speakerphone not working on iphone 5 IOS 6.1.2

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My phone stopped working

speakerphone working iphone 5 IOS 6.1.2

ugh that's what I was afraid of, thanks though

My iphone 5S 16 GB  is 3 month old.and speaker is not working properly.Please reply what should I do??  RegardsPriyesh

My 3G isnt working, whenever im not connected to my wifi i cannot send a txt or use internet, even thou i have all bars of reception and 3G symbol showing. not sure what opperating system im using as

My iphone 5 clock is not working properly.  I've tried to reset it, and update the clock automatically and manually, and the time is still off.  My alarms aren't working because of t

my iphone 5s fall and the screen was crashed, I replaced another , and it works. but the damage is more than screen, the sound between caller and receiver during calls not working. So plz help !!!!!!!

I purchased a game on the 14th and I need my money back for it because it doesn't work

Hi; I am a pianist and find it easy to record my home performances with my iphone’s camera, in order to keep track of how I am sounding. Obviously though I’ve had to go down the route of a

front camera not working

my iphone 4s will be 2 years in july and not long ago my iphone screen would glitch and then go all white, the other day it went white but then when i hit it to see if it would go back to normal my sc

led light on my iphone 5 is not working properly... neither cam flash nor torch... out of 50 trials maybe once it lights up and rest no reaction at all... the torch symbol turns on but the light doesn

The warranty is only good in the country of original purchase. You would have to get the iphone back to someone in the U.S who could then get it to Apple for replcaement

touch pad not working properly for iphone 4s. Few letters are not working at all and my phone ios slowly loosing touch sensitivity. I lost my phone and got the new phone 10 months back.

The screen suddenly stops working. Sometimes it's only parts of the screen that stops working(Mostly the lower part of the screen keeps on working). Other times, the whole screen stops. I find thi

This morning ny phone was working perfectly fine untill i intended to go to my home screen, so when i pressed the button my phone turned off and my apple loggo appeared. Then i tryed again to turn my

Hey guys I have a iphone 5 and my charger is not working it keeps poping up saying "accessory not certified" and it's the real charger it came with my brand new iphone 5.  This is really frus

When I play videos or music only the speakers on the bottom right side work.

Hi Sooo this afternoon after having just made a call (30-60 seconds prior) I tried to use my phone.Somehow my screen was stuck and would not let me swipe between my pages. After that the screen s

The on/off button on my iphone has stopped working on the right side and only about 4/10 timeson the left. If I take it into the Apple store will they replace my phone for free or will I have to pay f

Hey, I have recognized today that my GPS is not working on my iphone 5s anymore. I already rebooted the device many times, I also did a reset of the network settings and I turned the locations service

A broken screen I can deal with. But I have never heard of someone dropping their phone and all of a sudden it can not make calls or send texts.

Hi My Wifi is not working. Have ios 6.1 installed and installed 7.1. Dont want to revert back to 5.1 as some apps will not run. Tried the fix by putting it into the fridge and it works for a

I bought my i5 from Qatar, now it's sleep/wake button is not working.can I service it from Dubai

My problem started about a week and a half ago and it happens at least once a day. I'll be using imessage on my iphone 4s with no problems at all, then suddenly the message i just sent doesnt send

I want to send it off to repair but i cant live without a phone for 12 days?! So do they give free replacement untill you phone arrives ?! And the repair for iphone 5 power button takes 12 working day

My iphone 5 has frozen. I have tried pressing the top and home button together but it still doesn't work.Siri works but I can't swipe to unlock or get any further.

My phone was exposed to literallya drop of water and has since become unresponsive to touch, slide, or tap. Only the home  button and sleep button work please help ive tried reboot

he;lpp!! i dropped my iphone and face down on the screen andwhen i picked it up it was working and everything , when i got inside the house and checked it the screen goes black then it goes white and

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