iphone 5 notes disappeared

siri works fine on two apple products but is dissapeard from my husbands older iphone 4 It ie nit in the settings and holding the hone button leasds to voice command, Help Language is correct i checke

iphone 5 notes disappeared

YOU ACCIDENTALLY DELETED 'APPLE notes' DEFAULT MAIL ACCOUNT... OR JUST LOST ALL YOUR notes? Okay so after an hour on apple support chat and getting no where at all... this is what I did:&

my iphone 4S is smashed, I was able to retrieve the SIM card but I understand it only contains phone number, etc. Is there any way of retrieving my music, contacts, photos, calendar or notes? The phon

Last night I sent a text to my sister at 8:00 and my contacts were there, when she responded at 8:36 they were gone and so are my notes.

My message icon disappeared from my iphone 5. Should I restore using Reset Home Screen layout or will I lose all of my purchased apps? Thanks

The Music app in my iphone always used to have a "bought" playlist, where the music I downloaded automatically appeared. Now its stopped to work, I deleted it, hoping it would reset itself, but it'

I just recently got a new iphone 5c because my old one wont turn on and i am wondering if there is anyway to get my notes from the old phone through itunes?

How do I get my iphone 4s to go to speaker audio when not on phone...ie. listening back to notes I have recorded? It seems I can only access the speaker when I am on the phone.   Much thanks

Can I "undo" an accidental text delete in "notes"?

I've accidentally deleted a page in notes. Is there any way I can retrieve the information on the page?

I can't seem to find where do i re-install the app store Application which disappeared on my last IOS update,

The onboard notes app lists my notes alphabetically on my macbook air, but not on my iphone or iPad. Can't find a way to list them alphabetically on all devices, as I would like. Find it quite ann

iphone 5s disappeared touch id after update 7.1 and also assistive touch bug error how to fix error ?!!!

I let my iphone 5S drain down its battery so I could properly calibrate it, and when it woke up from 0%, the native weather app was no longer there.  I tried everything (reboot, hard reset, reset

When I select text, I don't get an arrow with additional options. What is shown in the image are the only options I get. Is there something I need to do in Settings or something in order to be abl

Hi - I'm having challenges with the notes and Reminders apps.  Data in both disappear - i.e. in Reminders I have the titles of the Reminder list but all the items in the list are no longer th

Touch ID has disappeared from settings! The usual path Settings > General > Touch ID & Passcode > Touch ID has no mention  of touch ID. Has anyone got a clue what's hap

The red decline button is present only when the phone is NOT in the "locked/sleep" mode. Has been that way for a while (at least since iOS 5, if I recall correctly)

Not sure what happened. "hide all contacts' may have accidently been hit but I do not know how to reverse it. Phone is new and not backed up. Thank you for any help.

Got a new iphone 5s and used it a couple times to take pictures.  A week later I transfered from icloud back up my content I had on my old phone over to my new phone and now all my pictures I had

The Touch ID symbol has disappeared off the Lock Screen of my iphone 5S since upgrading to IOS 7.1.  Is any one else experiencing this.  Any recommendations for fixes?  The finger scan

so out of no where i couldnt hear anything . my volume slider has disappeared and i cant hear my music , i cant hear anything . when i go to settings to the sound section and adjust it i go back to ho

I deleted a note from iphone 5s how can I get it back please?

I have lost all the notes I have taken for the past several months. There one day, gone the next. I didn't sync between this or remove any email accounts. I have reset my iPhones and made sur

The iOS 7.0.6 update failed, my iphone 5S disappeared from iTunes and now is displaying a picture iTunes logo and a USB plug and black backgraound. Turning it Off and On didn't fix it. iTunes does

I downloaded a couple games for my kids to play, and they keep displaying useless little messages at all hours, to try to get me to play again. Not usre what these messages are called ... Notification

I upgrade the phone software whenever a new release comes out. I use the iTunes Store and have backed up ohone to my computer (laptop) although I do not know where the backup goes/is stored, or how to

My app for iTunes&appstore disappeared and I can't find it in my phone any where. Please help!!

My phone got stolen and I have attempted a remote wipe from Find my iphone (pretty much as soon as I realised my phone was missing). The phone shows as offline which mean the thief must of turned the

Ok so I downloaded the app "Mextures" a while ago and I went to use it today and I couldn't find it so I went to the appstore to look for it. This is where I get confused, it said "open" implying

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