iphone 5 message access protocol

Trying to restore after phone would not boot but now stuck

iphone 5 message access protocol

ýesterday  my iphone 5c screen  suddendly  shows connect to itune and i try to restore it using itune but halfway i got a message error occured (14). please help me in solving th

ýesterday  my iphone 5c screen  suddendly  shows connect to itune and i try to restore it using itune but halfway i got a message error occured (14). please help me in solving th

can anyone tell me how to stop this message to be able to download apps from the store i don't have enough money now on my card can i by any means cancel my last purchase request to be able to pro

Regardless of what you suspect, if an app has an across the board problem, it is the vendor that will need to addess it, not Apple.

I travel extensively and spend extended periods of time overseas.  When will a dual sim capability be added to iphone 5/5S?  I end up needing a local number so locally my clients don't h

Bonjour à tous, J'ai une question de iphone. Je ne sais pas comment transférer message de iphone au PC. Parceque je veux transférer des messages de iphone au pc pour sauveg

Anyone having problem with iphone getting a not delivered message after sending pic and it really is getting delivered to recipient.

My iphone gives the message "cannot connect to itunes store" when I try to connect to Itunes.  Everything is allright and my signal to the wifi is strong.  What gives?

Why don't you get a quick access to voice memos on the calling application? thus would not have to run to get a pen and paper when we say a phone number of another person, or an appointment.

I have tried to restore my iphone 5s in iTunes but keep getting a message saying unable to restore, error 4013. I have used different USB ports as other messages have advised but nothing has worked. C

App store not working, can't search for apps, apps won't load? Any ideas?

i lost my iphone and so i remotely erased all the data on it from my laptop now ive found it i cant get the lost message off and the phone is useless help!! i tried disbling the find my i phone app an

I dont get Whats app messages instantly .I first have to open the app ,then it connects, and then i get my message .Is there a way to get it instantly?They same goes for BBM

Hi all, my name is Bruno and i want to do a anwser?I buy a Volkswagen and i can pair my iphone 5s with my car.I read many foruns and I found that the iphone does not suport SIM REMOTE access. 

my iphone was stolen and i need to wipe it out but i do not have access to itunes what do it do?

My iphone 5 charger stopped working. It's under warranty and I want to send it back. How do I initiate that process? The website keeps sending me in circles.  I'm getting an error message

I have noticed that FF will use my location services periodically when I only have the program running in the background. This happens when I know my friend isn't requesting my location. Does FF d

Im trying to update my iphone 5s to ios 7.1 but it just keeps sending me an error message even when i am plugged into itunes

This message keeps popping up this cable or accessory is not certified  not charging my phone. What do I do to fix it ?

How can I restrict my children from say sending pictures ? Monitor what they are doing with out paying a subscription. ?

I recently changed my email on my apple id and in ICould but every time I try to download an app my I'm email apple id pops up. I no longer have this email account and do not remember the password

I am using an iphone 5S (Running iOS 7.1.1) and whenever I send a message, as soon as my finger taps send, the "lock shutter" blacks out the screen and then unlocks itself after a few seconds. Anyone

Question on app "footprints". A message shows up 1 device on line at the bottom.  Do this mean I have 2 iPhones registered with my Apple ID. 

I have an iphone 5 that was submersed into a lake for about 10 minutes. It sat in rice and never powered up ever again. I want to sell it on ebay for parts. However, is there any way that the person w

Every times I try to update the message come out.  Your apple Id has been disabled

Can't upload pictures to apps as says they don't have access but when I goto privacy ect there's nothing there to change this. How can I fix it ??

I got me new iphone 5s 5 days backa and after 3 days its home button stopped working properly.  I tired contacting Apple support. Even though my phone is brand new, when I entered my serial ID it