how to change backlight on iphone 5

Some of the first questions it asks you can you change them a few days later.

change backlight iphone 5

How can I change my security questions?

i want to buy games.. but when i do it asks me question so they can varify me but i forgot theanwsers to the question and the email that they send the anwsers to doesnt exist anymore i forgot the pass

I bought my iphone 4, 32gs in London, unlocked. i had a problem and broke the glass, is still working. is it posible to change it for a new one ?

Hello, i have iphone 5 sim-free. It has little bit scratches on the back. If I want to upgrade my current model to newer what should i do except buying it. If i break my iphone will apple replace it w

Why does my desk top not recognise my iphone? Sudden change since last update from apple

Hellloo please i need help here immediatly i cant remember my security questions answers and the rescue email !!

change navigation voice? I don't want a female voice

My husband and I share an Apple ID and are separating accts, but don't want to lose my contacts

Hi My name is Brady And I have the game app Clash of clans. So I just bought an ITunes gift card to buy stuff in the game, I use a iPad but now I had used a iphone because my iPad is owned by my colle

How do I change my password if I have forgotten my security answers

I'd like to know if i can possibly swap my iphone 4s for a later iphone model at an apple store and perhaps it might require some additional costs ?

I'm wondering how to change the email to my apple account on my phone to help make it to where I can download updates on my phone. Everything is fine for my mac but I need to know how to change th

They told me I had to get a different phone because mine was a verizon phone. I went to Straight Talks shop page and saw they are selling some iphone 4s there. Can't I just unlock mine and change

Can Sprint store change iphone battery

i updated my phone to ios seven but dont like the icons. i am told there is a way that you can convert back to ios six on iphone 4 so i was wondering if you could do it with the 4s

I forgot my security question answers and cannot purchase any apps from the App Store. How do I change them? I need to update that information I made this account 3 years ago when I first got my iPhon

My iphone 4 is going off and on by itself. It`s also draining the battery completly. I already tried restoing it, changing battery, changing the charging port and still doing the same thing. It will s

I tried to deactivate my find my iphone app as im having to send my phone off to be fixed, when I tried to do it I turned the settings to lost phone and now I cant activate my phone to change it?

i need to know how to change my media sync on an iphone4s i tried to update it and it keeps telling me it needs more space and to change the media sync i have no idea how or what that is please help m

my iphone 5 top is broken and i know that in usa you can just give it to apple store then add $200 or $250 and they will take the broken one and give you new one the same model but i am in hong kong d

Hi.  I have an white iphone 5, but the phones body have been damaged so.  Can I change the body??

I have a defective iphone5 which is under guarantee,but unfortunately there isn't any apple retail store in my country.would you plz help me how can I change it?should I go to near country such as

i was playing on my phone when i didnt relise that my phone was low on battery, by this time it already switched itself off so i though nothing of it. It was when i woke up and turned on my phone that

How can i change my icloud account user name on my iphone 4s

If it is eligible for Apple's Out-of-Warranty service, it can only be done in the original country of purchase, and it will be exchanged for the same model, same capacity, same colour.

does it open up at all

Can i Chang the back Color from the i-Phone 5c .Now i Heven Pink and i want Blue Shoud i go to a Apple störe to do that and how much does it cost!!!

I just got a new iphone 5s after having a droid for a year. While at the Tmobile store I couldn't remember my apple ID/password so the guy told me just to set up a new one 'for now' and th

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