why does imessage setting turn off by itself iphone 5

My iphone 4s will not turn on, It was working properly and then I noticed the battery was at 1% I then proceeded to charge my phone like normal but nothing happened. The phone was unable to turn back

imessage setting turn iphone 5

Please help - my phone shut down a few hours ago and will not turn back on....I am scared to reset (home and power button) because I do not want to loose any of my info, pictures, contacts, etc

i need help with my phone the back is craked my screen wont respond and it doesnt connect to internet any more (wifi greyed out) i was wondering will apple fix it.???????

My phone's battery worked fine, then slowly it became worse. I'd charge it for 10 hours and it'd only charge to 15%. Then one morning, it went dead, I plugged it in, and it charged for 4 h

Is it possible to recover a deleted imessage from your phone ? What about a photo ? I know emails are in the trash and can be recovered but the others are not so I wondered if they are somewhere I do

I woke up this morning and got 2 notifications that said "someone iphone" is using your number and imessage email. I don't know the person or the girls name that it told me and I don't know wh

iphone 4: downloaded IOS7.01 update, will not turn on now, only shows pic of itunes "app" and USB plug in arrow towards it.  I don't have a computer with itunes downloaded, can I simply log i

My phone will say that it's charged 100%, but when i take it off of the charger, it shuts itself off and will not turn on again untill i plug it back in. Upon doing so, it says my battery is compl

Hi All I am unable to use my number for imessage or FaceTime after upgrading to iOS 7.1I have gone through all the apple support stuff about reset network, turn on and off even factory restore an

Please help me.  I just dropped my iphone 5S on the floor by accident. Is completely dead.  I tried to turn it on, but nothing happens.  Black screen, no notice,nothing at all.  Wh

my iphones wifi button is dimmed out and wont let me do any to it any advise?

Help, I have tried everything, finally got my phone unlocked with my current Apple ID, but to get imessage working it still asks me to go to my original email and password. I cannot remeber this passw

I was driving along and my phone lost charge so i plugged it into my in car charger! fair enough the charger isnt great as it's of ebay. But it started to turn on straight away showing the apple s

its really annoying, it worked fine before i had a sim swap

help with iphone, you may not start and repeat the sound over and over again that the screen is broken?

My iphone 4 wont turn on, It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge. Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doe

my imessage wont activate with my mobile number ive been trying for over 12 hours

My iphone is not allowing me to turn on my wifi. It just stays gray.

ANy help other than taking in for repair ? Seems if there is a way to go back to the pre-update version would be better than it is now.

My friends brother gave me his iphone 5 to fix for him. He said it stopped turning on. I figured it was either a battery issue or a chargeport issue. So I got a new batt, installed it and it turned on

I've just dropped my iphone 4 on the kitchen tiles, and it wont turn back on. I've tried to hold the lock button and the home button together and I've tried putting it on charge but it sti

I have tried this http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1559 but still it won't work. Please help. My iOS is up to date. What are the other options to solve my wifi?

iphone 4s wont turn on, my alarm clock was going of one minute, i knocked it off, then 5 minutes later i go to unlock my phone and it was just blank, it will not knock on now, iv tried charging it not

My iphone 5 overheated so i turned it off to cool down and now it wont turn back on? When i plug it in the white apple logo appears intermittently for about 5 seconds on and then 5 seconds off and so

Hello all.           LAst night my phone went "black" i have no idea. I tried rebooting it which didnt work. Now i cant see the screen but i managed t

I've had this phone for a month and randomly it shut off by itself and then when I try to restart it, it shows the apple logo then shuts off. I would go to the Apple store but I'm away at coll

hi, my iphone 4s wont trun on.  i have verizon.  it shows the plug and the iturns symbol.  I dont know what to do and I hope I dont lose all my photos, apps, etc.  Help please.

A few weeks ago I made a genious bar appt. to have my iphone 5 reset to factory settings after many attempts at home did not work.  They reset it super fast and when it reset it updated to the mo

My iphone 5 won't turn on, but boots on apple logo on and off while plugged! I don't know what to do.

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