting to charge now what can I do

iphone 5 shuts down, as if no power, none of the buttons work.  When plug back the charger cable, the screen immediately comes on and battery shows 40% or 50% or even 80%?  Also, battery dra

My iphone 4 wont turn on, It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge. Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doe

My power button is stuck and I think my phone needs to be reset like when u hold both buttons in but one button don't work, so is it possible to do a reset without the use of the power button that

What will i do my phone seems hang up after i updated last night? an image of charger pointing to musical notes -itunes appeared on screen, i cannot use it now.

I have to wiggle the charger to get it to start charging my iphone 5s  Is it the charger or the iphone?

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