how to enlarge text in facebook on iphone 5

Hey can I get the range of smile icons to work in text messages

enlarge text facebook iphone 5

The hard reset wipes off the data though, right? Is there anything else I could possibly do before I resort to that?

My brother and I share an iTunes account and his text messages show up on MY macbook. His texts don't show up on my phone though. how can i delete his number off my iMessage on my laptop?

I need to get a text back that i deleted previously that contained a picture I sent. Is this possible and how so. I've read where you can restore but i haven't done a restore after I sent the

Any solution to connect candy crush to facebook? Seems after last update it stopped connecting.

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My iMessage is only working with some iPhones. Others are text messages on my phone and appear as message on my friends phone. I've tried resetting the network but that didn't work. suggestion

Hello all,Lately my iphone 5 when I'm typing enlarge all the icons  ??? And all the screen buttons stay huge and I have to reset

Why my facebook app keep crashing when I'm using itCan someone please help me out ASAP I'm in Trinidad and my carrier is Bmobile Thanks in advance

Anyway to recover deleted text messages?Anyway to recover deleted photos?

How can i use via ios when posting something on facsbook?

Is it possible to convert a voice memo from my iphone into a text file/word document? I want to interview someone and am lazy so dont want to have to type it up afterwards. Is this possible?

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Hello folks, I am trying to build a new ios app on xcode and i have a doubt of how to integrate iphone's internal facebook app to my app so that it prompts me to use the internal facebook all

i by accidently delted a convcersation on text message and now i need that text back and my phone has never been backed up and i really need that convo back it has important information that has creat

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um i have lock my iphone i want to unlock it with out losing any memory such as photos text messages contacts apps and more

Has anyone else noticed that since facebook implemented video auto-play that if you are on wi-fi, have the FB app open, and are streaming over Airplay, that when the app encounters a video and plays,

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Can someone explain why ringtones dont work for texts on iphones when they work on every other phone i have owned?

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I need to retrieve a text conversation from 2 months ago but it's gone. Other older conversations are still there. I refresh the cloud often

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I have a group chat that is 2 and half years old and I have never deleted any texts from.  How would I be able to go to the first message sent without clicking load earlier message. I did that fo

i can not instal facebook

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