having trouble with texting iphone 5

hay there, i am having trouble getting my phone to charge, the phone seems to recognise that there is a cable inserted as it flashes when you insert/remove it. iv tried another cable and also plugged

trouble texting iphone 5

Hi, my iphone 5s ear phone hole has stoped working, it will not play sound through ear phones nor auxiliary cords only through phone speaker, what can i do? has anyone else encountered this problem?

I'm currently trying to add music to my phone, but it isn't working. I have an iphone 4S and I've updated it to iOS 7. I never had this problem until I had to wipe my phone and back it up

My iphone 4s will not connect to the Wifi. I can't even turn it on. Can someone provide me with help?

My stepson is having the problem so I will try to explain.  He plays the game Clash of Clans; however, his little brother does also. They are on the same Gamecenter account. I guess they have dif

My phone keeps asking me to put in the iCloud password for an account I no longer use. I have changed my Apple ID to the new email address I use but it still prompts me to put in the password for an e

every time I try to download an app a message that says "adding to tweetlist to customize twitter clients list" and it won't go away so I have to reboot my phone and I don't know how to make i

I tried to deactivate my find my iphone app as im having to send my phone off to be fixed, when I tried to do it I turned the settings to lost phone and now I cant activate my phone to change it?

I just recieved my replacement iphone 5 yesterday and was trying to activate but it won't allow me too. I've contacted verizon and they were not able to help. ANy help is apprieciated!!

I have just used wifi to install the iOS 7.1 update and my phone has restarted and come up with "connect to itunes". When I did this it said "iTunes has detected an iphone in recovery mode. You must r

My two year contract with Verizon is almost up, which means I can ditch the Android and get an iphone (which is what I wanted but the sales guy and my husband threw a fit, so I broke under pressure an

Since I did the newest upgrade two days ago, my phone will type 1000 letters in a text message, then I can't delete it. I was trying to set my alarm and it would change the time ever time I tried

Hi, i have a trouble on the battery was very quickly to low when i update my iphone 5s to IOS7.1. i want to know how i can download a fully IOS7.1 package?

hi I'm having trouble with my simcard after i restared it i tried putting my sim card in and it said replace meant needed and the home button stopped working but the iphone 5s still has apple warr

Am having trouble downloading this app to my phone can some please help me

Hi everyone! I have an iphone 4S and I'm having trouble connecting my phone to the cable. It seems like the 30-pin dock connector is a bit overused and I have to make a big effort every time

I have trouble with charge battery connection, how will I do? I have buy insurance for my phone

I have an iPhone4s and I had to make numerous attempts for my phone to start charging.  After a couple weeks of this problem, my phone won't connect at all to charge.   The rest of

with IOS7 why can't you see the bubble on the screen to know someone is texting back?

Hello,  When i  try to unlock my iphone 5s with Touch ID i have sometime a restart or the load screen (white screen / black Apple).  Same for you ?  iphone 5s, gold/champagne, last

my iphone 4 had went black and now it wont turn back on i was jsut texting on it a few mins. ago then when i went to check my texts it was black i tried holding the power button down but that didnt wo

having major trouble with my iphone 5 battery life. When fully charged - lucky to last 20 minutes in standby mode before completely draining and then switching off.  Anyone else have this trouble

having trouble sending and receiving iMessages from all contacts with iPhones.  I don't understand why this is going on, or what to do to fix problem .

I am trying to update my iphone 5 to the newest version (7.4) but it says I do not have enough space on my computer to update, though I have 8GB. Shouldbnt this be more than enough space? I have tried

I own a new iphone 5 S, but I'm having trouble transmission is (the network). I go where the transmitter is equivalent to almost once a day or once every other day and not only because I work only

After updating to iOS7 last week my 4S touchscreen stops working today and only works again after a hard reset.

hi my iphine 4 isnt letting me text or call what is going on, someone had told me there could be a recall on my phone?

Hello, All. I recently inherited an iphone 4. I attempted to download an app and was told that I needed to update the software first. As there was a software update available, I installed it. Now, the

If I go back to correct a typo, my phone freezes.  I've reset the ohone but that didn't help. What can be done to correct this prob;em?

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