iphone 5 auto brightness fix

iphone 5 auto brightness fix

Hi I turned my autobrightness on and I was wondering does it save the battery 

iphone 4s display brightness greatly reduced, unable to see screen outside in daylight.  Any ideas?

Hello.I was playing Angry Birds this afternoon but my iphone 5 screen brightness just went black. I tried to higher my brightness to the max. but I can still barely see my screen. So I rebooted my iph

My iphone 5c screen turns purple whenever I turn the brightness up and the screen won't function properly. So now I can only use it if the brightness is low. What should i do? Will this be under w

Like I said above about a month ago I had water damage and now I just tried to turndown the brightness and it went black I'm really worried and I tried reseting it but it didn't work I need my

Hi When i connect my iphone to the computer the itunes will sync it but my auto play doesn't come up so i can't save my photo's.

my iphone5s screen randomly darkens even though the brightness setting is at it maximum.  It will get dark for few minutes and them return back to normal. It has been like this since ios7.0 , now

Since the upgrade to IOS7 apple has removed the "Never" option from settings auto-lock options. This preventing Airplay for non supported application. Can apple restore this option please?"

This happens even if the phone had been formatted, and iOS is upgraded. Any idea? Thanks

i have a problem with my iphone 4s. suddenly the phone's screen started to flickering.is there any solution for it. i have restarted the phone several times. i have even changed the settings with

So I have my iphone 4 on my dock charging. Then I get a notification and the screen stays awake. I tried do not disturb but even if I turn it on it won't sleep. I also tried auto lock.

I do all these but i can not fixed it.i download another compass app and install it.unfortunally it dose not work.is this a hardware problem?

hii sir my iphone 5 wont turn on,when m plug into charger its auto restart ...what i do is there battery problem? or what plz help me

Has anyone else noticed that since Facebook implemented video auto-play that if you are on wi-fi, have the FB app open, and are streaming over Airplay, that when the app encounters a video and plays,

Accidentally lowered brightness on my 5s can not see anything or make it brighter

The brightness is always dim and will not go up even if the brightness is all the way up on the slider bar. What can I do to fix this issue?

Now start:   Open it up: D Go to Settings In General At the Keyboard In International keyboards Choose Default to OFF The Korean Select ON   Escape, try to SMS messaging  

Hi all,   After a stupid fall, all brightness from my iphone 4s screen has disappeared.iphone does switches on and off but screen remains black or dark..icons may be seen only under some lig

Help: auto synch 'pooched my visaul voice mail. how do i re-instate? tried online directions and it did not work.

Hi, my I recently dropped my iphone 4s. It fell screen first and now there are faint horizontal lines running along text and the volume and brightness bars. Any help will be much appreciated.

The iPhone5 plugs into the usb port on the car and the music/phone work as expected.  What about an audiobook app like Amazon's Audible?  Is there something special about the iphone core

Just got my iphone 5s on January but now seems like it got problem. I didn't touch my phone but it'll directly shows me SIRI.. It's been a lot of times already. What's the problem?

I recently replaced my iphone 4s proximity sensor.  I'm pretty sure i put all the ribbon cables and all the parts back into place.  The proximity sensor is working when i make phone call

Hello,I am experiencing an issue with my iphone 4 IOS 7.0.3. In fact, the auto-brightness button is missing in the setting options. I have recently changed the sensor (power button + sensor + micropho

please help !!! I think my phone too slow !! yesterday i reset my i phone 4 and want to recover data ,After reset and recover the phone ,I found the system update says disconnected after 1-2 min

iphone 5S auto restarts but no image after the restart. when you switch off the ringer button, I can feel that it vibrates and/or even can accept the screenshot command by pressing the power button an

my iphone 5s having another problem from my previous post... auto RESTART......so what can i do to make sure my phone will not restart again...?

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