jam plus pair woth iphone 5

This has never been a feature of iphoneiphone supports bluetooth for stereo headsets and speakers, handsfree telephone devices, some keyboards, some apps from the app store and internet tetheri

jam pair woth iphone 5

My iphone 4s wont pair on bluetooth with my car, a Skoda Superb Elegance 2009. Car Finds iphone, but then tells me not compatible. Any ideas?

My iphone 5s will not pair with my Alpine car audio system, it pairs with all devices at the Apple store, my old iphone worked with no issues, they told me at the apple store that I needed to remove a

The bluetooth showed up in the bluetooth list last week & now it won't even connect to the phone when i turn the bluetooth on to start pairing it just says Searching.

Hi all. I hope someone can help me with bluetooth connectivity? My phone wont pair up with other devices including my husbands iphone! He has the same problem!

I have a JVC KD-R840BT, i purchased a few month ago and it worked fine with my iphone 4, but i cannot seem to pair with my new iphone 5s... it tells me i have to put in the pin code 0000 but i cannot

I've just bought a 60 plate VW Passat which is Bluetooth capable. It doesn't allow me to pair my i-phone 5 with iOS7 to it. I have reset the Multi Functional Display in my car to Factory Setti

How do you pair a device once you forgotten it? I accidentally hit forget this device when I was trying to pair my iphone 4S to hands free in my truck.

After upgrading my iphone 5 from ios6 to ios7, unfortunately 'now discoverable' option in bluetooth settings is not working anymore and i couldn't able to pair my iphone with another one..

Apple!!! My iphone5 cannot pair with my mac pro?? all up to date softwares!!ios7, OS X Mavericks!!!!

Since the IOS upgrade I have lost the ability to pair my Jawbone with my iphone5.  Any thoughts?

Why can't I pair my iphone 5s to my 2012 honda civic. My old 4s had no issues

can not pair with 2010 fusion hybrid handsfree

I've been give an iPhone4S which works fine except for bluetooth. It's updated to ios 6.1.3. Although my mac mini can see it via bluetooth, when it tries to pair the pairing is rejected even b

Why is it that Apple Phones can not be bluetooth synched with Apple computers? What is the reason behind not allowing for this capability?

My new iphone5 will not pair up to my cadillac.  I can't even find the bluetooth pairing option.  What's wrong?

My iphone 5 was connected to my BMW but now it won't pair, other iphones pair but mine does not ,

I am unable to get my iphone5 to pair with my 2007 v36 nissan skyline.Has anyone else had this problem and resolved it?  cheers

Is anyone having pairing issues between Sony  6 stack stereo and iOS 6.1.3 in their Ford XR5 or ST?Is there a software or hardware upgrade available? This is starting to really annoy me.

I have the iphone 4s with 16 gb i keep running out of memory and think i need one woth more memory but do i have to buy another phone?

Hi, i am trying to pair my 2 iphones both iphone 5 using bluetooth to enable file transfer between them.But when i turn on the bluetooth under Setting->Bluetooth. Both devices are unable to di

After I upgraded my iphone 4S to 6.1.3 Bluetooth pairing has completely stopped I tried my merc and my Bose Bluetooth device

I am looking to purchase the Nike Fuel Band, but I currently am using a Bluetooth Audio Radio with my iphone. It is a Pioneer XBH-5500 2013 model that handels my audio and my bluetooth handsfree calli

I have just bought a Hyundai i40 sedan and can not get my i phone 5 to work.  I have been able to pair it but am unable to make or receive a call.I did insert a CD and it was playing and briefly

My new iphone 5's Bluetooth will not pair with my 2006 Volvo when my 4S would pair.  Why? Extremely FRUSTRATING!!

I'm trying to get my iphone 4S music to play through Bluetooth in car but when pair doesn't play music only pairs my contacts?

How do I pair my iphone 5 with a monster speaker using Bluetooth?

Hi can someone help i am trying to pair my iphone 5 to my ipad 3 but its just searching and cant seem to find my ipad. Help me.

My phone won't connect via Bluetooth to my 2007 Nissan versa