io7 iphone 5 deleting emails

io7 iphone 5 deleting emails

I purchased an second-hand iphone 4s the original owner don't remove his his apple ID and password now he is in Italy and I am in Bangladesh he don't received my phone call so what can I do no

i messed up with my iphone5 and i forgot my iclound account, how can i reset it

I don't remember my icloud name or password what can I do to get it open

Models : iphone 3G
Over the last few days been unable to access my e-mails.

I forget passwsrd how I can hard reset manually iphone 4 model 1387

i reformat my ipad mini, but when i open my ipad mini it requires the icloud account that unfortunately i forgot the password . how will i make a new account?

I have changed my SIM card and cannot access my iphone 4 as I have forgotten my original iCloud password that I set up iCloud on my phone. HELP PLEASE

Good people, how do i delete an app that has been synced on my iphone 5?

Most of people forget their password of iphone sometimes. It happened to me a lot too. It is really a pity! I have bad memory. Fortunately, even it is locked, there still some ways for me to restore d

how can you recover a apple id if you do not receive the emails

okay so my brother changed the passcode on my iphone now its disabled is their any way i can unlock it without deleting all my photos on it?

Hi! Why is it when I delete my messages from the mail app on my iphone or ipad they disappear from the inbox but still appear in the inbox when I log on via a browser on my Packard bell laptop?

Last iTunes backup was June 2013. Need to recover SMS text iMessage between backup and now but don't want to lose photos. I downloaded Wondershare doctor fone on Windows8 PC. Can please someone wi

I have an iphone 3GS, my mum has an iphone 4S. We have the same Apple ID for both devices, but I'm selling my phone. So how do I delete everything off my phone and restore it to factory settings w

2 visits to Apple genius--no result

when purchasing an app on the app store you need to answer your security question answers. i do not remember mine. i hit the button that says for them to email me to reset my answers. everytime i do t

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