iphone 5 battery drain 6.1.4

Hello guys :)) I'm just concerned leaving my iphone charging last night (iphone 5s). it overcharged I think for about 5 hours. Will it affect the battery life of my phone?? I have read many articl

iphone 5 battery drain 6.1.4

Got a replacement phone 3 months ago , and surprise : the phone shuts down when the battery is between 8 - 12 % . I followed all the advices offered over the phone , nothing . Booked an instore a

iphone 4S updated to iOS 7.1 a couple weeks ago. phone has worked fine until yesterday. I do not believe this is a hardware issue since everything worked fine up until yesterday. phone is about 1.5 ye

where can i get my iphone battery changed

iphone 5, frame bent by my son.  lcd cracked. removed hardware and installed entire phone into new frame.(not fun)  New LCD easy.  All functions work fine. phone, camera, mic, controls,

Got an iphone 5 and have never had issues with it till now. One minute the phone will be fully charged then the battery indication quickly decreases and it'll say 38 percent and dies immediately.

I have an iphone 5. The battery is dead and won't charge. I can't restore it because the battery is dead. The warranty ended in January. Now what?

I was just traveling, and the ailine was offering WiFi service. The iphone has an airplane mode which disables WiFi and cellular, which was fine in the "old days." Now with WiFi on planes I need to ha

I started to do a backup on my iphone 5s following a notice the device gave. but it was unsuccessful and in the first use of my iphone I saw my iphone battery drains drastically. I had upgraded the so

I have an iphone 4s just eight months, it is normal that the battery lasts only 3 hours? please help me thank you very much.

My iphone 4s will not turn on, It was working properly and then I noticed the battery was at 1% I then proceeded to charge my phone like normal but nothing happened. The phone was unable to turn back

iphone 4s won't switch on. Was fine - was not turned off - just went dead and won't turn on. Any ideas what to do next ?

Hello, i wanna ask about charging an iphone 5s. How can I know when the battery was full? Because the thunder symbol beside the battery didn't disappear? And how long it takes?

I have an iphone  4S.  It's about 3 yrs old.  Recently the battery began to discharge at a much higher rate than normal.  With very little usage it would go to zero in a day.&#

Decreased battery use after latest update:(

I recently started using the Map My apps on my iphone, and in about one hour they can drain my battery by 40% or more. I know all of the tips say turn off location services, but they are necessary for

I bought a second hand iphone 5 the other day, I checked it out throughly but now I'm getting this issue: Once the battery hits 26% it crashes, black screen with circle and displays "charge b

After installing iOS 7.1 my iphone battery going down fast in 2 hours my battery is 100% to 70% down without any use and phone is also getting hot while watching videos.

Hey guys so i got my iphone about 1 week ago and i noticed the battery was draining quickly.So i decided to do a test i watched something on netflix for about 35 mins and my battery drained about 10%.

Hi, my iphone 5s only has around 4 hours of battery life and goes from 100% to 10% in around 3 and a half hours of not even heavy using.  I think it is the batteries fault because i was just brow

Hey  My iphone 4S "Strap bloated battery now completely destroyed"  why ? and how do we fix it ?, My iphone 4S "Strap bloated battery now completely destroyed"  why ? and how do we fix

battery life at times goes down very quickly.  then i plug it in for a few minutes and it is at 50%.  any explanations

so my iphone 4 battery died, its died twice ive replaced the battery but it died again today! ive read that if you hold down the lock button and the home button at the same time it will turn it back o

My friends brother gave me his iphone 5 to fix for him. He said it stopped turning on. I figured it was either a battery issue or a chargeport issue. So I got a new batt, installed it and it turned on

I would not wright much obviously apple knows and has seen extremely much complains of battery draining super fast, I am only appealing for a feedback from apple, so that I and a thousand people out t

Just saw an article from a former genius bar tech, that closing your apps can affect battery life on your iphone.  Is this true?

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