iphone 5 no sound while ringing

hi dears,my iphone 5s(7.1)  ringing sound and games sounds gone ,but video and music sound available please help me to solve this prblem

iphone 5 sound ringing

Hi I have an iphone 5 which was working fine this morning I.e. Made a call and heard all fine, next time I went to use it I can't hear anything through the earpiece, if I put it onto speaker I can

I recently upgraded from a 4S to a 5C, and I sound muffled to others. Has anyone else had this issue?

Why does my iphone 5 keep ringing randomly with no caller identity?

Hello. I have had this one strange problem with my iphone stop working, I have looked for solutions, but none have proven to be of any use. What the problem is is that the sound on my phone stopped wo

4s . . . Phone will not make any sound after silence switch removed. I have to call the phone 2 times before the sound is restored. How can this  be fixed ?

My iphone 5C was charging until someone accidentally knocked it over and once it hit the ground, the screen was black. The light was still on in the background but it was black and then eventually the

Ive been having problems with the sound on my iphone 4s, it sometimes has a ringtone and has keyboard clicks but it wont play music or have any ringtones or anything. It doesn't even come up with

My iphone 4 does not make any sound except when i have call. Any sound notification for example whatsapp or email or playing song i could not hear a pip, but when blug the earphone i could hear all so

when i touch my iphone 5s home button it makes a small click sound before pressing completely.Is it normal ?

I have a 4s, and the sound keeps dropping in and out of not working. When the sound does not work & I press the volume buttons, nothing shows up on the screen. The sound not working isn't a co

My iphone 4s has no sound other then headphones

I lost the speaker sound suddenly while listening to a previously aired radio program. Cannot hear any sounds on my Apple 4S iphone since it happened. Cannot even hear Siri anymore. Can only hear any

I have an iphone 4S and my sound doesn't work. When I turn the volume up or down the volume icon appears but not the white dots that show how loud it is. I can't hear anything with earphones a

Hellow! My iphone 4 can't play sound only in videos i film any advice?

help with iphone, you may not start and repeat the sound over and over again that the screen is broken?

Hi, I've got no sounds at all from my phone, I've tried to reset my phone & other ways that have been advised from a google site, I really don't know what else to do.

I have a problem with the sound system has become a little bit lower than before, which is the iphone 4 running IOS 7.1 Please help me in solving this problem where I can not hear the voice of the dev

My iphone 4s will not stay turned off if I manually turn it off. It immediatly starts to turn itself back on. It also takes a long time to turn off, over a minute. The phone is also hissing through th

Hello.I've purchased iP5 , with a problem - there was no sound via earpiece during the call. I've thod that if i use headphones problem will be gone - but suprisingly its not. I cant hear anyo

My Maps app has stopped announcing directions. iphone 5, iOS 7.1 with latest updates. Location services is turned on. Sounds are turned on. Volume is set to Loud in the Maps app. Cellular Data is turn

since i upated my iphone 4 has has no sound on any app but the alarm still goes off (with sound) and the voice memos seem to have sound as well it's not on silent and the when the volume buttons a

Is the button on the side of your device red or default colour?

My iphone 4s won't make any sounds to alert me when I receive a text message.

Since updating my iphone 4S to ios 7.1 my phone will no longer ring and apps do not have sound. I have made sure the do not disturb is not turned on and have also gone into Accessibility and made sure

The headphone output of my Iphone4 doesn't works since I connected it to an input preamp of a Mixer, and the preamp of this mixer was sending 48V phantom power. I can only hear a very low and dist

my iphone was all in black .home and lock button not functioning .when i called my phone it  was ringing but the screen was black

Why does my speaker all the sudden sound low?

When I talk to someone on the phone, they sometimes can not hear my voice. I can hear them.  Checked the sound level and my finger placement on the side of the phone.  Restarted my phone and

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