hasnt iphone 5 updated ios 7

Since I updated my iphone 4s to the iOS 7, the "e" and "S" on my keypad don't work. I have tried to restore my iphone, however my apple password has both an "e" and an "s" in it and it won't a

I updated my phone and it cleared everything on it and I don't have an icloud or itunes backup. Please help I need to get my pictures and information back

Will my qife lose all of her apps, texts and emails by installing the most recent ios?

I updated my iphone 4s w/ iOS 7.1.1 now it won't work w/ my Buick Intellilink. Please help.

I had to send my 5S in for warranty, as the battery life would only last me so long, and the phone would randomly shut off and never come back on. It seems as if FedEx has lost the package because 1.)

I updated my iphone 5 to ios 8 beta without being a developer. Now it says: This unit is not registrered as a part of iphone developer program. If you are a member of iphone Developer Program Portal o

i need to update my apps but it wont let me log in. my email address and password are correct as i can log into itunes through the computer it just wont let me through my phone? also it keeps ask

i cant fit my picture to my lock screen after i updated to iso7 and im actually really annoyed. I heard its just a glitch but is there anyway to fix it?

I updated apple user ID but old one still comes up when trying to update apps. I changed it everywhere I could. Help!

i forgot my password. entered it too many times so it said connect to itunes. i tried to reset it but halfway through it stopped and my iphone 4s it still disabled. and now itunes wont recognise my de

recently my phone has been taking ages to charge, but dies significantly quicker. ive tried things such as turning brightness down nd everything but anyway, my phone has been dead all night. i woke up

I recently changed my email on my apple id and in ICould but every time I try to download an app my I'm email apple id pops up. I no longer have this email account and do not remember the password

I have updated my iphone and it shows nothing but itunes and my charger.How do i fix it ?   

Hi I updated ISO 7.1.1 for my son, that he is using the iphone 4After the software updated, the media control was missing. I already searched the internet and did everything that was stated there but

I'm using Iphone5 and I already updated the latest IOS. When I use FaceTime Audio, my phone always restart. However, FaceTime (Video call) is okay, never restart. I'd already erased all conte

Hi  I am from India and I have iphone 5s .My cellular carrier is vodafone India. My phone's personal hotspot is not working. It wasnt working since i updated latest IOS7.1.1 version. I e

I updated my iphone 4S to 7.1.1. Immediately after doing this, my wifi is greyed out, (cannot even turn it on), and my bluetooth is not working at all. I have discussed with Apple several times and ev

MY iphone 4 after  being updated to iOS7 will not download or update any apps. When i press the button on my device to download a new app the loading wheel appears then in a few seconds disappear

i just updated my phone yesterday and while it was verifying the update the screen turned black and said connect to itunes and i tried and it wont read the device and the times it does its asking for

I update to the ios 7.1.1 and  my iphone died!At first it begoins to turn off and on alone, without me to do nothing! An later at night the iphone just died! It does not work and do anythingWhat

when i updated my  i phone 4s to ios 6.1.3  the device canot be opened and when i connect to i tunes it is nt working also  >> how can i open my phone??

I tried to update my 5S phone but instead of adding a new phone I pressed update my phone.  How do I undo what I've done?  All of my old text messages are restored, all of my new is gone

I updated my iphone 5 today and now it wont turn back on. It says plug into itunes and i have but it will not restore?

iOS 7.1.1 New Update Problems!I have just updated my iphone but it isn't. It just comes up with a picture that shows that I should connect it to iTunes on my laptop. I have done that and now it is

i updated my iphone  4s yesterday and i lost all my contacts and my photos, checked iclouds and there was nothing there, could any one help please?thanks

Hi need help my iph4s will not tun on again.Ever since i upgraded my battery dies quickly and now i want to save my photos cause my icloud did not upgrade properly when i did the stupid upgrade...HELP

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