iphone 5 screen after replacement problems

Touch screen is going crazy - almost doesnt work. It needs to be blocked every 5-10 sec to work clear for 5-10 sec ) ***

iphone 5 screen replacement problems

Part of the screen does not respond of the touch in my iphone 4s

So recently my official Apple charging lead broke and I had to buy a new one (cheap one off of Amazon). This worked fine for a while before it broke and wouldn't work. after this I started using m

I need help!.-. Because I purchased two phone for 400 and the owners don't know the password or emails but I checked the esn to see if it was clean and they both are clean . They aren't stolen

How much would it cost me to repair my iphone 5c screen? I currently still have my year warrant active, i dont know if that would make a difference in price?

Can i get a replacement phone im still on the warranty but i hate having cracked edges on my phone

During use, Find My Friends quits and goes back to a log-on screen, which tells me I'm logged in, and tells me that I have passcode lock activated. The only way to get back into the app is to log

i believe that apple next update of ios 7.1.2 should have a fingerprint scanner on the screen instead of the home button!!!!

i used the new update now my screen has a blue music symbol an arrow pointing up under it and a charger symbol it wont go away whats wrong

iphone is dead, gone  to insurance co. for replacement. They say because "Find My iphone" is still active, they can't replace or try to fix it. problem is can't log in to de-activate it,

My battery on my iphone 5 that's running iOS 7.1.1 is really bad. I called Apple and they told me that I should restore my iphone completely and see if that would fix the issue and that I shouldn&

hello, my name is Ksenia matukhnov.I live in israel. in  29 of january  I bought  2 iphone from youor market.one week after the extend to using stopped working. phone turned on and stop

I dropped my phone and the screen shattered. Everything still works, I've been using it for a week and have had no problems. I just can't tell if it's just the screen or if something insid

Hi my iphone 5 screen is very damaged.  It is badly cracked. I want to access the contacts on the phone that for whatever reason aren't backed up on icloud.  when plugging the phone

How can I remove itune and charger icon from my iphone 4s screen and allow access. While downloading the lastest version of iune my iphone was being charged. The phone do not allow access anymore.

So this happened suddenly out of the blue last night, I've had the iphone for a while now and have never had any issues with it till now. Am attaching a picture to show you what screen I get.

When I am playing games it sometimes doesn't register my touches.  It is one week old.

how can i fix my iphone screen . It blacked out but my phone still work help!!!!

the screen of my iphone 5s is a little bit pushed out in the left side of the screen. if i pressed it with my finger, it moves down. what is happening??? is this normal?? should be repaired???? please

i have a iphone 5s running on 7.1.1 and i have the blue screen of death. How do i fix that?

Please help.  My iphone 4S is stuck in recovery mode.  I clicked on the wifi update last evening, and it was interrupted and my screen was replaced with the usb plug and iTunes logo. I am de

i walked out of school and i was trying to get on my phone but it would not cut on.It was just a black screen.So when i got home and put it on the charger it keep vibrating but still a black screen. I

I will certainly not pay for a new screen as this is due to 7.1 though. I think your issue was a little different.

So about an hour ago i experienced "the white screen of death." I have problems with my power button because its stuck but i got someone to reset it for me by holding down the power & home button

Does anyone know how much I would pay for an iphone 4 if I took my broken one into Apple as a part ex? We did this for our sons iPod a few years back and it was worth while. Cheers

I threw my iphone 5c across the room now the screen is detached from the back part completely. The back part still vibrates when I get a message or call. I'm under AT&T but my warranty is over

Please help me. My iphone 4s will not allow me to hit the home key. I can't call out but can receive message and notification. Everytime I hit the home key it turns it's self off and back on a

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