iphone 5 losing wi fi connection

My phone will not connect with charging cable unless I wiggle it,,what can I do?

iphone 5 losing wi fi connection

My iphone 4s does not find any bluetooth devices after upgrading from ios6 to ios7.  I've tried reseting all configurations for network connections and all configurations in the phone without

iphone 5 Swifi without connection, I supose that is a hardware problem.What to do?thanks for helpJorge

um i have lock my iphone i want to unlock it with out losing any memory such as photos text messages contacts apps and more

When I am at home my internet never wants to workon my 5s. It takes forever to load or it says no internet connection. I have tried resetting network connection, a hard reset but it never works. My bf

Hey guys just a quick question im thinking of restoring  iphone 5s but i dont want to lose my texts is their away to back them up.

Downloading iOS 7.0.1 when i start intall i lost connection with iphone and iTunes at my windows 7,64bit. now my iTunes dont find my phone and my windows divice manager show Apple Mobile Device (recov

In the past week or so, my iphone 4s hasn't been able to find signal in various areas of my house, when previously it would work fine. Nothing has changed regarding my router, or anything on that

How can i create a new usb connection (service)  on my iMac for sharing internet from my iPhone5 ( i seem have to deleted it ) i know its not a problem whit my carrier o data plan or sharing

verizon - is having connection issues. my average speed test is .17 down and .13 up. i already went to verizon and had my SIM replaced. what else can cause this? i have already reset my network connec

I have 10GB of Other Data on my phone.  If I restore from backup, all of the Other data is still there.  Do I understand correctly, that I can restore to factory settings and then load all o

my phone wil not get mail. it says that the connection to the server failed

Since updating my daughters iphone 4s to the latest version of ios 7.1 we have not been able to connect to wifi or bluetooth. Also the phone is extremely slow in the network menu.I don't want to h

Brand new iphone and headphones but it seems to be shoring out at the connection and doesn't 't seem firm. I removed the outer protector and it still is loose. Did I receive a defective headph

After last update when i try to connect to snapchat it says to check internet connection altrough everything else works fine. Are there people which solved this problem? Tried redownloading, changing

I can`t activate my wi-fi and bluetooth conection. What can i do? Thanks, EB

Since a while I have significant WLAN connection problem with my iphone 4S at home. iphone has been restarted, network connections reset, last iOS 7.10 on.Router (Fritz Box 7270) has been restart

It has recently started probably since updating the software I keep losing the sounds (clicks keyboard etc) I have to turn off and restart to get them back; has anyone else had this problem and is the

this popped up with trying to restore my phone . Went to update and my phone and been frozen in the itune with plug in every since .. I connected to my compute and still havent finish in hours. And i

I have trouble with charge battery connection, how will I do? I have buy insurance for my phone

My iphone 5 is around 9 months old.  It has recenlty started running warm while on standby and losing battery life quickly. Within 1 1/2 hour, it can drop 30-40% with almost no use.  It is f

I have moved to China from the US. My Apple ID still has a balance of $81.08. How can I switch country/region on my Apple ID without losing that balance? I need to activate my account to get apps here

My I phone 5s is 4 months old and has suddenlu=y started losing battery power rapidly.  it was on 100% at 9am this morning now at 2pm it is on 34% and i haent used it!!

fix for SSL connection verification

My iphone 5 has suddenly stopped connecting to our wireless router unless I stand next to it - or if I open an email, when it kicks in briefly.  All our other laptops iMac, Kindle, iphone etc are

Since Wednesday I have not been able to connect to the internet, send or receive any pictures, use any apps.  My husband has a droid and is not having any troubles. Any help or guidance would be

Any ideas as to why my phone wopuld loss all contact to the network (ATT)?

Hi I have explained my predicament in this video http://vimeo.com/86862029

My apple iphone 5s is experiencing difficulty connecting through the lightning port. It seems that when it is plugged in, there is a bad or loose connection