iphone 5 mic icon disabled

I see the message "Your Apple ID has been disabled" but without "for security reasons". How can I enable my Apple ID to allow App updates?

iphone 5 mic icon disabled

Why won't my phone reboot and apple icon keeps blinking?

Please help my phone wont let me type in my password and when connected to itunes it wont let me type my password in still

My Photos stream has been disabled after last update, after enabling it all photos were deleted and only new photos are being updated there.

how do i fix my disabled i phone?

My wifi icon is black and in settings it won't turn on. Any one have any advise. 4G works.

hello  I have iphone 4s has disabled and I have to  made restore and I donot remember the apple id to work again could anyone help me please

Why is my Apple ID disabled ?

I cannot find the AirPlay icon on my phone when trying to play music!  Any suggestions?

iphone 4S updated to iOS 7.1 a couple weeks ago. phone has worked fine until yesterday. I do not believe this is a hardware issue since everything worked fine up until yesterday. phone is about 1.5 ye

The last 2 videos I took last night (I took 11 in total), show a gray circle icon on them instead of the normal camera icon. The running time on those 2 vidoes is not correct, sound is missing in part

my phone is disabled   now a nd i dnt remember the password of my itunes id fromm which i started my phone in the starting has contiunously i enter wrong passcode to open it has been disabl

my iphone is disabled because of wrong passcode entered

I believe this is due to either incorrect password entry and screen replacement! I have tried to do a restore to factory settings using itunes but it comes up as correct password needs to be entered t

I accidentally deleted a message string from someone, now the phone shows an unopened message. When you open the message app, there are no unopened message showing, but yet, the app icon still shows t

I have lost my App Store icon

how do i enable a disabled iphone 5 s

My iphone 5, has been disabled because i've forgoten my password on my iphone 5 screen it says "iphone is disabled connect to itunes" so i did that but when i connect my iphone to itunes it comes

My iphone 4 wont turn on, It wont go passed the charging icon and then when I take the charger out it says it needs charge. Its not the charger as iv tried several and holding lock and home button doe

what should i do? my iphone "disabled" connect to itunesthen after i connect it to itunes , it asked for confirmation,how can i confirm it my iphone is disabled

So, I turned off the Badge App icon for Skype and FaceBook without realizing what it was, and just turned it back on. However, I'm not getting the number notification on the app tile in the home s

I didn't realize that my iphone has already been updated to that ios 7 thing. I tried to update it so that I could redo all my music selection to make more space for my TV shows on it, but it fail

My message icon disappeared from my iphone 5. Should I restore using Reset Home Screen layout or will I lose all of my purchased apps? Thanks

Since updating to 7.1, the icon in top right corner indicating that an app is refreshing or that data is being used for any given app, does not go away. It is permanently there. I am afraid it is eati

Update showed as pending but when Update was clicked, error message appeared - "Apple ID disabled." I changed it for the umpteenth time and it seems to work everywhere else, including this forum. 

my iphone3g has been disabled because of applying too many passcode and iwant it to unlock,so how to unlock it please hael me in this matter

I have been locked out of my iphone 4s due to forgetting the password and from trying it to many times it has been disabled and is saying to connect to itunes, problem is I have no access to a compute

(IOS 7 update trouble) My music app icon is missing from my home screen and I have to go through the search to find and use it. How do I get the icon back on my home screen

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