iphone 5 losing charge quickly

Models : iphone 5S
I can't locate the charger that came with my Phonak iCom device. Can I safely use my iphone charger instead?

iphone 5 losing charge quickly

My iphone 4s will not turn on or charge, i have tried everything on this site and absolutly nothing works.

Hi guys. i had my iphone5 32gb plugged into a car socket. it wasnt an apple car charger but the usb wire was. next thing i no is there is smoke coming off the charge. my phone was fine and in working

Hey guys, I had a concern and a confession to make. What I want to confess is that I have been an android user for all my life and with iphone 5s this is my very first step into Apple. Got t

I've booked to see a genius but was just wondering if there was a fee ?

hi  my iphone 4s just switched off yesterday i put it on charge but it did not start i left it over night in the wall charger but still nothing...i did the hard reset this mornig and the apple si

I am having problems with my iphone 4s and ipod touch, during non use draing battery. what could cause this and how can I solve this issue

My phone went dead yesterday so when i got home i plugged it in to charge it, it charged for like 2 min then went dead it keeps giving me two pictures on screen a battery and a picture of the cord wit

Has anyone else found his/her battery draining more quickly than normal. I can begin the day at 100% and within an hour be down to 70% or even less. Is it the iOS 7.1.1 update? The data and wi-fi sett

I've had my iphone 5 for a little less than a year. Up until last night the device has been working as expected. Last night the phone decided to refuse taking a charge. The symptoms: the batt

I always leave my iphone 5s plugged in and when I woke the battery says 1%. I turn the phone off and it wont start back up due to drained battery and I plug it in and the phone boots up after a few mi

it doesnt even show the little symbol that tells you it needs to be plugged in, i press the lock button and that doesnt work either, the screen is completely black. i cleaned ut the socket with a pape

I have read several places that batteries go bad if they remain discharged for an extented peioid of time. Should I keep a charge on my iphone 4S backup phone when stored or is it ok to store it disch

It will die then it will let me charge it only to 3%. Is it the battery or is it the IOS 7? Please help!!! I have already used different cables and outlets. I was able to fully charge it yesterday by

My iphone 4s will not charge, despite the fact that I've tried 6 chargers. There is no water damage to my phone. It is completetly dead. Any suggestions?

My iphone 5s won't charge, unless I plug into the charger and turn it off and back on again? How do I fix this problem?

Last night I had about 20%, so I plugged it in to my charger. It said it was charging, so I went to bed. This morning I woke up with 12% battery, so I figured it had not been plugged in. Just to make

My iphone 5S is taking an extremely long time to charge. What's wrong?

I have a water damaged iphone 5c. I was thinking about taking it to the Apple store and paying the 269 dollar service charge for them to attempt to fix it. My question is: If they can't fix it, wi

I got my iphone 4s two days ago (second hand) and was working fine until today. The battery is now completely dead and it won't charge, it just comes up with the symbol to tell you to charge it bu

How do I preserve the battery seems like it runs down quickly

I had my phone beside me it was partly charged, I picked it up to use it & realised it was turned off, I was confused since it had charge, however I went to put it on charge anyway & it won

Dropped in water briefly, was in a case.  Dried it off, everything working properly.  No water damage indicator has appeared.  Wen to charge and it didn't "click" as usual and th

I have an iphone 4 that is not holding charge and is heating up excessively.  I've been told that the iphone 4 is having problems with the processor and that it will soon die and there is no

From what I've read on apple.com, I understand that it is healthy for the battery if at least once a month I allow the battery to fully drain before recharging it. But does that mean that it is al

hello, i have a iphone 5s and Rechargeable mobile phone battery quickly gets ******. how can i do for this ?

My phone died last night and this morning when I put it on the charger it wouldn't show it was charging. I took it off the charger pushed the sleep/wake button and it didn't show me it needed

Every time I open my app (Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff) it'll open for about 5 seconds then bring me back to my home page. I've tried everything, restarted my phone 50 times. I've had t