the notes on my iphone 5 disappeared

I have a iphone 4s. I accidentally deleted the "notes" icon/built-in App on my phone.  I see it in my Settings but I can't get it back on my screen. Any suggestions

notes iphone 5 disappeared

Hi, gdgmacguy sorry yes my carrier network is just constantly searching in top left corner & I've tried everything so far airplane mode, network reset & hard reset with iTunes &

My movie icon disappeared from my Apple TV screen. I can't watch my movies on my Apple TV

I found my notes in my gmail account... which is a strange place for them.  But I want them under my notes app so that I can share them with my computer and ipad again... like it use to be. 

How can I retrieve accidently deleted notes on my iphone?

The App Store icon is gone from my screen but still shows up in apps how do I get it back?

Updated my sofeware on my iphone 4 last night to the newest version 7.1.1. but I now have lost the microphone feature on the keyboard. Any recommendations on how to retore this option.

All if my on phone disappeared from my 4s 7.1 and now I get a message to to go to the iTunes Store to download music I go to the store and see my music but download won't respond. I've tried r

Face time keeps disappearing of my phone

My notes show up on my iphone twice because of icloud. What is causing this?

They also are not in my iCloud mailbox.  I can only find them on my Mac by opening the notes app and accessing iCloud notes.  Is there a way to have them show up in gmail? OS is 10.8.5. iPho

You can recover your deleted notes from iphone with the Vibosoft iphone Data Recovery.

I've just sent my phone for repair recently. Before that I backed up everything on to iTunes Mac and then erased everything on my iphone. So where do i find my backed up notes on Mac?

I was trying to load purchased songs onto my iphone and two had an error and after I deleted them i downloaded them from off the iphone. Afterwards I lost half of my playlist not only that I can't

I was overseas taking pictures and videos and I had around 5 GB memory left~ when I reached home my battery drained to 0 and my phone shut off. After charging it was back on and I was swiping through

Except for the files, many data stored in our iPhones must be important. Luckly, I know the Vibosoft iphone Data Recovery can help recover the lost data.
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My camera app disappeared from my iphone 5S

In the AppStore in categories in free section there are iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, notes. But they have the prices near them. If they are free, then why are there prices near them? If not, then why are

Recently, my notes stopped syncing between my iphone 4S and iPad (3rd gen). I've never had this issue before. When I try to turn on notes under the iCloud settings, it says "Create a free @icloud.

My messaging icon disappeared.  How do I get it back?

itunes has disappeared from my iphone, probably canceled by mistake. How can I restore it ?

Connecting your iphone make sure to check iTunes<preferences< devices “prevent iphone from syncing automatically.” Because this will ensures we don’t erase the previously stored backup. Th

Can some one guide me as to how to restore icon "Settings" and "Face time" that have disappeared from my iphone? I am not able to make changes in the settings as I cannot access the settings. I am als

I was updating my Instagram and it was taking a very long time so I went on to Instagram on the App Store and and pressed the blue square button. After this Instagram disappeared from my home screen h

My application apps disappeared on my iphone, so I am unable to enter the App Store

I have deleted my notes on iphone 4s after I transfered everthing over to iphone 5s.Now notes are gone on both iphones.How can I get them back? I have checked all emails,signed in on the computer to i

After updating my phone cellular data network settings disappeared and i cant access it. Now have internet on my phone just when i am connected to wifi. Any help ??

Hello everyoneSince I updated my iphone 4 to IOS 7.1.1This ruler with letters at right side disappeared... How can I restore it ?   Thanks

I backed up my phone before it was replaced.  My apps have disappeared altogether, and my music is there but it indicates that I need to download (not pay for) each track again. It's only sma

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