why does imessage setting turn off by itself iphone 5

imessage freezes when reading , typing or sending. Have to leave app and renter. Do one thing and it freezes again.

imessage setting turn iphone 5

My iphone 4s will not turn on or charge, i have tried everything on this site and absolutly nothing works.

my iphone 5 suddenly turned off then it turns on by itself then freezes then turns off and on again??????????????? it temporarily works for now but the backlight is flickering. what should I do?

Hi all, I need help with my iphone4s. When I turn on my iphone4s, the apple logo will show for a few seconds, and it will suddenly fade off to a blank screen, and not start up. It will then

I dropped my phone and now it won't turn on

All of a sudden my phone won't work on 3G - it only works on wifiUnable to send iMessages or refresh internetHave tried many things and have no idea what else can be done.

How do I remove my phone number from imessage I only want to have the emails not my phone number

My iphone 5 is doing crazy things.  I have had it for 18 months.  For example: Siri comes on automatically and tries to connect me to contacts thru facetime or just by dialing a number, or j

iphone 5c updated to latest version 7.1.1, Wifi kicks on and off, App Store won't connect, won't let me sign in to imessage or FaceTime. Can't download my apps, date and time will not set

Yes I recently switch to galxay phone but my message from any iphone user does not show. How do i turn this off?

iphone 5 won't turn on.  Apple logo is displayed and won't turn off

I can't turn my iphone on.  I held down the home and power button to restart.  All I get is the itunes logo?

Could I exchange a iphone 4s for an iphone 5s if it got wet or at least get money to it.

does anyone have ideas on how to fix video setting not recording sound?

My iphone 5s won't charge, unless I plug into the charger and turn it off and back on again? How do I fix this problem?

I have just bought a new iphone 4s from the shop.When I make a call and I wish to turn the call on loud speaker the person I call can't hear me anymore and I can't hear her.I have tried to tur

I have instaled app RD Client (Remote Desktop Client, Microsoft) on iphone but I have no idea how to make it work. Have anybody experience with this app? On Microsoft site there is some instruction bu

So I purchased my iphone 4s about 1 year ago, and its in decent shape. It has a horrible battery though, always dies at 80% or below, and if i charge it to 100% it will last for only about 15-20 min.

Is there a way to turn off an iphone 4S when the sleep button and touch assist don't work?

Hi, is it possible to change the format of the date of received/send messages. Messages which are a few days old are shown with the detailed date they where received/send, e.g. 01.01.1970. But fo

i just got my iphone 5s bacc from a couple months ago  it wont turn on an i had it on the charger for a lil while now ... how will i be able too get it fixed ?? LMK ASAP please

I am trying to update my apps but I had recently got my phone from my brother and iTunes says it is still signed in as him but only for updating apps only. In my settings I am signed in as myself. I w

Okay if anyone could help me that’d be great. My phone looks like this. I’ve pressed the Power+Home button various times to restart it and it’ll just go back to this or something sim

I have an iphone 5 that just won't turn on.It has been on charge over night and this morning, every time you press the home button, it shows up with the symbol to say it's charging. But won

Why is imessage not syncing between iPad  & iphone? Thought they were in real time between devices?

A couple hours ago my phone was having issues connecting to my wifi automatically. When I went into Settings > Wifi my phone froze. I did a hard reset (holding down the top key and the home button)

I charged it for 15 mins, unplugged it, set an alarm, and 5-7 minutes later the screen was black and won't turn back on.  The case/phone is still hot, and it still won't turn on after 2 h

My problem started about a week and a half ago and it happens at least once a day. I'll be using imessage on my iphone 4s with no problems at all, then suddenly the message i just sent doesnt send

Went to apple store yesterday as the mobile data was playing up on my phone. So they replaced. It was charging but they said thats fine take it away get to my friends plug it in and it just shows appl

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