how to sleep iphone 5

Lock botton is very lose an make noise

sleep iphone 5

I paid for my iphone 5' s replacement because of the sleep botton. Will apple refund me?According to my serial number my iphone was entitle for free repair or replacement.Regards

my iphone 5 died last night while I was sleep. I have had it on charge all day and still has not came back on. I also tried to hold the sleep/home button. Is there anyway I could get my phone back on

Hi, I have loved iPhones since they first were released but I have noticed that since the iphone 4s was released, many people are having trouble with the sleep (on and off) button on the top of the ph

I just got my iphone 2weeks ago, and my sleep/wake button has become loose, what should i do?

hi iphone 5 device from america's sleep / wake button, do not change it in Turkey. What do I need for it. according to my device replacement program. Thanks.

Hello, I have the iphone 5, and I want to chang the phone that the sleep / wake button however, i am in tawan, how could i chage the phone cause i buy it in usa apple store so can i sen

We'll I visited Westfield London Apple store on the 2nd May and was quoted 7-10 days for the repair, it took nearly an hour just to book my iphone in for repair. As I'd not heard anything by t

Hi!I currently have an iphone 5, but my sleep button is broken.  I went to my closest Apple retail store a few months ago and they told me it would be almost $300 for a fix, because I would need

Can you explain why, exactly, you think they should fix a problem that you're not having?

My phone is eligible for replacement under the recent scheme by apple as my sleep/wake button is not working.I purchased my phone in australia. Now settled in India. I tried calling apple support for

My iphone is in Apple Replacement program and button is not working properly. I bought it from US and now i stay in India. Will apple authorised centre will entertain my device or i have to ship back

I recently upgraded to the 5s, so I delegated my old iphone 4 to a music player/daughter checking instagram and email.  Three days ago I plugged the iphone 4 into iTunes to update it, the OS bega

My iphone goes into deep sleep mode after few 10 minutes.Only way to wake up/turn on the phone is to press sleep/wake and home button together for 8 seconds.Is there any setting to change this behavio

i have iphone 5. it doesn't working well. and i heard my iphone and extra pay( about 80 dollors) are change 5s or 5c???

I bought iphone5 from dubai using it in india will my iphone will be eligible for sleep button replacement programme in india

My device is shown eligible for replacement of sleep/wake button which has given me trouble over the past few months. This is a US GSM factory unlock device purchased last year but is now in India. Ki

After upgrading to iOS7.1, the sleep button is non responsive most of the time. I have restored a backup to the phone and reset all settings and it is still non responsive. Have not had any issue unti

Was just wondering why some phones are replaced & others not? Is there a secret hand shake or specific "terms" to use to describe your problem?

My phone hasn't been working for about 5 hours now, what should I do? It does react a little when I try to use it, but I can't type in my password at all.

Hi I think , I found out some issue in IOS 7.1  that caused it's not work properly .  1-  wifi is on , when i locked my phone , for 2 or 3 min wifi is "ON" and after that autom

So basically, I downgraded iOS 7.0.6 (because it looks horrible and it's laggy) to iOS 6.1.3 on my iphone 4 using a custom firmware I created with my SHSH Blobs for iOS 6.1.3. During the restore,

I have just been into the Apple store because my sleep / wake button has stopped working and it is safe to say they were more than usless. I have had my iphone 5 16GB since release and it has been gre

My iphone 5 has an issue with the sleep button as well as the volume down button.  I am reading online that this is an issue and wondered if it can be replaced if I ma one month out of warranty.

My sleep/wake button doesn't work on my iphone 4 is there any apps I can download to make it sleep

I cannot use my iphone5 on/off button to lock my screen is there any available app that i can download to lock it?!

my sleep button stopped working. I have tried resetting my phone and my software is up to date. does anyone have a solution?

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