how to delete app on iphone 5s

How do you delete music from iphone 5 some one help!!??!!

delete app iphone 5s

As of last night, I tried to remove a few of my apps and they froze the screen completely. Then 2-3 minutes later, the phone completely restarts. I tried again the phone went through the same process.

Certain apps seem to keep collecting data. Why can't I just go to settings-->usage and delete it?

My daughter has some applications of her phone that want to delete... I have been able to get the icons to "wobble" but there is no "X" in the corner to delete the application.  I have also conne

When I plug my iphone 4 into my Mac is tells me that Documents and Data is taking up 2.63GB of storage. I have no idea what this is and it is taking up more storage than any of my other tabs (Music, A

I cannot delete old account Apple ID what can I do

if i buy i cloud storage and back up all my memory and then delete pics on my camera roll and some apps will it still be on my cloud space?

I would really like to either delete or hide a couple of the native apps that came with my iphone 5s and I can't figure it out.  Thanks.

I'm having issues deleting texts from my iphone 4S.  When I try to delete them, it freezes my messages.  When I restart the phone, the texts that I attempted to delete, reappear.  I

Last night I sent a text to my sister at 8:00 and my contacts were there, when she responded at 8:36 they were gone and so are my notes.

There is a problem with iphone 5.Seems to be a design or manufacturing fault, phones made circa late 2012/2013. Note - my phone and several other colleagues too. On the basis of Apple ignoring fa

my iphone is losing starage space.  When I connect it to itunes it shows that most of the memory is being taken up by documents and data.  How do I delete documents and data?

Hello my name is George and I have a lot of applications that I have downloaded and deleted and I would like to know how to get ride of them form my searches and recently downloaded and my battery doe

Wish to all....... I already created a apple id but i dint able to uerif i go to use it showe like" your appleid not yet been used  in itune store" .please assist me how i can resolve this p

I  just moved from a 4 to a 5c and migrated my apps via the app store.  All but five worked fine.    I could not get those five to open so I decided to delete them.. I de

So a while ago when I got my phone I started a new Apple ID account/ iCloud.. Then when my sister got a new iphone I gave her my id to use too. In settings-general-usage it says that my storage is alm

How do i delete my saved messages once they have been deleted the old fashioned way?  They take up a lot of space.

Can I "undo" an accidental text delete in "Notes"?

It seems as though people have been asking about this since ios5. When, oh when, will apple fix this glaring oversight? Perhaps there are too many glaring oversights ahead of this one in the long slow

I am having difficulty deleting previously removed photos.  I download 2000 photos onto my computer.  They have been reloaded to my phone and I cannot delete them.  I have tried everyth

How do I delete a purchased application from the application store on my iphone 5S? I delete the application and the data on the phone but it still shows on the application store under purchased items

I'm just wondering. I have old data on my Apple ID and every time I start up GC with my Apple ID, it loads my unwanted game. Please help, and BTW, I did do the swipe and delete, deleted the data o

I can't delete my sounds tones...

Keep up the pressure on Apple everyone to fix this ASAP !! Ps My iphone is personal, but we also have the family Ipad and individual I pod touches for the kids....

Deleting apps-it takes too much storage that I don't need.

hye guys. i wanna ast you all can i claim under warranty my iphone 5 if i problem with my ilcoud account. I cannot verify and delete iclound account. tq

How can i delete the temporary files / Cache? For example facebook needs 420 MB allreday - in appstore it is mentioned with 60MB.

I cannot delete apps from iphone 4S. They wiggle but there is no 'x' to delete.  Also Its not automatically logging into iTunes as it is set to do.  Any help out there pls?

How do I permanently delete an app