people cant hear me on my lifeproof for iphone 5

I have just bought a new iphone 4s from the shop.When I make a call and I wish to turn the call on loud speaker the person I call can't hear me anymore and I can't hear her.I have tried to tur

people hear lifeproof iphone 5

Hi - I can only hear my music via headphones.  Speakers appear not to work at all as all alerts are now a very quiet buzz.  Speakers do not appear blocked nor microphone jack hole.  I c

Hello everybody! Recently I've been having a problem with my iphone 5c because when I speak my voice sounds very muffled on the other end of the line. I tried cleaning the microphones, I removed m

iMessage has recently been acting up and doesn't let me iMessage certain people this issue has happened 3 times so far and it fixed itself but it's not doing it this time

When I make a phone call on my iphone 4s the other person says I sound muffled and when they talk they can hear them selfs talking dose anyone know what is wrong with my phone????

When making or taking phone calls I can't hear very well...

Like I said above about a month ago I had water damage and now I just tried to turndown the brightness and it went black I'm really worried and I tried reseting it but it didn't work I need my

hi can anyone help me?, i have an iphone 5c about 2months old and randomly today i tried to play music but there was no sound. When  recieve calls it rings i pick up and its quiet no sound nothin

can't hear music off my iphone but i can hear call & etc.? HELP PLEASE!

my iphone 5 headphone port isnt working properly. when i plug my headphone in it says volume when i change the volume when i turn my iphone off and plug my headphones in and turn my phone back on it s

I got the phone in mid December of 2012 as a replacement, and have never scratched of dented or dropped it. This is really irritating and need my phone a lot. Help?

I accidentally spilled some water on my iphone 5, now I can't hear the clicks, nor can I hear the person when I get a phone call unless I turn on the speaker.  The phone will ring however...

The iphone screen is all black but you can hear the alarm and you can hear when it charges

i had my iphone 5c in my lifeproof case in the water and when i took my phone out there was a few drops on it but i didnt worry about it, but now it wont charge at all except to 4% and then it stops a

My phone randomly doesn't ring when people call and not sound the text alert. I checked all the settings and them seem to be correct. Sometimes it rings, many times it doesn't. I have missed s

Sir: Good morning. I own an iphone 4S, and i accidentally drop it. My problem is when i use the phone to call the other cannot hear my voice clearly, its scratchy... but i transfer to louder

I cracked my iphone 5c screen really badly, it was working for a few days and now the screen won't show. When I plug it in the charger, I hear the charging noise that it makes when plugged in to n

when i make calls, all i can hear is static, and when i plug in headphones or turn the speaker on, it still doesnt work. but facetime, music, an apps sound still work. help? iphone 5

Hey guys. Well I just got my iphone 4s and for some reason I have sound issues. I can't hear anything from it. When I try to turn up the volume it says Ringer. I blowed the dock area and stuff som

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to fix this? The phone is new (less than 5 days old) and was working perfectly until now.

Whenever I call someone and out them on speakerphone they can never hear me. I was just wondering if this was a hardware issue or maybe I hit a button somewhere. I know it's not the mute button wh

My iphone 4s was dropped and suddenly screen went black,but phone is on I can hear phone ring How can I get screen on,eventhough I tried to hold on power and home button at the same time upto 40secs.I

When I call someone using facetime I can not hear the other person.

It is only 3 months I purchased this iphone and now it is stuck in Recovery Mode when I tried to Update. I have tried all the suggestions I have read from Apple Support and the Apple Community. Nothin

Have a 5S and lifeproof case and when using the headphone adapter to keep it waterproof the phone still thinks the headphones are attached after they are removed.  Is there a fix other than turni

i installed the last download application and now i can't hear out of my phone.  has this happen to anyone

My phone started sounding very bad a couple of days ago.  people sound very garbled and a buzzing sound is in the background.  Is it a button I accidentally hit?  Is there a way to fix

I updated my phone on Saturday and without thinking, made a phone call. Initially I thought I had no signal as I couldn't hear anything and it was soon apparent that my boyfriend on the other end

I can hear people when I use the speaker but can't if I don't have them on speaker phone.  They can hear me.

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