iphone 5 bluetooth not discoverable

when i start up bluetooth the loading wheel starts to spin but it won't stop en bluetooth just won't open. Can somebody help me please any help or tip is usefull. ;-)

iphone 5 bluetooth discoverable

I heard a news review over the earbuds will eventually only use bluetooth technology and apple will get rid of the plug-in for wired earbuds 50% of the reason I stay with Apple is because I have

Dear Apple Management Team                             

I can see that my personal hotspot is available in settings but it will not connect to anything

bluetooth should be used to share files among Apple products , such as iPhone3 to iphone4 or vice versa .because it is very beneficial to consumers, especially in Asia , which is like exchanging files

My iphone 5S bluetooth signal will not stay connected to the Microsoft Synch in my new car. I have to manually reconnect it every time I start the car. Am I missing a step in the process?


Battery charging via bluetooth iphone to iphone, like from a friend who has 100% to a friend who has 3%..

This has never been a feature of iphoneiphone supports bluetooth for stereo headsets and speakers, handsfree telephone devices, some keyboards, some apps from the app store and internet tetheri

I had too many paired devices in my list of bluethooth devices. So, being neat and tidy, I decided to "forget" several of the devices. Unfortunately I "forgot" the one that connected to my Mercedes Be

I updated my iphone 4S to 7.1.1. Immediately after doing this, my wifi is greyed out, (cannot even turn it on), and my bluetooth is not working at all. I have discussed with Apple several times and ev

I just leased a 2013 Honda Accord and everything works perfectly with my iphone 5S except any sounds that come through the phone take roughly 2.5 seconds to come through the car speakers. This is

my iphone 5 bluetooth wont connect to anything incuding my wifes iphone 4 and there both using ios 7any help would be good thanks

I couldn't able to connect using bluetooth to other devices, for eg. my Nokia express have some old pictures which I wanted to transfer.  My iphone 5S device is unstoppable searching other de

WI FI and bluetooth not able to work after completing system restore and updates. Any ideas

I'm using an iphone 5s with the LG HBS730 (Tone+).  I'm having problems with the audio quality during phone calls with this headset - using the handset or speaker phone is fine, and music

When using my iphone 5 with my Mazda CX9 the bluetooth cuts in & out when talking.  This started after updating to iOS 7.1.1.

After a phone call on bluetooth music player starts automatically.Is there a way to prevent this?

Pleasant Greetings, I own 2 iPhones 5: One 16 and one 32. Both worked fine till yesterday, when I updated the OS from 7.1 to 7.1.1. After the update bluetooth on both devices fail. When on,

My 4s Wifi and bluetooth will not work. Also I cannot backup on iCloud without Wifi. How can I fix this?

Yes it will work fine.Class 1 is simply tthe power output & sensitivity, not whether it will work with other devices.The bluetooth profiles decide if it works with other devices.Class 1 puts out a

I have iphone 4 s after ios 7.1.1 I have no bluetooth or wifi??

I am new to iphone (moved from android) and I am looking for the setting to have the audible alert for my text messages to go to my iphone 5 when connected to my bluetooth headset. Currently, the audi

ever since I updated phone to iOS 7.1.1 it keeps reconnecting to bluetooth in car.  Is this related to the wifi issues I have seen listed?  Anyone else having the same issue with bluetooth i

My iphone 4 bluetooth, using ios7, cannot identify any other bluetooth device (even other apple products). Says device not supported. How to solve this problem?

My iphone 4 is paired with pc but cannot transfer files berween them. What is the solution can anybody help?

iphone 4S suddenly not pairing with car stereo, tried a network reset and shutdown. It discovers the bluetooth device but will not connect.

Can anyone help? For no apparent reason my iphone 5c will not allow me to turn on bluetooth. When I go into settings then bluetooth instead of the slide button being displayed I just get a grey circle

Hi, Plz help me... I wanted to know what are all the bluetooth profiles supported to my iPhone5s. Thanks in advance...

Hai, since IOS7 i can not use my bluetooth.Not in my car. not with my headset on me motor. Just give me the solution to go back to the previous version IOS.Its not my car stereo, its not my

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