io7 iphone 5 deleting emails

hi i recently replaced my battery and now i cannot see whats on my screen but i can hear myself getting texts and emails please help me

io7 iphone 5 deleting emails

I have a 4s.  My mail usage was 3.1G.  I need that space. I deleted all 3 mail accounts and turned off iCloud.  Mail usage dropped to 3G.   How do I recover those 3 gigs? 

deleting whole conversations within the "Messages" App causes the app to freeze.  Turning the phone off and back on is the only way to restore messaging functionality, however the deleted convers

I have three apps on my phone that need updating but were downloaded with and old Apple ID. My first thought was to delete all three and re install. Any way to fix this problem without deleting? Thank

hi iv bought a new laptop an want to sycn my phone to the itunes,but it wont let me because iv got i tunes set up on my old laptop,how do i do this?

hi, i own a iphone5, offten i got iritation because my kid deleting most of the apps i installed without any difficult. could apple update the OS with a password request also for deleting the apps. if

my icloud id was disable due to too many attempt. I want to reactivate it. but cant remember password or dont have access to recovery emails. How can I do this ?

Hi. My iphone fails to send messages (SMS, iMessage, Text, etc) after I delete any message on my iphone. I can delete my messages by either swiping left, and deleting or by selecting "Delete All" and

I have been using the garmin fit app for running. Last 2 months though the phone picks up my position on GPS on starting my run, it is erroneous subsequently. It either shows a very fast speed (20kms

I have 3 email accounts - one only keeps 2 to 3 of the latest emails at a time. How do I reset to show all or more?

What are deleting apps?

Using iphone 5Under settings * general * restrictions * deleting apps (choose) on/offWhat are deleting apps?

I was using iphone 4s. Now i have bought a new iphone 5s. i have myIphone 4s to my aunt. Everything was fine. But today i noticed that i have some pictures that she took from the iphone 4s that i gave

Hi, I am wanting to sell my iphone 4S. I backed it up then went on the phone and permanently erased all data and reset it. I turned it back on to check everything had gone and after I put my country i

I keep getting a new message that there is not enough storage in my iCloud account. I am aware I COULD pay an annual fee for more storage, but 5 gb is enough.Is there a way for me to delete my current

I have previously installed and paid for TomTom Western Europe maps. I uninstalled it and when I tried to reinstall it it said I didn't have enough space. After checking and deleting numerous apps

hi after deleting my email account to replace it for a new one from i iphone it has deleted all my phonebook contacts why is this and how do i fix it? help please!!!

My iphone's screen gone completely blank, not responding to touch or any button. but can hear emails and calls coming in??

Why do my notes keep deleting from the Notes app?

i cant send or receive emails from my second email account on my iphone. i have loaded i0S7. i was told that it doesnt like two emails with the same address so i changed from a hotmail to a yahoo acco

I was wondering how can i set it up so it can stop showing up that it cannot get mail

how c do you delete apps from iphone

Every time I post a comment on Instagram it instantly deletes once the page refreshes. I've tried the typical iphone restore, reinstall the APP and adjusting most settings within Instgram. I'm

I have been loosing random contacts on my iphone 4s for a couple of days now and have not been able to figure out why.  Just now I replied to an old text message and the contact name "Chis" was a

I can no longer select emails for deletion, forwarding or moving to another folder by either swiping left or selecting edit.  Once I swipe, the messages deselects on its own.  If I hit edit

iphone 5s 64GB with ios 7.0.4  The Mail app is not working properly, when sliding a mail header to expose "delete" or "more" buttons it just starts flipping out, becomes unstable and the buttons

I have had my new iphone 5s since the middle of December 2013 and I really enjoy it, however, I'm finding the iOS a little unstable. I backup often - whether to iCloud or to my iMac at my office o

Cannot access my emails anymore from my iphone 4s.  Shut down phone and even rebooted to no avail.  Went into settings and deleted the account but it came right back.  Help.

i just get iphone 5 from my shop then i want to use by my self,but the condition is retail mode,please help me to out from retail mode,cause i can't update and download new app,thanks a lot

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