how to transfer music on imac to iphone 5

I got a life case for my phone and after I put it on the phone it stopped playing any sounds or music or anything out of the headphones and is playing it through the speaker instead. Yes I used the sc

transfer music imac iphone 5

I recently bought an iphone 4s and I often played a song true the speakers.when i listend closer i only played true one. Is this normal?Thank you

How do I enable my speakers and volume control for my iphone 4. They no longer work for music

Help! My laptop crashed, and I lost important pictures which I had synced to my iphone 4... How can I transfer the picture folders from my iphone 4, which I no longer use, to my new laptop?  I cu

i have two different apple id's, one on my computer and one on my phone. i connected my phone to sync music and i lost most of my music. i realised that the music i lost is from the apple id on my

I have a new iphone and have kept my old one to play music in another room.  I have recently updated my software on the new iphone and when it backed up it backed up to the old iphone, I have the

My phone is missing the quick scrub alphabet down the right side of the screen in the "Artists" section of the music app. The letters appear in the "Songs" section just fine. The letters are present i

Hi - I can only hear my music via headphones.  Speakers appear not to work at all as all alerts are now a very quiet buzz.  Speakers do not appear blocked nor microphone jack hole.  I c

The strangest thing occured on my iphone after updating to 7.1.1, I can listen to music from the speaker and I can have voice conversations using my earbuds, but I can't listen to music through th

i already have music on my iphone, i just bought a new laptop today and wanted to add a few more songs, but i cannot because it says my iphone is synced with the itunes library that is on my old lapto

How can I transfer my contacts from an Android Smartphone to the iphone?

I have downloaded a free music downloader from the appstore and my iphone is not jailbroken is it possible to catch any virus from those apps ?

Hi there I have an iphone 5 and want to transfer my photos onto my pc using windows vista... could anyone help please? Cheers

I restored my phone and now the music will not download, everything else will expect my music. What can i do!!?

how do I get my music louder on my iphone 5c

my i phone 5s keep on crashing apps like (videos, music, mail..etc) after downgrading from IOS 8 Beta to IOS 7.1.1

I need to transfer songs which i have purchased from my iphone to another iphone. Is there any way to do this via airdrop or wifi .. without using the itunes.??

My iphone 5 plays the beat to songs but the voices on the songs are very quiet and distorted sounding. I have tried multiple pairs of headphones to see if that was the issue but the problem keeps reoc

All if my on phone disappeared from my 4s 7.1 and now I get a message to to go to the iTunes Store to download music I go to the store and see my music but download won't respond. I've tried r

All I did was text and play music for a little while.  At exactly 3:58 pm I sent a text I checked my  phone later at exactly 4:02 pm and it was black when I call it it wont ring. My ipod did

Can I transfer my data from my android phone(Samsung infuse) to an iphone I.e my calendar ,pics and contacts ? And how difficult is it?

I couldn't able to transfer pics from my iphone to pc?

how do i transfer movies in my laptop to itunes and then to iphone???

Please help me transfer purchased apps from my current ios6 to new ios7 program.

Dear Team,Why Apple not give option on Whatsapp for sending music file? I am using sone trick but when i send music file via whatsapp other person download it but some time music file not played becau

I can't alter any music on my 5s through itunes. I'm not sure if it's to do with the latest update or because i had my laptop re-installed. Any help would be great!!

hi can anyone help me?, i have an iphone 5c about 2months old and randomly today i tried to play music but there was no sound. When  recieve calls it rings i pick up and its quiet no sound nothin

Thanks for letting me know because i've tried everything to transfer my music from my I phone4s to my itunes. Can you give me the names of some good 3rd party apps that will allow me to do this?

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