updates not showing iphone 5

Hello. iphone 4 activation error.Wrong imei showing in settings. I bought it recently and the owner said it was locked to UK Vodafone carrier,but it seems that it wasn't.I checked two:free and pai

updates showing iphone 5

My i phone is only showing a flashing apple logo and will not respond to hard resets or any button use at all. Can anyone shed light on this.

How do i undo ios updates to revert back to original

When I connect my new iphone 5c to my PC, it does not show in elplorer. I want to get to the DCIM folder on the phone.

Since updating my iphone 4S it has started showing no service, i have gone into the apple store and they couldn't fix it does anyone have any suggestions?

please help me to fix my iphone 5s?after i update ios7 screen showing blue color and not opening. help me please

I dont have visa or any card to download games updates

No indication of problems.  Just plugged it in to charge and the lock up happened.  Won't turn off or repond to the button.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Recently update my iOS system to 7.1 and all my music has disappered. It is still in my library, but my phone will not syc with it as far as I can tell. Any quick solutions?

My iphone is running and then it suddenly had a solid blue screen. By holding the power button and home button which shut off the iphone. I hold the two buttons till i saw the apple and a solid green

I'm wondering how to change the email to my apple account on my phone to help make it to where I can download updates on my phone. Everything is fine for my mac but I need to know how to change th

How do I get my iphone messages to show up again on my iPad. I did a backup and then restore to my phone.  I then did a backup on my iPad.

i have a 5S and a 2011 macBook air. all updates are installed.  after the most recent updates i can no longer sync/backup my phone.  i get a message that says "iTunes cannot read the content

Hi all, I really hope someone can help me out I am about done with my phone forever after the trouble it has given me in the last two weeks.  The issue now is that all of my music is not showing

My iphone 5 will not come out of recover mode It stops like 75% of the way, and show error 1 while trying to restore it.....I have tried different usb ports restarting the computer.....what else can I

This has been working in the past but today it is not. I have updated to iOS software 7.1 (11D167) but I don't know if that caused this problem. I only know that I have successfully installed soft

my phone died a little earlier and its been on the charger since about 1:50 and its now 8:01 and ive tried holding the power button and the home button but its still only showing the battery charging

I entered the incorrect passcode for my iphone 5 and now have a "iphone is disabled" message which does not allow me to access anything other than emergency calling.  How can I re-enable this pho

I can't get my iphone to install the latest update. When I click on software update it just continuously says "checking for update" and nothing happens. I am also unable to download or update apps

Why will onenote not install on my iphone 5.  I have the app downloaded but it will not install. It just goes directly back to showing its in the cloud.  I do have my wifi on and plugged in

I got a iphone 5s last week. It has all the latest updates. There is a red dot above the voicemail icon which will not go away, I have tried reseting the statistics, resting the phone, turning off(and

I have been using the garmin fit app for running. Last 2 months though the phone picks up my position on GPS on starting my run, it is erroneous subsequently. It either shows a very fast speed (20kms

What do I do when the only Icon on my Phone is the Itunes with USB Icon showing up too?

I installed the new iphone software update and now my phone is frozen and the screen only shows the plug in with an arrow pointing to itunes...how do I fix this so i can go back to using my phone asap

my wifi is greyed out ..my bluetooth n hotspot is not working and its showing problem in resetting all setting plez help..

i buy iphone5s its unblocked and recently i update iso 7.1 and now it showing sim not valid