white boxes on top of iphone 5 display

there are some bright white spots on my iphone 5s in the bottom right corner.it is clearly visible on white background .my phone is working perfectly fine.there is no problem with the touch.but this s

white boxes top iphone 5 display

Hey there my names mason adkins and i bought a iphone 5c yellow 16gb and i had to have the screen replaced well i had the screen replaced professionally and now that i got it back it shows no display

I was cleaning the screen on my iphone 5 and suddenly everything is huge, and I cannot move things around to even turn the phone off and reboot it! Help!

My 1 year + old iphone 5 has recently developed this slight green tint of about 2mm surrounding all four sides of the display. The tint is most obvious when there is a white background, which there ar

Hi Guys, my iphone 4 showing bad retina display and showing horizontal lines? What could be the problem???

I'm trying to change my credit card info in my phone so I go to iTunes and app settings and then select Apple ID and view Apple ID then the screen turns white and it stays like that. How can I fix

My camera roll is a mess. so many photos over each other. I need categories to organize them. I created albums, but its still mess! And it takes so much time to find that one picture. Am asking if the

If my display is broken and I don't have an official apple store in my country what should I do?

Hi, My iphone was stolen and fortunately I got it back(Police traced it and returned to me). My iphone is not showing any display not even an apple logo after pressing the Home and Lock butt

Hi all, the display on my iphone suddenly started showing a series of white lines on all over the screen. They r more in the icon columns. I also can see a bold green line which is approximately 3mm o

When I do a reset via on/off and Home button the lines disappear and the LCD has large vertical lines.I try to reset my iphone 5C to the initial factory settings via iTunes. However the LCD touchscree

he;lpp!! i dropped my iphone and face down on the screen andwhen i picked it up it was working and everything , when i got inside the house and checked it the screen goes black then it goes white and

I have an apple iphone 5s and i'm facing a problem. Sometimes when i unlock my phone with passcode or finger tip my screen goes white around the corners. Please advice what kind of issue is this.

Suddenly my iphone 5s display came black marks on left side and up and down of screen and when restart my phone it's light blings on screen Please help.

My iphone 4 wouldn't respond so I locked my phone and now it won't display the lock screen when I try to unlock it, it still vibrates when I plug it in though. Help?

Hi, often I am getting green bar waves across my screen. May what is the cause for this? and how rectify this?

iphone 4s display brightness greatly reduced, unable to see screen outside in daylight.  Any ideas?

A black blot on the bottom most left corner of the screen of about 1.5 cm wide longitudinally and dim horizontal lines across the screen which has prevailed past four days, any display hardware probs.

My iphone 5 just displays the iTunes logo & plug image after I plugged it in from a dead battery.  I connected it to iTunes on my computer which said I needed to restart to factory settings.

My iphone 4S just randomly restarted its self but my phone is still functioning just the screen is black with only the apple sign... Help would be much appreciated please :)

I just started using my iphone 4s 3 days ago. Today in the morning the screeen just stopped working!!!!! I didnt drop it or anything, it just turned white and slowly dims out making vertical and horiz

My phones lock button is broken, my phone went dead and won't turn on again. I can't restore my phone on itunes because it is telling me to turn off Find My Phone, and I can't get on my ph

sorry in advance, introduce my name is reza januar institutions from Indonesia. I recently bought an iphone 5 white color but I want to replace with black, the solution please thank you

I have not dropped my phone recently and it was charging just fine earlier in the day, but did not respond at all now. If anyone has had this issue it would be a big help if I didn't have to go al

friends help me plzmy iphone is crashed and go to bloue screen i conect it to pc and try to restore but erroe 40 is display and cant continue restore what i do now?im in iran

two days before my iphone 5 battery was expand and display screen came out and now there has some gap between frame and display.so how it will happen and i already got before months.now i need to back

Has anyone's screen messed up on pixel display and multiplied the images vertically across the phone?

Hey all, Recently today I dropped my iphone 5s and white vertical bars started to appear in the right hand side of my phone... Do I just need to get my screen replaced or is there more to the pro

I bought a factory unlocked apple iphone 4s 16gb white on eBay , it turns on let's me select language and country then goes to wifi or connect thru iTunes , but thru iTunes it says can't activ

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