white boxes on top of iphone 5 display

after dropping my iphone into the water its screen show nothing but i hear sounds so its working and lcd itslef is ok (tested on other devices) what is the problem ? and whats the cost of repairi

white boxes top iphone 5 display

after trying to charge my iphone 5s suddenly it got crashed turnned in to white screen then blue screen and it keeps on repeating and so on untill the battery died and when i try to charge the chargin

yeah so it wont charge..the white apple logo only comes up when on a charger but it never goes past that screen.. it doesnt connec to my comp.. i tried to recover it on two seperate computers..one ga

I am using I phone 5c after connected with my HP elite book 6930p laptop, (Installed  Window 7  32 bit).  automatic software driver is not deducting,  and display Windows found dri

My iphone display sometimes getting bigger than normal size. So big sometimes  that I can't use it and I must turn it off. Anyone know what happened ?

When replace the touch pad and display of iphone 4s does it function like original one? Does display quality same like original? Does touchpad works fine like original?

white screen with multi colored lines on i phone

I have an iphone 5C and I would like to replace my black screen with a white screen (maybe a white iphone 5 screen), but I am not sure if apple would do it for me.

Phone fell out of pocket today and now the display screen is white.  Turned it off to see if it would reset, no luck.  Tried to the 2 button reset and screen turned grey.  Screen not cr

i was on facetime with my friend and then i got a Snaochat; i went to the snapchat screen, opened the Snapchats, and then tried to go back to the facetime screen. my phone screen turned white then bla

my iphone 5s dipaly gone blank but cell on calling is ringing

My iphone 5 overheated so i turned it off to cool down and now it wont turn back on? When i plug it in the white apple logo appears intermittently for about 5 seconds on and then 5 seconds off and so

My phone is responsive, it rings and vibrates when I get notifications, but I can't see anything on the screen besides the lines. I could replace the screen, but is it a deeper problem beyond just

My phone has recently had some software issues, the screen will not slide to unlock and flashes white. My phones screen has been cracked for 5 months and it was working fine, And I am unable to turn i

i connected my iphone to mac  and it said it will synced and now its jus black screen with the white apple turning on and off

I have never had problems starting my iphone. The battery died, and it won't turn on when I'm charging it. The white screen with the apple appears sporadically, but it doesn't proseed to t

My iphone 5c currently started displaying the wrong time. I hadnt updated the software yet and thought this was the source of the issue. After the update was complete the time was still incorrect. I h

My iphone 5 display is white with red/blue or green at the top scrolling.  Anyone had this problem?

it went black with apple with bite out of it and white line under it what do i do

How do I get pictures in Contacts to appear full screen when the phone rings instead of as a thumbnail?

My iphone5s keeps displaying, data usage . How do I get rid of this display

Hi, I am from South AFrica and have just switched on my new 5C. It displays a ''LL/A'' message. How do I get pass this display to start the setup?

I recently dropped my phone and it cracked. When i went to go look to check my phone I saw that the screen was white and there are some colored lines. I think it is the LCD screen, but is the LCD scre

Hi.  I have an white iphone 5, but the phones body have been damaged so.  Can I change the body??

hi my wife has a iphone 5 and she  clicked on reset settings by accident and now it  just has a white screen with a black apple logo on and does nothing how can i resolve this thank you

What is problem with my iphone 5?

I dropped my iphone 5 face down on the hard floor and the display is consequently broken. The glass is in tact but the screen is showing black/purple/green. Would anybody have any idea how much this w

My iphone is locked sim and puk code but I tried remember lost puk code and don't remember puk code and carrier network is sprint USA if I need your help how I put puk cod and locked sim and I nee

Since Oct. 7 last I have a 5S. Before had a 4S. About 4S no complaints, so the 5S maybe faster, better cam and so on but what I really hate it that stupid white circle in a black square you can move a

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