how long will the iphone 5 voice memo record

I had to restore my iphone 4s after it twice locked in a strange situation with Siri requiring double taps. I restored the phone and now it seems to be waiting for activation.

long iphone 5 voice memo record

Change navigation voice? I don't want a female voice

Is it possible to convert a voice memo from my iphone into a text file/word document? I want to interview someone and am lazy so dont want to have to type it up afterwards. Is this possible?

voice control starts by it self all the time. I have turnd of voice dialin but nothing happened. 

I have an iphone 4S with ios7 and have used the new voice Memos feature a few times since upgrading to the new ios.  But for some reason, I can't get these new voice memos to sync with my Mac

Operation is perfect with every other app except whenever the phone detects I'm making or receiving a voice call. No problem on facetime. The screen will instantly black out and to bring it b

I ask for Apple support, got an email to tab the " IOS diagnostic" button, but seems no response/nothing happen

I have an iphone 5c and I turned of Siri but voice control and now activated and I need to know to turn it of without turning siri back on.

I suspect a spy app on my iphone 4 that somebody watching my calls/ voice conversation. Can somebody help me to identify the app and how to remove it?

How long will Apple support the iphone 4s? I'm trying to hold out as long as possible before I have to change all of my accessories over to the new connector system.

I deactivated my iphone because it was stolen, how long will it take to fully deactivate?

I bought an unlocked iphone 5 on eBay in the United States, and I have it now in Japan. I have a job here now and I'd like to get a voice/data plan with a local carrier and activate the phone. How

my iphone 5s very low and unclear voice to other. i buy 3 day before.and latest ios update..please slove my problem

My iphone goes directly to voice mail if called from another cell. If called from a land line it works

Ive had my iphone 4 for a little bit over a year and all of a sudden my sound on my videos sound quiet and has a loud fuzzy sound please help me on how to fix this

Ive had all my phone smashed an cant see anything, what do i do? i need to get on my phone as soon as possible??

So I purchased my iphone 5c in October, the lightning cable got lumpy near the lightning head side and stopped working so I got a different one maybe the brand lenmar my dad purchased from walmart for

Hi everybody, After reading different suggestions on this forum and trying possibilities for hours,I have still not found a solution to the following problem.  I have made a voice memo recor

I upgraded to a 5c about a month ago.  Nearly every app I've downloaded takes at least 10 minutes.  Why is that?

I just installed the latest iOS 7 update today. Since then my voice to text and Siri will not work. voice to text I get the spinning blue circle and Siri replies that she can't help me at this tim

Does it really take 70 minutes to retore my phone to factory settings?

How can I stop the voice control? I hate that app

Vector maps are stored in iphone 5 so that they can be used offline. This is the only good feature of the ios6 maps but how long do the maps last offline?

While updating to the new IOS 7.1, my phone froze and went into recovery mode. I had to do a reset and update and then restore from a backup file which took upwards of an hour. Oh joy. I try to back u

My iphone 5 is in IOS 7.0.4 now. Is it good for me to upgrade to IOS 7.1? any issues in iphone 5 on IOS 7.1 especially battery back up. Please help.

My phone fell out of my jacket pocket and landed on the face (of course) and the screen is now cracked. How much would it cost and how long would it typically take to replace the screen?

I am trying to download the enhanced quality for Siri, and I can't. First, I'm having wifi problems. I can't turn it on, it's greyed out. I believe that is why I can't download it.

Experiencing complaints from people that I call that my voice is muffled and they can not understand me.

how can we record screen animations as video and playback on same app..??

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