how to transfer music on imac to iphone 5

I sadly lost my old iphone and PC. Now got a new one and would like to know if there is a way to transfer purchased (free and paid) apps to my new iphone. Thanks

transfer music imac iphone 5

i buy already new laptop (ex one is completely out of order). all programs and instruments are downloaded to the new laptop related apple software such as itunes, icloud and etc... but, i don' t h

It will say at the bottom repeat and shuffle but not create to make a radio station. Please help.

We could play from where we left off last, even if the music app wasnt on, by directly pressing the play/pause button in mic/earpod. But in the new iOS 7, the music does not play on pressing the butto

Hello, I was wondering if I "Erase All Content and Settings" on my iphone 4s if I coult get the music I have on here now back on to my iphone after I have reset it

I recently imported Now 87 Disc 1 onto my iphone 4S with iOS7.1. I imported the music onto my PC with iTunes 11 and put it onto my iphone with CopyTrans Manager v1.002. I opened the music app on my iP

My iphone stops playing music.  It could last half a second or the whole day.  But when it starts turning off, it will do it repeatedly unitl I just give up.  It doesn't matter if t

They don't even give the consumer the option of having iPod or their advertisement hungry music app i will never buy another apple product again not only because of the iPod but my dashboard looks

I have erased my entire music list and resynced from my laptop. After doing this, the songs have remained on my phone and still play but instead of being saved to the phone, they are saved to iCloud.

How do you delete music from iphone 5 some one help!!??!!

I'm about to upgrade to an iphone 5 and I'm going to give my iphone 4 to my 6yearold son to use as a music player and game player. Can I use the find-my-iphone app to keep track of him if the

Recently my hard drive on my imac crashed and I had to get a new external hard drive.  I was able to retrieve most of my applications, including iLife, which includes iPhoto. For the first t

Hello! I'm proud owner of a new iphone 5S. Now I want to transfer music from my Macbook to my iphone. I thought that was possible with airdrop? But how to do, please?

Is it possible to convert a voice memo from my iphone into a text file/word document? I want to interview someone and am lazy so dont want to have to type it up afterwards. Is this possible?

Hello, I just started having an issue with my iphone 4s.  It is not playing music.  It won't play from the music app, or sound cloud, or 8 tracks, or even youtube.  I thought i

I lost my iphone 4 while holiday in Malaysia.& just bought iphone 5S. How to transfer data from lost iphone to new phone 5S? Now in Singapore ... Abu Hashim/S'pore

As of last week I get a connection error when hooking up my iphone 4s in my car to play music. Us this a software issue?

my iphone 4S is smashed, I was able to retrieve the SIM card but I understand it only contains phone number, etc. Is there any way of retrieving my music, contacts, photos, calendar or notes? The phon

As above - although my iphone will charge when connected through a lightning pin adapter on an external device, it won't play music through it - the music just plays through the iphone speakers. I

Hi to all, I want to transfer my contacts from nokia to iphone 5s. Is there nay possiblity of transferring my contacts saved in nokia symbian to iphone, apart from typing every single contac

Hi I was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this The music app on my iphone 5 keeps freezing...I can't us play, pause skip... I have already reset the phone a number of times...through

I am trying to put music to my phone and my sisters apple id keeps apareing so what can i do to have my id come up?

The music app in my iphone always used to have a "bought" playlist, where the music I downloaded automatically appeared. Now its stopped to work, I deleted it, hoping it would reset itself, but it'

Purchased a new iphone 5s and they turned on without transfering my games or music. I am transferring music but cannot see my Words With Friends to transfer.  I am in the middle of a couple games

Recently update my iOS system to 7.1 and all my music has disappered. It is still in my library, but my phone will not syc with it as far as I can tell. Any quick solutions?

My iPad 2 and iphone 5 are not connecting properly to my new imac.  They have connected with USB cable without issue over the last couple of days, but today, as soon as they connect to the cable

(IOS 7 update trouble) My music app icon is missing from my home screen and I have to go through the search to find and use it. How do I get the icon back on my home screen

For the last week or so my 5s randomly starts the music app and plays a random music from my library.  It's very annoying and has been a little embarassing in business meetings when a Greatfu

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