how much does it cost to get iphone 5 screen fixed at apple

I see the message "Your apple ID has been disabled" but without "for security reasons". How can I enable my apple ID to allow App updates?

cost iphone 5 screen fixed apple

Hoped that 7.1.1 would resolve the battery problem on my iphone 4S, but that didn't happen. Clearly, apple don't care much about the voice of their customers. My device goes on sale today, sim

i walked out of school and i was trying to get on my phone but it would not cut on.It was just a black screen.So when i got home and put it on the charger it keep vibrating but still a black screen. I

I will certainly not pay for a new screen as this is due to 7.1 though. I think your issue was a little different.

What does apple care cover when it comes to muffled speakers?

My son wants to be able to switch from his gamecenter to my gamecenter, but I don't want him knowing my apple ID password. Is there any way to diconnect my apple account from my existing gamecente

So about an hour ago i experienced "the white screen of death." I have problems with my power button because its stuck but i got someone to reset it for me by holding down the power & home button

I threw my iphone 5c across the room now the screen is detached from the back part completely. The back part still vibrates when I get a message or call. I'm under AT&T but my warranty is over

Please help me. My iphone 4s will not allow me to hit the home key. I can't call out but can receive message and notification. Everytime I hit the home key it turns it's self off and back on a

There is dust in my iphone 5 which is out off warranty and base been repaired by other persone(not apple) and I am facing that problem again what can be done

Why won't my phone reboot and apple icon keeps blinking?

I didn't know what category this would fall in to but my iphone 4 is stuck on an enlarged screen and will not go back to normal. I've tried clicking it with 3 fingers and it will not work. Als

My iPhone5 won't power on, even after 2 trips to apple repair service.  I got it back both times with the invoice stating "Battery replacement kit".  Now an apple customer service agent

Can i can open icloud lock of iphone 5 by restoring it ? please answer me on my new email

i have a appointment because im fixing my phone ive been locked out of it for some time now ( dont remeber the password )  but i also lost the sim card holder & was wondering would they have

Got a screen crack replaced, now apple service center refuses to attend to camera repair saying it was an "out of warranty attention" Any help? Cant throw away an expensive phone just because the

Is it possible to have more than one Game Center account under one apple ID? My wife and I share an ID, but want different accounts so that we can play each other. It must have been possible because w

I'm wondering why the apple ID I have under my settings than itunes and app store doesn't match the AppleID that popups when I go to install an app, it's very close, but it an email I don&

My iphone 4s got water in the headphone poert. I put my phone in rice for 24 hours and the LED is on. It stays on even when the phone is off. How can i fix it without taking it to apple and spendding

My daughter's iphone 5s screen cracked.  It's only 4 months old and I'm just wondering if this will be still under warranty and if not, how much does it cost to replace the screen?

I put on and then removed a screen protector.  Now I have bubbles and smudges on original iphone5 screen. Is this permanent?  Is there a way to fix?

Hello, My iphone screen is completely shattered and it is displaying distorted picture ie its not just glass that is broken. As a result I cannot unlock my phone but I want to back up phone - or

My screen is black and I can't swipe to back it up before taking it in to get a new phone. Help?

Is a screen protector important if I have a wallet case?

iphone 5 frozen on home screen, wont let me swipe.  tried home and sleep/wake botton to no avail still locked.  went to restore using itunes but dont want to loose photos on phone.  can

Hello All. I am looking for a downloadable app where I can record things on my iphone. Kinda likeFraps, mostly because I wish to record games as in for EG, Temple Runner 2. I also wishto Edit the

I'm sri lanken and my iphone 4 screen is broken. I need to buy oreginal (made by apple) screen. pls Help.  Also I need to know how to find if it is an oreginal screen?

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