iphone 5 camera freezes

Hello my name is Ryan. My iphone 4 back camera works fine but when I try using the front camera it freezes and Idk why. Someone please help me.

iphone 5 camera freezes

I don't know if I should ask for a new one because it hasn't gotten wet or anything so I don't even know why the back camera blurry and why does the back camera keep making this noise and

My iphone 5 camera is not broken but will no longer open for picture/video/FaceTime use. Is there a way to troubleshoot my device to fix the problem or is repair needed?

camera is not working. it's all black.

i brought i phone 5s before 1 week there is a technical folt on top back of ear peace close to camera i can some vibration when i touch on figer

The camera lens protector for my iphone 5S just broke. Where can i get it legitimately and safely fixed, and how much would it cost me?

The last 2 videos I took last night (I took 11 in total), show a gray circle icon on them instead of the normal camera icon. The running time on those 2 vidoes is not correct, sound is missing in part

Ok, so first of all , sorry fir my bad english :/Well i was at my mom's house a week ago , and i tried to download songs using itunes to my iphone .I got there a suck pc so it took to me 2 hours t

My camera has all of a sudden stopped working and shows only a black screen. I've since deleted lots of photos to free up memory and downloaded latest software but no joy . Any ideas please? I'

Sometimes, my iphone freezes when locked. To unlock, while swiping the phone doesnot respond at all! i have to, at such times, restart the phone and then it works normally. Is this a bug in the new up

I have just noticed a largeish, grey translucent spot has appeared on the camera of my iphone 5s and it appears in all of the photos. I have tried cleaning the lens with a soft cloth and restarting my

When i take a photo the images have grey circles appear, and also a red mark. I can zoom and turn photos and the marking move with what i'm doing so it isn't the screen. I have checked the cam

if i buy i cloud storage and back up all my memory and then delete pics on my camera roll and some apps will it still be on my cloud space?

iphone 4s ios 7 My Phone Is not Slow But When I Try To use My Phone The Screen does Not Respond it freezes and i push the home button to see if its crashing but its the screen it disables on me idk if

front camera works fine but when i flip to back camera, its all blury and not working normal.can someone help me ? please?

My camera app decided to start freezing up today. I've tried force quitting the app, resetting the phone, and restoring the phone and the problem persists. When I open the app it looks like it'

During video call in skype, the iphone 5s gold front camera sometimes blink once or twice, Just a second maybe or faster.What it was doing?  Is it normal?   or is it hacking sign? 

My camera app is crashing! I am felling frustrated ! I bought my iphone 5s in u.s unlocked one, but I'm in India now what should I do?? Can I claim for warranty?

I have iphone 5s andI have a problem in the cameraWhen i open the camera It's automatically shuts (( Close or shut down )) and i have been recording this casePlace help me if you can https://

screen is frozen / black, swipes don't work, seems to have occurred since the IOS upgrade.  Not as big a deal, but upward swipe to display control center also does not work.  I'm out

How to share directly photos from camera roll to whatsaap?

Deleting whole conversations within the "Messages" App causes the app to freeze.  Turning the phone off and back on is the only way to restore messaging functionality, however the deleted convers

Hello, is it possible to connect an external camera to my iphone to take pictures that transfers the pictures via bluetooth to my iphone's photo library ? So my iphone can send the picutres direct

I somehow knocked my iphone 4s in the sink of water and everything seems to work except the camera.  Is there a way to reinstall  the software or does anyone know what I can do other than

I cracked my iphone. the top of the front is completrly broken off. I was told by getting a new screen it could be fixed. Although, the front camera is blurry now. There's no scratches on it and i

I'm having a couple spots show up on all my pictures when using my iphone camera. Is there a way to clean the inside?

Why isn't my iphone 4s front camera not working this started when I upgraded to iOS 7.1

My rear camera goes blank when I turn it on but if I change to front camera it comes on. I've tried switching it off and resetting it but nothing is working.....

My iphone 5c is 6 months old. The front camera is not operative and locks up the phone when selected.The screen cracked and I replaced it. The front camera worked great after I repleced the screen ass

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