my iphone 5 will not hold charge for long

I have an iphone 5. The battery is dead and won't charge. I can't restore it because the battery is dead. The warranty ended in January. Now what?

iphone 5 hold charge long

Hi i have recently purchased a iphone 5c of the street. it worked fine. a week later the fone went of on a charge of around 50%. it wudnt charge, it wudnt come on, iv changed battery the cable nd sock

My iphone 4S is not charging either in wall or on computer (USB) - numerous chargers used - all chargers will charge other devices eg ipad and other iphone 4S Phone was on 1% and then died - won&

My iphone can not charge. when I connect to wireless charging it difficult to connect. I think my iphone charger cord that met up I want to reflect this. I want you to correct me or give me a new phon

My screen went black. Siri will responded when I hold the button and will make my phone calls. How do I get my home screen back

I had to restore my iphone 4s after it twice locked in a strange situation with Siri requiring double taps. I restored the phone and now it seems to be waiting for activation.

my iphone 5 wont charge. I've pluged it in but the charging symbol wont come up help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

I've tried different cords, and plugging it into the wall and my computer, so it seems like the problem is definitely with the phone.  I tried to clean any lint out but that didn't fix it

my ihpone will not charge

My iphone got wet a little bit and its not wanting to charge now what can I do

Can I use the USB cable (that is part of my charger) to charge my iphone 4S in the USB port in my car?

help with iphone, you may not start and repeat the sound over and over again that the screen is broken?

My iphone 4 wont turn on, It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge. Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doe

my iphone 4s had a broken power button last night the screen went black but i know its still on cause i can hear siri when i hold down the home botton. how do i fix this with a broken power botton?

How much does Apple charge to replace a cracked screen on an iphone 5c?

My iphone 5 stopped taking a charge. So I updated to 7.whatever & backed it up. It still would take a charge so I went through recovery mode. That seemed to complete (I've done it twice now) H

Just started out of the blue....I have a moon next to the bluetooth on the screen where it shows the battery life - any ideas?

Do I need to wait til my iphone dies to charge for first time?  If so, how long do I charge for?

I am unable to get my phone to charge or turn on...not sure what to try next..

I ask for Apple support, got an email to tab the " IOS diagnostic" button, but seems no response/nothing happen

Now that I updated my 4s I can't use the App Store it what's to charge me for all the apps I tunes wants to charge me for stuff I allready bout

How much is enough battery charge

Shipping is not enough to only 5 hours

How much is enough battery charge

How long will Apple support the iphone 4s? I'm trying to hold out as long as possible before I have to change all of my accessories over to the new connector system.

i plug the charger in no reaction ..nothing start to charge

My charger works just fine. But unfortunately I'm going through chargers like crazy because of my phone. I have to wrap my cord tightly around my phone in order for it to charge. I don't know

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