iphone 5 losing wi fi connection

In the last few days I am getting "the connection to the server failed" happens on wi-fi and cell network

iphone 5 losing wi fi connection

I stole my iphone, and they use the app to find my iphone but it says no connection, I should aser

Tried logging onto snapchat and it says could not connect please check your connection and try again

Please help me install my iphone OS update. Because it always say that i am no longer connected to the internet but my internet connection is good and i can easily download on apps store?

Every time I open my app (Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff) it'll open for about 5 seconds then bring me back to my home page. I've tried everything, restarted my phone 50 times. I've had t

I have received multiple errors from my iphone 5 that say No SIM card installed.  When this happens the phone and cellular data don't work.  When I power the phone down and start it back

I answered yes to update my iphone 5s, but now its Frozen on the image of iTunes and a cable connection. How can I stop this upgrade? I need my phone to work know...

When calling my wife via FaceTime it will ring through. She answers it says connecting then it says connection failed. Any thoughts. We do share an apple I'd. Might that be the problem.

Hi,I have two iphone 5s phones, one connects to my windows 8.1 PC using a wireless hotspot, the other one will only connect using a USB cable.Both are new phones and both have the same latest IOS. I h

With minimal usage, my phone loses nearly all its battery within a 12 hour period. Any thoughts as to why?

Ive just recently gotten my iphone fixed, but I dont even get wifi anywhere in my house except my living room. It doesn't even connect in school anymore. What happened?

Please Help me. I tried to update my iphone 4 via WiFi. and what happens is it only keeps on loading with the loading circle and says checking for update. it's been like that for hours. Then I tri

connection unsuccessful iMac is not supported. FORGET DEVICE.This message is on my iphone 5C when i try to connect (bluetooth) to any of my iMac computers.I have a car kit JABRA this works! on pair an

Hi there,My friend's iphone 4 recently got stuck on the Apple logo screen and it seems that the only way to restore it back to full working order is to erase all data and perform a fresh start. Si

So my iphone 4 will connect  to my wifi wirelessly when in the same room as the internet router, but when I leave the room and enter another or walk a couple of meters away it gradually starts lo

Device Manager in Windows 7 does not recognize iphone 4 iOS 4.3.3 whether in normal mode or in recovery mode and not in DFU mode,  but my second iphone 4S is recognized immediately. I do not unde

Hello, I'd like to use a cycling app for long rides (4 hours plus) but I'm concerned my battery won't last that long if I'm connected to a cellular network. Is it possible to use just

Hello! I can no longer connect to my home Wifi on my 5c. I've reset settings on my phone, and have tried everything.(I think) Have anyone else had this prob?  

i purchased on itunes an album on my iphone 5, whilst downloading i had some wifi issues and could not finish the download, now i cant finish downloading the rest, it says unable to download at this

Hi everyone! I have an iphone 5s and a normal iphone 5.Both iPhones have a Vodafone card. The 5s has always a good connection (3-4 bars), but the normal iphone 5 has only one bar. If you try

I have problem with my iphone 4S, only after updating the OS 7.X. My iphone battery charge is losing down in a minute. My battery charge is just decreasing from 100% to 10% in less than two hours, wit

iphone5 loose connection of cable while charging

Is anyone else having issues keeping or getting wifi connection since the last update. I HAVE THE iphone 5C and it will not stay connected and i fight to connect!

I recently lost an iphone and Ive tried to use the Find My iphone application but every time I try to sign in I get an error message that says "connection Error: Find My iphone could not connect to iC

Okay, I'll describe my problem, then offer my solution. My iphone5 was having an intermittent connection problem when charging. If I did not jiggle the lightning connector until I heard a beep, I

Hi,I'm having problems with my iphone 5 it keep losing the calling signal, but not the 3G signal. so I have to keep reseting it to regain the phone's signal what else can I do to stop with thi

I tried to install the latest iOS update, but it put me in recovery mode and now I can't get out of it unless I restore it. None of my photos or videos are backed up as i haven't had a co

i try to restore my iphone 5 but itunes keeps giving me an error message saying that the connection was reset and to try again later. can someone please help me i've locked myself out of my phone

my ipad doesn't have any trouble connecting, but the phone skips, and sometimes silence for 20 seconds, or just stops altogether.  I just bought a new car with bluetooth technology. The ipad