incoming call volume low on iphone 5

My iphone 4 does not make any sound except when i have call. Any sound notification for example whatsapp or email or playing song i could not hear a pip, but when blug the earphone i could hear all so

incoming call volume iphone 5

error in application accurred please call support quoting error code 2907

Dear Sir, i have problem in my iphone 5 that during receiving any calls always appeare message that error in application occurred please call support quoting error code 2907. I need to solve my proble

currenty i am using iphone5s 4G i am having a pronlem whenever i disconnect a call or end it a error is displayed error code  29 07 please tell me about this thankyou

iphone 4s can not increase the volume button only by headphones help me

During video call in skype, the iphone 5s gold front camera sometimes blink once or twice, Just a second maybe or faster.What it was doing?  Is it normal?   or is it hacking sign? 

Please help ! My iphone 5 is restarting during a call or internet browsing, o just simply browsing the meniu. I can not us it any more ! It is functioning max 5 minutes. I have tried to restore i

volume on my 4s just quit working. No sound from online videos, downloaded video, or songs. For songs, the volume bar shows up, but it's grayed out; not functional

Hello.I've purchased iP5 , with a problem - there was no sound via earpiece during the call. I've thod that if i use headphones problem will be gone - but suprisingly its not. I cant hear anyo

After I downloaded IOS 7.1 my volume control does not work on any web-sites, eg. CNN videos etc. Thanks for your help in this matter

I'm having a problem with callers hearing me on my iphone 5.

Phone blank, no signs of life!  It's fully charged, I haven't dropped or split anything over it. I cant turn it on/off anything!  Tried all the restore advice on 'support' -

Is the button on the side of your device red or default colour?

After my update to 7.1 call volume is really low without my headphones. Is anyone else experiencing this? I wanted to check before taking it into apple. Thanks

what causes your sensor to stop working while making a call

Okay, so today I went to go take a shower and I had my phone on the counter in the bathroom. As soon as I was out of the shower and back in my room, suddenly the volume buttons weren't working any

Device 16 GB 5S  My phone was showing that I only had 76 MB of space left on it, so deleted a bunch of stuff thinking that it was full.  After doing so I still gained no additional free spac

Can anyone tell me why my contact photos are small instead of full screen when I get a call?

Hi all, I have the latest iOS version (7.1) on my iphone 5.I haven't had any hardware issues before, but 2 days ago something strange has began happening. Strange issue with speaker - it

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I recently installed the iphone 7.1 software update because the description only mentioned "minor bug fixes".  To my suprrise however, there were several additional changes--such as no longer bei

Sound not working on my iphone 4s since I upgraded to ios 7.1. volume controls do not work either.

So just in the past couple of days I have noticed that my 5s has been dropping calls pretty consistently. If I recieve or make a call it will start to echo a couple minutes into the call and then it w

Here is my issue (iphone 5s using ios 7.1):  I make a call - say VoiceMail - and you want to terminate the call prior to the other party hanging up.  In the past - prior to ios 7.1 - I just

Hi All, Automatically call is going to someperson in the contact list after latest upgrade in iphone 5s Thanks and Regards,Raghul

After a first call, I try sometimes to call a second person.The call is pending for a very long time, no sound and the call doesn't reach the person. I have to switch the iphone to Air Mode for a

So, since I got the 7.1 update, I've had my phone freeze up three times on incoming calls.  This happened the first time while playing Clash of Clans, and the incoming call screen pops up, bu

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