how do I reload clock on my iphone 5

My iphone 5 clock is not working properly.  I've tried to reset it, and update the clock automatically and manually, and the time is still off.  My alarms aren't working because of t

reload clock iphone 5

my iphone 4s will run out of battery when you reload I appeared blocked with a message that said "I lost my iphone call me at this number," which had nothing to do with me, and sent me to settings, ca


When i lock my iphone 5c, the clock stops working, so if i lock my phone for 2 hours my clock falls 2 hours behind, i have tried reseting the phone, changing clock settings and everything i found on t

My clock isn't properly updating.  I'll reset the clock to the current time and for some reason it just stops working and I have to constantly reset it.  When I reset the whole phone

My phone's clock will go back and forth between 3 or 4 minutes of the day, All day.   For instance.  If I set it to 6:30.  It will stay somewhere between 6:30 and 6:34 all day.

I have an iphone 5c model A1507, and 4 days ago the clock was delayed without reaseon. I did not find an explication. already tried to restart, make backup, but wihtout sucess. What i need to do?

Hey guys, So I have been having a recurring and permanent problem ever since I moved to iOS 7. I have an iphone 5 and with iOS 6 the timer function with-in clock was working perfectly, up un

I updated my iphone 5 to iOS 7.1 and now when I go on my home wifi it connects for about 25 seconds then disconnects for 20 seconds and repeats this cycle over and over again in a never ending loop I

Mr cookIm am from Portugal i have a iphone5s and i found a promblem !when your Phone is locked the only way to unlock is by Touch ID or a 4 digit code right !! Wrong, if you enter the control center a

The clock on my iphone 5c stopped working ? Anyone have this problem?

My phones clock keeps freezing. i have iOs 7.0.6 and whenever i restart it the correct time shows up. but, the clock freezees. please help!

Since upgrading to 5S, 3 of my Apps will not finishing updating.  These Dictionary, Pages and Ord Sur maps.  I have plenty of storage in iCloud and Dictionary and Pages work ok on my iPad.&#

The date showing on the calendar app icon is correct and the world clock date and time are correct, but within the calendar app the time and date are not correct. Other apps such as Viber are showing

the clock which is in built app we want to give an option for user to write/note the country name or city name for users easy of now app has pre written name .... which is most of them

My phone turns off and on randomly . Before it turns off  blue red green lines would appear on my screen. (Like a computer before it turns on). I've tried every reset trick you can think of.

Okay so I'm in the UK and since I updated to iOS 7.0.5 I've noticed my clock has been the wrong time. The clock just moves for a few minutes and then freezes until I turn off automatic date an

Attached is a screenshot. I have tried removing and adding clocks. You'll notice some change (check the top clock in the bar) and some don't. Notice how it should all read 33 minutes. If you s

Has any one had any issues with their clock changing time randomly on their iphone 5c? it will go up in time then back several times during the day. I am the only one in the house that this is happeni

I've had my iphone 5c for around 2/3 months when the iphone 5c basically came out i had no problems with it until around a month ago just before the update for IOS 7.0.4. The only problem i have

I have a problem with my alarm clock, when it beeps on 7 o'clock am, I keep sleeping and can't wake up ? Maybe I need some service packs or somethinhg ? My friend says that maybe I need some b

iOS7.0.4(iphone,Safari)-After entering Credit Card Info, a prompt appears asking to save/never save/not now - after clicking "not now", it doesn't let me proceed to next page and keeps displaying

Can u guys make possible to change the clock color I Change the picture from the background and now it's very hard to see the time Thank uDa Silva

App Store app has disappeared and  am not able to download apps. How can I reinstall?

I loaded iOS7 and since then my phone has been frap.  It works ok unless I need to reboot then it keeps rebooting in a continious loop.  The only resolution has been to restore from backup.

Nokia N9 has a great feature of always displaying a digital clock when the proximity sensor senses enough space around the phone. More about it here:

Okay so i have safari, twitter and facebook apps opened and i am currently updating twitter. In between i jump to facebook by twice pressing the home button on my iphone 4s running iOS7. What happens

Hi there  Since the latest iOS update my phone no longer works with my alarm clock. It's a branded named one and would play my music as alarm to wake me up. Now when I stand it in cradle it c

I downloaded iOS7 to my i4s and I hate it, is there any way to reload/go back to my iOS6?

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