iphone 5 unresponsive

I have an 16 gb black iphone 5 and the touch screen has stopped responding. After i wake it, it works for a few seconds but then stops. when it stops i can see very thin gray vetical lines in the back

iphone 5 unresponsive

I need help in solving this issues which is bothering Some parts of the screen does not work, for example while using whatsapp cannot press 'send'. The problem is getting more and more an

Recently, I accidently dropped my iphone 5s on concrete and the glass screen got cracked/broken.  The phone had a cover protector, but somehow the glass still got broken.  Instead of taking

Hi - My iphone 5c's screen is unresponsive.(yet not shattered). I followed the instructions to reset the iphone pressing the two buttons together but the screen remains unresponsive - any idea?tha

I've read other issues with this, but none of them seem to sound quite like mine. I'm desperate for help right now!!!!  My phone is still relatively new - got it in December of 2013. I ha

iphone 5s Screen is not responding. I have done the hardware reset by holding the home button and the lock button however it did not solve the problem I want to back up my data however there isnt a wa

After breaking my phone screen (iphone 5s) I took my phone into a phone shop in town to get the screen replaced. After getting it home I realised that the screen becomes unresponsive after about 5 min

Not all of the buttons are responding when I press them. It keeps activating things without me touching it. The camera light is permanently on even when I switch it off, voice control keeps coming on

my iphone 5 scren unrespnsive how do i reset it?

The 'slide to unlock' still lights up, the time changes, and the battery percent changes but I can't slide it. My home button is broken so a hard reset is going to be difficult.

My iphone 5s (16gb) has been unresponsive all day today. When I try to slide it from the lock screen to put my lock code in it will not respond to the slide. Then when it does respond and I get to my

I updated my iphone 5s and now the screen will not function. I have tried restarting and now I am planning on resetting it from my computer, since i cannot reset it from within the IOS7 software. I ju

My girlfriend just dropped her iphone 4s and now her screen is completely black and unresponsive. She has not backed up her phone to icloud in about a year because her icloud account was full. When we

iphone 5 unresponsive, accepts no inputs, can not restore, iTunes says to go iCloud settings and turn off find my iphone. Impossible to get to the menu. Any ideas????

Hi there, Just updated my 5s to 7.1.1 and it won't turn back on... Any help appreciated

I've had my iphone 5 for a year and a half and recently the sleep/wake button hasn't responded at all. I'd like to get it repaired but my AppleCare is expired. What options do I have?

The touch screen on my iphone 5 stops working sporadically every time I use it. I will turn it on and start using it, but after about 15 - 30 seconds it will always become unresponsive.What I do

My iphone 5 screen is frozen, siri works, when i play and pause music you can see it on the screen and i am receiving notifications but i cannot slide to unlock or touch the screen.

touch screen is unresponsive. it is on but cant be used because it wont respond to my touch.

Hi my iphone 5 s has hung - cant enter text on he screen to unlock it after a reboot.

So I installed the new iOS7.1 and there are a butt load of bugs, first the battery will not charge when plugged inSecond the screen becomes unresponsive and I cannot use the touchscreen

My iphone 5 is sometimes unresponsive and sometimes when you swipe it goes in other directions and sometimes it trys to go to the next homepage but it doesnt go fully. can anybody help me?

my iphone 4s won't charge but when i turn it on and plug it in my phone turns on but wont charge. I've tried everything. Using different cords, holding the hold and home button and nothing is

My iphone 5 screen is not cracked but the touch screen is not responding. I want to get pictures off of it. How may I do so?

iphone 5s, There's this small area on the screen about around where qwerty on the keyboard is that just "looses" my finger until I'm past it and whatever application is using just "jumps"

Ive had my iphone 5 for nearly a year now and the biggest problem ive ever had was with the charger breaking every month but ive been able to deal with that. however i turned my phone back on the othe

I have an iphone 5s and today the touch screen became unresponsive. I cannot power it down neither type my passcode. The main button is working so is the phone but i cannot access it. Siri is working

Yesterday, my daughters iphone 5c home screen was totally unresponsive. She could open apps using SIRI and the apps were responsive. Once back on any home screen page, the phone was unresponsive. A re