the Facetime icon do not appear in my iphone 5

My iphone 5 is doing crazy things.  I have had it for 18 months.  For example: Siri comes on automatically and tries to connect me to contacts thru facetime or just by dialing a number, or j

Facetime icon iphone 5

iphone 5c updated to latest version 7.1.1, Wifi kicks on and off, App Store won't connect, won't let me sign in to iMessage or facetime. Can't download my apps, date and time will not set

My movie icon disappeared from my Apple TV screen. I can't watch my movies on my Apple TV

Hello there i'm using iphone 5s from last week which is purchased from Dubai. and i'm using it in IndiaEverything works perfect but i'm not getting facetime icon and facetime Calls.i'v

When My iphone 5 started to use IOS 7.1... facetime doesn´t exist. No icon, No App,Nothing....  I've tried everything, find an answer anywhere. I am from Colombia, thank you very much

I plug the phone into charge and the phone shows it's charging but the battery percentage and battery doesn't increase, which means it isn't charging properly.Any ideas upon how to fix and

My facetime stays stuck on connected. Why does this happen and how can i fix it?

when i click on the icon it says, waiting then intalling then the message pops up again. i have tried deleting and restarting, i have shut down phone several times i have log out of itunes and signed

I was updating new OS with itune to my iphone 4S. it stuck in mid and showing itune and usb connect icon. After restart also, showing same icone. it is unable to connect with itune after multiple trie

The App Store icon is gone from my screen but still shows up in apps how do I get it back?

facetime disappered after i upgraded ios version in my iphone 5c how can i get it back model ME499AE/A

I start face time either by selecting the contact then facetime or go to facetime then selecting the contact. It starts to ring the far party answers the phone says connecting then it times out and sa

battery icon dose not showing when i plug in to usb or power? and not charging when phone is on

Standard troubleshooting... 1. Remove apps from the Recently Used (multi-tasking) list...- From any Home Screen, double tap the home button to bring up the Recents List- Swipe up on the app previ

Face time keeps disappearing of my phone

Hello, I have a problem on my iphone every second turn on and off I mean it shows the apple and off and again shows the apple icon and off and tried to Restore and it hangs on my iphone and then waits

I accidentally deleted my I phone 4s settings icon how can I restore it?

It is not fair that facetime is not available on phones purchased by customers in UAE!Since I paid full price I deserve a complete phone instrument. Dubai is free To do what they want in their country

Why there is no facetime in my iphone 5

Hi All, I have 4s 64GB and my device updated with 7.1.1. i am not able to make a call over facetime . even facetime icon not display on the screen nor in the application. pl. suggest how to enable the

could i facetime & text someone from a different country On only wifi without charges from my Network ? I don't have  international talk and text on my plan but i thought it would be

For some reason the thinking symbol ( dotted lined circle) is continually by my battery when I'm on my home screen. I've tried turning off iCloud sync nothing happened turning off all syn

Has anyone recently experienced face time keeps failing?because everytime lately I tried face time ing keeps saying 'connection failed' and I perfectly know my wifi is working so why isn&

Hello,   facetime does not exist on my iphone 5s, or in the settings or in the restrictions and even after restoration. How can I have it?   Thank you.

I'm using Iphone5 and I already updated the latest IOS. When I use facetime Audio, my phone always restart. However, facetime (Video call) is okay, never restart. I'd already erased all conte

iphone 5 settings icon is gone and i did search any files, folders and swped to all pages! i know that i am able to use the settings icon when i type it in to spotlight search, but i would still like

Hi, I recently moved to Dubai, UAE not long ago and I purchased an iphone 5. To my dismay, after buying the iphone, I realized that it does not have the facetime feature which all iPhones do come with

I us an iphone 4s running ios 6.1.3.  I AM NOT ABLE TO MAKE/RWCEIVE CALLS ON facetime on my phone.  Till a couple of weeks back (the last time I made a facetime call) I was perfectly able to

My messaging icon disappeared.  How do I get it back?

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