iphone 5 unresponsive

iphone 5 unresponsive

I've had my iphone 5 for a year and a half and recently the sleep/wake button hasn't responded at all. I'd like to get it repaired but my AppleCare is expired. What options do I have?

The touch screen on my iphone 5 stops working sporadically every time I use it. I will turn it on and start using it, but after about 15 - 30 seconds it will always become unresponsive.What I do

My iphone 5 screen is frozen, siri works, when i play and pause music you can see it on the screen and i am receiving notifications but i cannot slide to unlock or touch the screen.

touch screen is unresponsive. it is on but cant be used because it wont respond to my touch.

Hi my iphone 5 s has hung - cant enter text on he screen to unlock it after a reboot.

So I installed the new iOS7.1 and there are a butt load of bugs, first the battery will not charge when plugged inSecond the screen becomes unresponsive and I cannot use the touchscreen

My iphone 5 is sometimes unresponsive and sometimes when you swipe it goes in other directions and sometimes it trys to go to the next homepage but it doesnt go fully. can anybody help me?

my iphone 4s won't charge but when i turn it on and plug it in my phone turns on but wont charge. I've tried everything. Using different cords, holding the hold and home button and nothing is

My iphone 5 screen is not cracked but the touch screen is not responding. I want to get pictures off of it. How may I do so?

iphone 5s, There's this small area on the screen about around where qwerty on the keyboard is that just "looses" my finger until I'm past it and whatever application is using just "jumps"

Ive had my iphone 5 for nearly a year now and the biggest problem ive ever had was with the charger breaking every month but ive been able to deal with that. however i turned my phone back on the othe

I have an iphone 5s and today the touch screen became unresponsive. I cannot power it down neither type my passcode. The main button is working so is the phone but i cannot access it. Siri is working

Yesterday, my daughters iphone 5c home screen was totally unresponsive. She could open apps using SIRI and the apps were responsive. Once back on any home screen page, the phone was unresponsive. A re

My iphoe 5s screen becomes unresponsive and the buttons also become unresponsive, its lags/stays like that for about 1 minute then restarts? what is the issue?

I received my iphone a couple weeks ago and just a few days ago part of the screen is unresponsive! I have shut down and restarted the device many times! I have an iphone 5s and I don't want to sp

Ok my I phone 5 just got lines all over screen and know touch screen Is unresponsive , it's 10 months old  hasn't beenDropped or wet

I was using my iphone 4s and locked it. a few minutes later i went to use it and found my touch scrren to be unresponsive other than swiping up and down for the notifications and controls but i can no

Screen on my iphone 5 is unresponsive. Factory reset, and everything. No light at all, nothing. I can still use Siri to do everything though. Any suggestions?

a friend of mine said this happened to her, and apple told her to leave it plugged in for a while. I've already had it plugged in for several hours and nothing has happened. I haven't been abl

Went to turn phone volume up and it was unresponsive, then screen went grey with black line down it, finally got it to turn off now flickering madly

All I can do is turn the phone on and (with the help of the home button) turn it off again.When I first turn on the phone, I can use the screen for about 3 seconds before it becomes unresponsive.I can

Last night I got out of a taxi and my iphone fell off of my lap and hit the ground (so really not a huge distance) but now it won't turn on. I have tried plugging it into both a wall charger and i

When I'm playing a game or using imessage, all the buttons stop working,  power, home, every button. The touch screen still works though. if i  hold the lock and the home button it shuts

I've done everything I can think of. Reset, restart, restore to new, restore to back up, and letting the battery die. Nothing works. My screen still lights up and I have service. I can use basic f

My iphone 4's screen was not responding when I tried to swipe it or anything of that sorry - texts and notifications from internal apps kept coming in as they normally would however. After backing

Hello Everyone, Yesterday I installed iOS 7 and everything was working fine. However today a strange error occured.  this is what happend I was listining to Itunes trough earplugs. I op

Out of no where my phone started showing problems with the touch screen first it was small then throughout the day it became worse. Now I can't even access my phone unless I use siri. It is stuck

What should I do if my iphone 5c has colored lines on the right half of the touch screen display, and the touch screen is also unresponsive on the right side? This just happened spontaneously. I