my iphone 5 is draining battery with ios7 update

My battery looses charge very quickly and inconsistently. It sometimes goes from 80% to 20% in a few minutes. And on other ocasions my phone turns of when i still have enough charge on it. recently it

iphone 5 draining battery ios7 update

The App Store said to update Evernote, but there was not update button option. I thought that was strange. So I rebooted and eventually uninstalled the app, but now when I go into the App Store, there

I am having problems with my iphone 4s and ipod touch, during non use draing battery. what could cause this and how can I solve this issue

My iphone 5 clock is not working properly.  I've tried to reset it, and update the clock automatically and manually, and the time is still off.  My alarms aren't working because of t

My iphone recently started diong the boot logo loop where it would show the logo... Go black.. show the logo and repeat. i read on here that i should be putting it in recovery and then recovering it.

Just 2 and a half hours of music / web browsing (Bluetooth Off, Background App Refresh Off, No Push Mail) drains my 2 month old phones battery to 14%. It dies so often that its becoming really unrelia

have iphone 5s on charger for what it seems like an eternity and it wont charge. when its unplugged it shows the thunderbolt and connect charger on the screen but when i plug it into the charger it sa

After updating my I phone to io7 my phones battery power instantly halfed I have switched off all back ups etc etc and reset my entire phone but no difference any iseas

Has anyone else found his/her battery draining more quickly than normal. I can begin the day at 100% and within an hour be down to 70% or even less. Is it the iOS 7.1.1 update? The data and wi-fi sett

I need my battery replaced for my iphone 5. I already brought my battery, will Apple still change the battery

I backpack and like to use my iphone as my camera, GPS, media player etc.  with my iphone 4, putting it in SIM lock and ensuring all apps were closed and GPS wasn't active, I would get at lea

Hi, I have encountered a problem with my battery power where it was very burning hot when you feel it at the back of the phone.   Rgds,SC

Hi, I have a bad situation here... My iphone 5 got stuck in recovery mode after I tried to update to iOS 7.1.1 from 7.0.4 and it failed (error code 6). If this was my iPod touch I would just restore i

My battery runs out at 30 percent if i use my camera or try to send a picture via whats app or bbm

I updated my iphone 5c to the iOS 7.1.1 last night and didn't think I would have any problems. I went to bed and woke up this morning with my phone in the top left corner saying "Searching..." and

This phone won't hold it's charge. It has been restored, setup as a new phone but not activated and then turned off and yet the battery still dies. When it is setup it wouldn't last a day

I have recently bought a new charger and yes it is fake and i only bought itbecause the charger that i originally had ( the one that came with my phone ) stopped working it looks and seems as if its i

Hi guys! I've my iphone 5s since November last year and I really love that Phone, there is something strange that started since 2 weeks ago,I played 40 minutes Real Racing 3 my brightness is

latest iphone 5s have many improvments. but i listened from my friends who using iphone 5s . that iphone 5s also have battery timing problem its not longer.

My iphone 4s not getting start even bettery full charged ,so what the problem?

I've had my iphone for a year and a couple months and just recently my iphone wasn't charging and was saying not able to work reliably with this cable. It started charging just fine for a whil

It will die then it will let me charge it only to 3%. Is it the battery or is it the IOS 7? Please help!!! I have already used different cables and outlets. I was able to fully charge it yesterday by

i replaced my iphone 4s battery and my phone will still not work it would work if you put it into the wall charger so why did the replacement of the battery not work?

how do i make room on my iphine for the update

I'm trying to update my apps, and everytime I try to, it says I must sign in to continue. And once I do that it says there was a billing problem. But I am not trying to buy anything. How can I fix

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