iphone 5 bluetooth not discoverable

my ipad doesn't have any trouble connecting, but the phone skips, and sometimes silence for 20 seconds, or just stops altogether.  I just bought a new car with bluetooth technology. The ipad

iphone 5 bluetooth discoverable

Hi everyone, my iphone 4s wifi and bluetooth do not work, and they never have since i got the phone 2yrs ago. Both wifi and bluetooth just search continuously, never finding any connections. I visited

My iphone 5 will not connect to my Polar H7 heart rate monitor or anything else...is this a general problem at the moment

Why most of apple say "FORGET THIS DEVICE" if it doesnt wanna connect

Hello, is it possible to connect an external camera to my iphone to take pictures that transfers the pictures via bluetooth to my iphone's photo library ? So my iphone can send the picutres direct

Why can i not connect my iphone to my macbook threw bluetooth?

Hello everyone, recently, I upgraded to an iphone 5s and approximately 2 weeks ago, I updated my iphone's software to iOS 7.1, everything was okay until the next day I was on Safari(over wifi) and

My iphone 4s has been paired to our 2006 Acura TL hands free link (bluetooth) and working flawlessly for more than a year.  After the iOS 7.1 update installed on my iphone the connection has been

Since the iOS 7.1 update, my iphone 4s won't pair with my JBL Flip. It shows up as a nearby device in bluetooth settings, but I am unable to pair with it or connect at all. Please help!

Hi everyone,How can I do with my bluetooth earphone which made by sony for my iphone 4? my phone can't discovery bluetooth earphoneThanks

What free alternatives are available for bluetooth on a iPhone5s used for family use only please. I would not use Keynote enough for it to be economic. Thanks

iphone 5 is not recognizing new bluetooth connections

I picked up a new 5C 15 days ago. I connected it via bluetooth to my X1 and everything went well......until I updated the operating systerm on the iphone at the suggestion of Apple. Now, playing

my wifi is greyed out ..my bluetooth n hotspot is not working and its showing problem in resetting all setting plez help..

Since my wife & daugter both updated from IOS 6, both of their 4s phones have had wifi & bluetooth problems.  One phone "cannot scan for wireless networks" while the other's cuts in a

How to conect my iphone blutooth to other

Lost functions of all wifi, bluetooth. Not even highlighted to turn on. iphone 4s not updated to 7.  ANY IDEAS?

i bought new i5s yesterday and its blue tooth does not work. it is searching devices infinitely though my other devices are able to locate my iphone.am I missing something in settings or turning on?

I installed ios7.1 and now I cannot connect with bluetooth or AirDrop also people can't see my phone in airdrop

Hallo Guys and Ladys!Im sry for my bad english, but i hope u can understand me request.Its exactly the problem, where u find this thread. I updated to ios 7.1 and at the next day i wanted to conn

After I connected my iphone 4 bluetooth to my car for hands free calling it worked fine. When I left the car I turned bluetooth off.  Upon returning to the car, I turned bluetooth back on and han

Hi guys I have a problem that has troublesome myself...  I can not  send any photo taken with my iphone 5s vía bluetooth to devices android or windows computers.  I find it am

How do the Function keys work on the Logitech bluetooth Keyboard k811 function?Is there a manual that can be downloaded tounderstand operating this keyboard;I use this keyboard for my iphone 4S

how to connect iphone4s to other iphones via bluetooth??????

I can`t activate my wi-fi and bluetooth conection. What can i do? Thanks, EB

I updated my iphone 4s to iOS 7.1. As soon as I updated to iOS 7.1 my wifi was slow/on&off and then soon stopped all together. I've done a restore, elimated almost all apps and reset the setti

Can anyone help? I updated my iphone 4 with latest iOS 7 and now wi fi is greyed out, bluetooth won't work and tbh am so angry! Phone now out of warranty so apple won't help without it costing

From what I can tell so far, even at this stage of the operating system, one cannot have the iphone alarm use the bluetooth audio it is paired with when it goes off. It only uses the phone speaker. I

i have a problem with my bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it seems not to connect and just keep searching

My iphone 4S wifi and bluetooth are does't working .help me..!

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