iphone 5s blinking

Hi,My iphone this morning suddenly died on me but had 40% battery life. I went to plug the phone into the charger and now apple logo is blinking and wont charge.

Why won't my phone reboot and apple icon keeps blinking?

My iphone stopped working today. It only shows a blinking Apple logo when I connected it to a power. I tried to reboot it, but it didn't work. I followed a online suggestion to reboot by restore d

my iphone 4S always repeat reset, apple is blinking, and I can't connect to the computer.Who can help me please?

My battery went low, to 1% and kept working for about 30 minutes. When I got home it was showing the "charge me now".Now its just blinking "charge me" for 4 seconds, going black for 4 seconds.

my iphone stuck on blinking apple logo

Everytime there's a message (chat or sms) or call coming, flash light keep blinking, and that distract me. Anybody can help me, how to turn off the flashlight..?? Thanks

My iphone 5s backlight has begun blinking at the borders and the edges of the screen. What can i do to fix this.

Please help.. My phone will not charge what so ever! and i plugged it into about 5 different chargers that do work on other devices. Ive cleaned with alcohol, and held the home button and top button f

Why does my iphone 4 keep blinking the apple sign?

My wife's phone will not stop blinking with the Apple icon on the screen.  Turning it off and on does nothing.  Hard restart does nothing.

my iphone 4 went dead and now has the apple logo is slow blinking on and off when it's plugged into my computer. I cannot stop it. Tried a hard restart but nothing happened.

I developed a application on XCode 4.5.1 and Testing on iOS 6.1.2,In which i have shown UIAlertView with 2 or more Button's Like "OK, Cancel... etc"after clicked on any of these button's, the

Hi  I have a crisis!. My phone just hanged when I chose to update the iOS 6. It is blinking apple logo. I also did not save any o my data, Please help me here. I have exams coming up, which leave

i updated my iphone 4 to ios 6.. when it finished.. my iphone kept blinking just showing the apple logo.. i connected it to my itunes it didnt read.. help!

2 days ago, my iphone display seems to be blinking: rise & fal luminosity ?and if I touch deeper I can see my finger print, who disapears when I release my finger.

iphone 4s keeps blinking, tried everything.any exact reason and solution pls?

My iphone 5 over heated when i charged it. Now it won't turn on, the apple logo just keeps on blinking. I tried restoring it, but I keep getting the error message 1602. Updated all my software in

My iphone has been blank for the past 24hours when I tried to delete all content and settings, What should I do?

Tried to update my phon to iOS 6 and now all I have is a blinking apple ... Can't reset ... what do I do?

i have iphone4 at&t phone not unloacked, updated 5.0 1 and jbed after 3 days back wifi and bluetooth adress hiden and phone off the turn on time only apple logo blinking tred restore fw and also u

So my 16gb iphone is now blinking between the apple logo at startup and the passcode page for getting in. It wont let me type in the passcode.
MacBook Pro 2.8 Ghz 15.4" Mac OS

screen of my iphone starts blinking and then goes blank after every few hours of working again need to restart it and the problem is repeated again
is it a hardware problem or software and whats

A while back , I was using my ihpone and then suddenly my screen hangs up and then the iphone blacks out and shuts down. I then tried to switch it on , nothing happened , after a while I removed the

When I call and put iphone on my ear, screen is blinking and sometimes, never come back.
mean is, even if I want to touch screen while I am calling, I can not.
please reply for me.

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